View Full Version : A rare victory in the pursuit of micro's!

11-10-2004, 03:07 PM
Finally! After wanting to bag one for ages, have gotten hold of a Mon Cal cruiser MM, the class of the 'liberty' from rotj. From a uk seller, boxed (not that it matters to me) with jabbas sail barge and a speeder bike. Have Home one but I really wanted this ship, got it cheap too.

Really missing my mm collection that I left back home in the uk, especially the futuras and my prized voyager shuttle mm that the very wise and very powerfull Vulcantouch sourced for me over a year ago. Just been checking out britcits new improved site (you've been busy adding stuff!) and its made me all the more nostalgic for my mms. Going home at christmas so it will have to be then that I am re-united with my fleet. Britcit has inspired me to put some photos up I think.

And I bought a second Nostromo (the first I bought it back with the rest of the fleet back home) from the little shop I discovered here in marseille so now my desk here has a bit of mm sized activity, also been doing some ship drawings to brighten up my work space, much to the g/f's interior design dissagreements :D

Sorry for the random post, in a very mm mood and I haven't had much time over the last year or so to keep decent tabs on stuff around here, but now I'm a lazy english teacher I have all the time I want to browse here. Life is great, despite the lack of being with my collection :)

11-10-2004, 03:53 PM
And heres a bit of a shot showing the couple of alien konami mms I picked up, the Nostromos hidden somewhere by my iPod, but its there :D

My desk (http://homepage.mac.com/stupidfish/.Pictures/Flat%20Pictures/Desk.jpg)

And for those interested to see my interior design skills and the g/fs girly influence on our little place, theres some pics on my website here. (http://homepage.mac.com/stupidfish/PhotoAlbum36.html)

Hope this spurs on some mm chat, having withdrawl symptoms :D