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James Boba Fettfield
10-25-2004, 10:18 PM
I normally would not even bring this news up, but I felt I should because something new is going to be included on this disc. Taken from tvshowsondvd.com:

Disc includes 5 of MacFarlane's favorite episodes from the second and third seasons of Family Guy, including the original, uncensored "Road to Rhode Island" and optional commentary by MacFarlane, diabolical baby Stewie, family dog Brian and other cast and crew members.

So the uncut episode will be included on this disc. This is important because an Osama Bin Laden joke was removed from this episode for its dvd premiere on Family Guy Volume 1. I just thought I'd pass this on for those Family Guy nuts. Too bad they couldn't just have left it uncut for the original dvd.

The disc will be available on December 14th.


10-25-2004, 10:26 PM
There were other minor things cut from other episodes too. No big deal. Minor jokes at best. For example, there was some Hitler-esque audio cut from the episode with Steiw's birthday (when he's imagining what to wish for) and a JFK Pez dispenser joke in another episode.
Family Guy Reference Archive (http://www.familyguyfiles.com/episodes/forbidden.php) had the clips of the cut stuff, but the main page says they had to be removed, due to bandwidth problems.

But this did surprise me.

Considering that MacFarlane was scheduled to be ON one of the hijacked flights from that day, it's quite understandable that he has been very torn over the issue of the cuts Fox made.I've never heard about that before.

10-26-2004, 11:36 PM
More from TVShowsOnDVD:

Family Guy - Full Details for The Freakin' Sweet Collection
Posted by David Lambert - 10/26/2004

We told you yesterday that Family Guy - The Freakin' Sweet Collection: The Best of the Family Guy is coming to DVD on 12/14/2004. Now Fox Home Entertainment has sent over the details of this release. You'll find that this disc, as we said, comes with 5 episodes and some extras, and has an SRP in the USA of $19.98, and a CAN$25.98 SRP in Canada. Here's the Fox synopsis:

Get ready for five deliciously absurd chapters in the lives of America's most twisted animated family! These are the hand-picked, hands-down favorite episodes of Seth MacFarlane, the delightfully demented genius behind "Family Guy". He'll also treat you to an inside look at the long-awaited return of the series, as well as his newest TV brainchild, "American Dad." What a guy. What a family. What a "Family Guy" treat!

"When You Wish Upon a Weinstein"
"Road to Rhode Island" with optional Commentary by Brian and Stewie
"To Love and Die in Dixie" with optional Commentary by Seth MacFarlane, Dan Palladino, Steve Callaghan, Danny Smith, Mike Henry
"I Am Peter, Hear Me Roar" with optional commentary by Seith MacFarlane, Chris Sheridan, Alex Borstein and Craig Hoffman
"Lethal Weapons" with optional commentary by Seth MacFarlane, Chris Sheridan, Garret Donavan and Steve Callaghan
Bonus Material:
Preview of American Dad
Seth MacFarlane talks about American Dad
Seth MacFarlane talks about Family Guy Season 4

Specs for this set are: 1.33:1 Video, English Dolby Surround, Spanish Dolby Surround, French Stereo, and Subtitled in English and Spanish. Running time is 115 minutes. Stay tuned for cover art, just as soon as Fox makes it available.

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