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11-03-2004, 11:55 AM
This was the biggest suprise for me out of the whole VOTC line. I finally got a fig to open, as this had been the hardest piece for me to find for whatever reason (case packs = argh!). Warning: this review contains a very mild EP III spoiler that has been shared on the main pages of this site and others, but for those really being careful, this is your warning.

Sculpt: OK, this is a pretty darn good rock'n figure, and without question my personal fav that Hasbro or Kenner has ever done. From the lack of cross-eyed action, to the growl on his face, this has a great look. The massive articulaton is extremely well hidden in the sculpt, with all of the folds of fur kind of hanging off the figure - The bandolier is separate, though glued to the one shoulder, which I guess they felt they needed to do, given the way the head sculpt does hang down to that area. As good as I have thought prior Chewie(s) have been, this owns them all. In this case, the extra money is really seen in the product.

Paint: this is another aspect to the fig that just stands out. There is real detail in the fur, and the excellent highlights in the paint application really help to sell this fig. From the light browns to the dark, to the yellow and orange type highlights, no other Chewie fig has had this level (or this many) paint applications, and the result is one sharp looking wookine fig. The new EP III Wookie fig does not look this good, so I really think this will be the fig that we will all look back on and go 'damn'!

Articulation: Chewie has it all, but for those counting: we have the head (sorta), ball jointed shoulders, multi directonal elbows (my fav for this joint), wrists, multi jointed waist and chest (ala Wampa - which is completely awsome), legs/torso, multi directional knees, and ankles.....whew, that is pretty crazy. What really gets me is how the sculpt and articulaton completely compliment each other. This is probably the best hidden articulated fig I have seen, and an excellent example of how we do not need to sacrified a sculpt for articulation or vice versa. Because of the awsome articulated chest design, this is the first Chewie figure that can slouch!

Accessories Well, we get the crossbow rifle that needs some set up, but it is pretty basic. The packaging also has a small diagram, so for those that are totally lost as to what to do, this may help. Pretty much the same gun we have gotten a few times before, but this is still my fav version, and this time, we get a greenish looking strap. Based on the figure, Chewie does have some gripping issues with his left hand, but you can fake it to give the fig a two handed pose easily enough.

Issues: None, really. The left hand as meantioned above is a bit tough, but not a real problem.

Packaging: The VOTC look will always go down in my book as a Hasbro highlight. In fact, I like this so much, that the new EP III look kinda looks like crap to me.

Bottom line: Is this fig worth the money? Oh, yes, without doubt. I would give this fig ****1/2 out of 5 stars.

11-03-2004, 01:48 PM
I agree with you!!! This was just an amazing piece of work. Considering it looks like they are taking this much care with the Sneak Preview figures for ROTS, I am really expecting good things with that line.

11-03-2004, 06:30 PM
Based on the protos, it does seem that they have upped the ante, so I hope so...

...On a side note regarding Wookies, I kinda like the hanging sculpted fur, so I hope we seem more of that on other ROTS figs.

Old Fossil
11-07-2004, 09:22 AM
Great review, as always, Amanamatt! I would only add that Chewie does not have any peg holes for action figure stands. This is really not a big deal, since he can stand quite well on his own.

Chewie is my favorite out of the VOTC line!

11-07-2004, 11:53 PM
Ah, thanks for meantioning that; I totally forgot...I do wonder why Hasbro did not put the holes in (maybe just a factory error?).

11-08-2004, 12:14 AM
Mmm, very nice.

It is weird how hard this one's been to find. I've found only one (keeping him sealed) so far, but I really want another to open.

I'm hoping that the 12" OTC chewy will simply just be a big version of this little figure, with the same articulation, sculpt, detail, etc.

11-20-2004, 10:45 PM
This is truely the greatest Chewbacca ever made. The articulation, the detail, oh my.

11-23-2004, 04:34 AM
I've had this figure loose for a while now, and honestly, the more I play around with it, the more I think he may be my favorite VOTC figure. There's simply nothing that I can really complain about with this figure.

There's new photos in the Database now of this one...


11-23-2004, 07:09 AM
I found this one yesterday. Was lovin it. Now to find a 2nd one.

11-23-2004, 06:02 PM
Anyone seen the new EP III Chewie?

About three-and-a-half-steps back in the paint deco dept....downright ugly looking. How can you go from the VOTC one to that...?

Old Fossil
11-24-2004, 12:58 AM
I've had this figure loose for a while now, and honestly, the more I play around with it, the more I think he may be my favorite VOTC figure. There's simply nothing that I can really complain about with this figure.

Me, too... with Han and Vader tied for second place!

11-24-2004, 11:21 AM
I have not found this figure yet. :( I am still lacking chewy, stormtrooper, lando, c-3po, boba fett, and r2-d2. I am not too worried about it. The stores around here always get items LAST. When I find chewy, I want two of him. One to open for my Millennium falcon and one to keep carded. I also would like to play with him to see just how great a figure he is. I have only bought duplicates of one figure (of course) DARTH VADER. So far, Darth Vader is the best VOTC figure. I will have to wait until I see chewy. This review is very promising.


11-26-2004, 06:35 PM
I really want a proper Falcon mechanic Chewie that can kneel whilst using a welder and goggles. Can the VOTC chewie fit the bill?

12-01-2004, 04:12 AM
OK, the long review...

Vintage Original Trilogy Collection ("VOTC") Basic 3 3/4" Chewbacca reviewed.

I'll be honest, to this day, I still think that the vintage Kenner Chewbacca is the best one that's ever been made. Except for the fact that it's right leg is a tiny bit shorter than it's left, (at least mine is anyway) I think it's perfect. Think I'm kidding? Think I'm crazy? Well, the fact is, that as a kid I tended to put my Chewbacca figure through a lot of battles. Chewy fought the Stormtroopers, Chewy fought the Sandpeople and for some reason Chewy always fought Hammerhead -- which seems wrong now, but back then it made sense. The best thing about the old Chewbacca figure, is that it was durable, he stood up well on his own and the whole "plastic hair" thing was handled just fine. I don't really think that any of the modern Chewbacca figures have done much to improve on the vintage either... until now perhaps.

How's the packaging? There's nothing really new that I can (or want to) say about the VOTC packaging here. In short, it looks nice, it makes the toy cost more, and for this figure there's a bunch of brown and yellow on the card.

So, how does the figure look? Fur texture must really be awful for toy designers to deal with. There's a fine line that divides the look of semi-realistic looking plastic fur, from something that looks a whole lot more like chocolate frosting. As well, "furry" figures tend to have really bad articulation. In both cases, Hasbro has done a great job with this Chewbacca figure. The detail is really super. The overall hair texture is pleasantly consistent, and the paint has some nice variety to it without seeming too complicated or messy. The face sculpt it great. It's perhaps the most accurate version yet, with features that really look like Chewbacca's features. The face paint is again super. White teeth, pink tongue, blue and white eyes (such tiny detail) plus there's different fur colors for the "mustache" and top of the head. (Subtle and great.) All the way down to his toes, the attention to detail and a smartly done paint job holds up. Speaking of toes, flip him over and notice that the soles of his feet are painted a different color. (Again, subtle and great.) I mean... they painted his fingernails and toenails, how awesome is that?

His accessories are handled pretty well also. The bandolier looks good. It's a separately molded piece, but it's been glued onto the figure, probably because it would simply never stay on if it was loose. It's no big problem to me that it's glued on, as the entire lower portion is loose and it doesn't effect the figure's articulation at all. The bowcaster comes packed in two pieces, and after you assemble it, you have a pretty good looking if not slightly delicate weapon accessory. The little parts don't stay together very well, and I'm a little worried about the "sight" on top breaking off, but it seems pretty durable so far.

How does the toy feel? This is an extremely well made figure. All plastic is solid. All joints are tight and they all bend exactly as they are supposed to. In general, (besides my little note about the bowcaster being a bit tricky) I'd say that this one is constructed perfectly.

How about play value? Well, here's where I have to decide if this VOTC Chewbacca is more fun to play with than my old Kenner Chewy with his "cute" face and funky blaster. Obviously, if I'd been handed a VOTC Chewbacca figure as a kid, not only would I have been frightened by the fact that someone had traveled back in time to 1977 to hand it to me -- but I'd also probably have lost my mind over how much fun this thing is to pay with. Vintage Chewy will always be my sentimental favorite I suppose, but this new Wookiee wins hands down as the best version yet. (Cue Wookiee roar of joy.)

The VOTC Chewbacca has amazing articulation. There's ball socket shoulders, elbows and knees. The torso is hinged in two places. That's the idea that makes this the most smartly done figure of its kind yet. I'll be sadly disappointed if (and probably when) we don't see Wookie figures done like this in the future. The play value and number of possible poses increases so much because of the waist articulation. In this case, it's largely why I didn't mind paying $10 for this particular VOTC figure. It's a very "fun" toy, but again, my rant about the cost and availability excluding most children (and a few collectors) from finding this out, stands here as well. In this case, it's truly a shame to know that many collectors would hesitate to open one of these, because they'd rather keep their spendy "collectable" figure carded. (Cue Wookiee roar of anger.)

My only one "play value" criticism, or maybe it's just a suggestion, is that for $10, I would love to have seen some extra sets of hands offered. That left "claw" hand is a little limiting -- I'd love to have gotten a pair of open palm hands and a couple of fists to use.

Would I recommend that you buy it? Yes, this is a good solid buy. Even at $10, which is in my opinion too expensive, I feel pretty good about having bought and opened this one up to enjoy. I'm going to cross my fingers and hope that Hasbro does what they did here with all future Wookiee figures -- as we all know that we'll be seeing many in the year to come. I'm hoping that the attention to detail and production quality stays at least nearly the same, because more so than with Gungans and Geonosians, I'm really looking forward to army building with Wookiees.

Darth Alex
12-09-2004, 01:24 PM
I really want a proper Falcon mechanic Chewie that can kneel whilst using a welder and goggles. Can the VOTC chewie fit the bill?Yes, he can. He would look better with a little snow on him(customizers, start yer engines!), but I did pose mine with the goggles and that welder thing, so it works. I know, I know, Chewie was a year younger in ESB and his fur was colored a little differently, hey this isn't an EXACT SCENE DIORAMA CONTEST. I'd use this Chewie for a Falcon repair scene.

Darth Alex
12-09-2004, 01:26 PM
This is truely the greatest Chewbacca ever made. The articulation, the detail, oh my.
I didn't do my usual epic poem length review, so I'll chime in with....Jaff nailed the review. I really LOVE this Chewie. Great, Great figure...one of the best SW figures EVER MADE.:eek: