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10-29-2004, 05:21 PM
Well even though it is not Halloween yet, but at work today we were allowed to dress up for Halloween. So I decided to dress up as Darth Vader, I had my FX Lightsaber plus a hilt just for when I was working. By the way I work in a bank. The costume looked cool so for awhile my boss let me greet the customers at the door. Can I just tell you, I can't begin to guess at the number of people who had no idea of who I was, some people asked if I was a vampire....... Where were these people for the past thirty years, living under a rock ???
Some people are so strange sometimes. Hopefully my boss will give me the pictures so I can post them.

10-29-2004, 05:34 PM
Geez, I thought everyone knew who Vader is. Maybe these people just flew in from Mars.

10-29-2004, 10:16 PM
I suspect you work at a bank that has a lot of BLIND customers. ;) Seriously, how can you not recognize Darth Vader? That's like not recognizing Mickey Mouse!

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10-29-2004, 10:43 PM
Mickey who?


10-30-2004, 08:25 AM
One year I was a vampire and some lady said, "Hey I know who you are, youre Darth Vader!"

10-31-2004, 01:07 AM
Is it a blood bank?

Bel-Cam Jos
10-31-2004, 07:29 AM
I the early '90s ('92? '93? '94? I forget), I dressed as a sort-of Vader. Sort-of, you say? Well, I did not own the helmet (fairly important part of the costume, yes), so I went as "Anakin Revealed" Vader with a skull cap instead of a helmet. A few people saw the red saber and cardboard chest plate and belt computers and knew my character, but most thought I was in fact, a vampire, too. However (and this is why SW will never truly die, if it remains in the hearts/minds/memories of children and the children of SW fans), one kid, probably no older than 14, came up to me and said "Hey! You're the Return of the Jedi Darth Vader 'cause your hand's missing!" (I'd put a black cup over my hand). A brief tear reached my eye, as a gave him a few extra pieces of candy. Bless you, youthful fan, wherever you are! Spread the love of SW wherever you go! :cry: :classic: Ah, nostalgia...

BTW, I am not dressed up this year, aside from an orange glow-in-the-dark t-shirt that says "I've Got Bat-itude." :confused:

11-03-2004, 10:29 AM
I had already worn my Stormtrooper armor at Wal-mart, twice in almost the last month before Halloween. Once at the DVD release, and the second time was at the toyland grand opening. We are generelly short on help on Sunday, which means I am usually running between departments, and the store gets so crowded, I decided only to wear my imperial officers hat to work on Halloween this year, though I almost opted to wear my Tusken robes.

Oh, BTW, I work at Wal-Mart.

11-03-2004, 12:23 PM
I would have rocked the Tusken Garb. Everytime someone put a toy in the cart I would have let out a Tuske nyell, raising my Gaffi Stick over my head.