View Full Version : Japanese Exclusives Jedi Spirit Set for trade/sell

Samuel Windu
10-19-2004, 05:50 AM
Hi fellow collectors,
Like title said,I have one set for sell US$100 including shipping.

Or trade for:

Silver Darth Vader ver.2
Vintage loose,complete & carded figures
Dark Horse Mini Bust
Riddell Mini Helmet
FF Boba Fett MOMC
Orange Card Boba Fett MOMC
Orange Card w/THX Boba Fett MOMC
Green Card Boba Fett Coll.1 & 3 MOMC
SA Clone Trooper
OTC Basic Figures:need MOMC
#5 Luke X-wing
#10 Darth Vader
#11 Scout Trooper
#21 TIE Pilot
#26 Luke Bespin
#29 Darth Vader
#30 Gamorrean Guard
#33 Leia Slave
#34 Dartrh Vader
#36 General Madine
#37 Lando General
#38 Scanning Crew
Boba Fett
Vinatge Burger King Glasses or any vinatge glasses or mugs
SW Bookmarks
SW Ornaments

bold means most wanted

Please click the link to see image: http://www.joetoy.com/toy0106.htm

PM me if interested.Thanks for looking

10-19-2004, 11:04 AM
Jedi Spirits? Those are all Expanded Universe now. :D That Japanese Fan needs to get back to work and make a Rapist-Learing Hayden version. ;)

10-19-2004, 08:23 PM
Doesnt the picture say custom on it? That doesnt make it exclusive.