View Full Version : 4 Pack suggestion.....BATTLEFRONT!!!!

10-21-2004, 01:08 AM
The more that I play this, the better I like the game. Here is my suggestion, opinions anyone?

4 Packs of each of the Teams and Worlds on Battlefront.....

This way you can get some neat new accessories to go with Troop Builders....also, wouldn't it be cool to get shoulder rockets and a female sniper for the rebels in two different outfits?

I think this would be great...A Dark Trooper, a variety of Clone Troopers, a new generic Wookie.....rebel troopers in different shades of gray and tan!

I think this would be awesome...

Mr. JabbaJohnL
10-21-2004, 04:26 PM
Yeah, that sounds cool! There's already a four-pack suggestion thread in the Dear Hasbro section, but I'll just have some here.

*Battlefront Droid Army - battle droid, sniper battle droid with sniper rifle, super battle droid, Droideka, whichever other battle droid is on there. There should be two versions of this set - one with cream droids, the other with red droids.

*Battlefront Clone Army - clonetrooper (SA re-release), clone sniper (red) with sniper rifle, clone pilot (re-release), ARC Trooper (re-release), jet trooper (SA trooper with new paint and torso for jetpack) with jetpack.

*Battlefront Imperial Army - stormtrooper (VOTC or COMMTech), sandtrooper, darktrooper, scout trooper, AT-ST driver

*Battlefront Imperial Army (Cold Weather Gear) - same as above, but with AT-AT driver and different snowtroopers as replacements

*Battlefront Rebel Army - rebel soldier (Endor clean version), rebel sniper (female - using Leia's body), Wookiee smuggler (re-tooled Chewie or Yarua), rebel vanguard (Tantive IV Defender with khaki pants and rocket launcher), rebel pilot

*Battlefront Rebel Army (Cold Weather Gear) - same as above, but with Hoth Troopers to replace some, and snow on Wookiee