View Full Version : In retrospect, how do you think 2001 went for Star Wars collecting?

12-31-2001, 03:13 AM
Let's talk about your feelings at the year's end.

12-31-2001, 08:56 AM
I was very disappointed with the product mix and / or distribution Hasbro offered.

All the bottom 3 apply to me but I feel we got heaps of Main characters (which we really didn't need) and the distribution of the toys totally blows!

12-31-2001, 09:10 AM
There were a lot of good products put out this year but they were very hard to find unless you pay on line.

I was very disappointed about the jedi masters. Not to many were put out. I hopeing that this coming year will be a better year for the collectors and the fans.

12-31-2001, 11:18 AM
Well, it was a good year if you like having to order every single thing you find, practically, online. Some good figures came out, but like everyone else, I feel the distribution, or lack thereof, damn near killed it for me.

12-31-2001, 01:48 PM
It was a good year for the most part, was able to find assortments about a month or so after release, 12", deluxe figures and ships plentiful (except Toys R Us Tie Fighter). I can't go to the stores in the mornings like I did back in 90's, I got a real job:), so some figures were bought on line. I sure do miss speed walking (OK RUNNING) to the Star Wars isle and seeing those new releases! I will never forget when I went to Target way back when and saw the FF Sandtrooper, Boba, Tie, and so on on the pegs. It was funny to see the look on some of the other collectors faces. Some were happy like I was and bought two of each and others were ****ed that Kenner just recarded and added a slide to an old line of figures. I was impressed with the Freeze Frame line, I was sad to see it go! What am I going to do with 12 slide holders. Hasbro, keep up the good work and please do something with the rubbery pastic.

12-31-2001, 02:35 PM
Someone I saw posting in these forums who claimed to have worked for Hasbro in past years said the rubbery plastic (and I assume you'd point to Aurra Sing's rifle or Amanaman's staff as cases to point out) have to do with required toy safety standards.

The company must have determined it would not be profitable for them to mold and card the same figure in two different series: for adults with harder plastic, and for kids to meet saftey standards.

Furthermore, the gentleman posting said the softer plastic (and painting it) costs more than using traditional hard plastic, so they are not saving money by doing this, but complying with the law.

I've seen Emperor Jargo post before saying that England's safety standards also apply here: they won't allow sharp or hard plastic on fine-point parts or weapons. It also was not effective for Hasbro to make different versions for UK shipping versus elsewhere. Not to mention, variation hunters would require psychiatric care.

Meanwhile, I heard similar information divulged by Hasbro in a Q&A about why Aurra Sing was not sculpted with her antenna, and they said she never will be as it won't pass safety standards, or it will droop and not pass quality control.

I myself would say "let a few kids die or poke their eyes out... who cares? I like the harder plastic for higher accuracy and I got through childhood without injuring myself." Some of you who are parents might not agree.

While this is a valid concern for the quality of products we saw in 2001, it's also still on topic to focus on a lot of other things and I'll chime in about that later, once the "using rubber for protection issue" is resolved.

12-31-2001, 03:21 PM
Actually, I do think other issues brought up are worth talking about now:

In terms of distribution, I'm thinking about polling people about "7am shopping" as it is relevant to distribution: I had no problem finding any wave this year myself, and I was able to get multiples of figures I wanted. Eventually I did find Yestertoys.com more convenient for my Imperial Officer army (6 figures was all I needed) but for the most part, I went out "hunting" for all my product. One reason I have gone to school to get a better job is to afford the things I want (obviously that means Star Wars amongst other things) - and so if I'm up in the mornings to go to work, I make the time to hit the stores in order to be able to buy the Star Wars I want at prices I think are fair for the money I'm earning.

In terms of product offerings and GNT's comments about main characters - I'm honestly not sure if he's right:

R= resculpt---------- JP = Jabba's---------- CA= Cantina Alien-------------
PR = pod race-------------p-w = peg warmer

POTJ 2001

Main Characters-----------------------Secondary "cool" characters

Leia Bespin Escape (p-w)-------------Aurra Sing (POD RACE)
Chewie Mechanic (R)----------------SaeSae Tiin (JEDI MASTER)
QUEEN Theed Invasion-----------------Tessek (JABBAS PALACE)
Darth Maul (Drag Queen)--------------R2-Q5 (astro droid)
Lando Bespin Escape (R)-------------Plo Koon (JEDI MASTER)
JarJar Mechanic (R)---------------K-3PO
Obi-Wan (Cold Weather)--------------IG-88 (resculpt)
Qui-Gon (Training)-----------------------Mon Calamari (pegwarmer)
QUEEN (Sabe decoy)-------------------Bespin Guard
Shmi Skywalker--------------------------Ketwol (CANTINA ALIEN)
QUEEN (black travel)-------------------Duro (CANTINA ALIEN)
Luke (X-wing) (R)------------------FX-7
Han Stormtrooper Belt (R)---------Imperial Officer (army builder)
Vader (Emperor's Wrath)--------------Rebel Fleet Trooper (army bld)
Luke Bacta Tank-------------------------Zutton (CANTINA ALIEN)
Leia Sail Barge Cannon (R)----------Eeth Koth (JEDI MASTER)
Darth Maul (shirtless)------------------Amanaman (JABBAS PALACE)
---------------------------------------------Sandtrooper (army builder)(R)

That's 35 figures:

3/8 Jedi Masters left were done.
2 Jabba Goons got made (at least 10 more have to be made!)
3 Cantina Aliens got made (at least 9 more have to be made!)
4/35 were army builders (I have suggestions for more Imps / Rebs)
9 / 35 were resculpts if we give shirtless Maul and EW Vader a break
22 / 35 were Classic Star Wars (3 movies); inversely 13 / 35 were Ep. 1
3 / 8 possilbe Padme / decoy / Queen outfits were made
1 astromech repaint got done (I'd like 2 per year, R4's, R-5's etc.)

There are still 6 years to do remaining figures from these categories that are not ONLY from Episodes TWO and THREE (though they better get going on Padme's wardrobe if she keeps changing ever 10 minutes during the film)

But if you spread the remaining items we'd like out over the next 6 years, considering many of us would still like to see Classic Star Wars product during that time (not just AOTC and E3 stuff), Hasbro just put out the perfect assortment for a perfect year - the best since 1997, and they are finally on the ball with a whole lot of great improvements achieved!

So I voted for one of the best years ever! I will remember 2001 quite fondly!

12-31-2001, 03:46 PM
Well, my biggest concern with this years line was with distribution.:mad:

I NEVER saw the B-Wing or Y-Wing and the Lando wave disappeared faster than it could hit the pegs!!!:mad:

I am SICK of having to trade or resort to on-line sellers...if they even have 'em in stock...to get what I want.:rolleyes:

Meanwhile my local TRU got MASS shipments of the TIE Interceptor.:confused:

What is going on with Hasbro's distribution? OH yeah, I forgot, we're talking about HASBRO here.:frus:

We're all getting used to Hasbro's LOUSY distribution practices.:crazed:

I have NO HOPE in finding the last couple of waves, ZERO, ZIP, NADA, you get the point.:Pirate:

Oh well, guess I'll have to buy from some STUPID e-tailer. I HATE having to pay all tose shipping charges, but since Hasbro can't get the job done I guess I'll have to pay.:rolleyes:

Thanks HASBRO, for the LOUSY distribution and I'm NOT looking forward to those WAY TOO HARD TO FIND exclusives.:frus:

BTW, I am pretty happy with the selection of figures.:zzz:

12-31-2001, 05:13 PM
People, probably telling where you live and buy your toys would be a good idea - as a lot of distribution issues are coming up.

SithKiller, - B-wings here sat on the shelves until they went down to $9.00 in Clearence (San Diego CA, USA)

The Lando /Tessek wave did come and go real fast, but I got like 10 R2-Q5's with no problem on one Walmart run at 7am in the morning. (I kept 2 that I opened and distributed the rest to friends Tony, Dexter, and James who are making large flight hanger scenes and want lots of astromechs). The wave later showed up briefly at Target (around the same month - umm last April or May?) and then disappeared. It is resurfacing now at K-marts and Targets where JarJar and Lando have not been difficult to find - the other two selling better to the early birds doing dioramas with aliens and astromechs).

By contrast, the TIE Interceptor was fairly limited in shipments here, but I haven't bought anything from Toys R Us in a while, save for the last 12" wave which I got from them online.

Meanwhile, I'm not so sure that it was HASBRO's fault with distribution this time: I think a lot of what Walmart and Target ordered, and then how they distributed it after they received shipment, had a lot to do with it. You could have used B-wings, and I could have used Interceptors (SithKiller) - but these stores did get them - was it Hasbro's fault, or theirs (when Target decided to stock 15 pegwarming B-wings in my store and not give you any?) I don't shop TRU very often, because out here in San Diego, they are not doing a very good job (though they have the Deluxe Waves in quantity - but so did K-mart, for nealy $2 cheaper!)

Finally, with online ordering, I'm doing some of that with Yestertoys.com and even after shipping (due to lack of tax) I am paying only $2.oo more for the total purchase (not per individual figure) - than I would by buying them at retail. Their non-mint figures are great - I can't tell what's wrong with them, and are $7.00 each. It's $7.32 after tax for any single figure to leave Target - plus gas and wasted trips when items are not in stock. Yestertoys ships Priority Mail, too. So I did not care that I saved gas, slept in, and got my figures. For kids though, I'd agree, if they can't do the 7-8 am thing, Target and Walmart are not delivering the products with great distribution. But this time around, I think it's less Hasbro's fault.

master jedi
12-31-2001, 05:53 PM
It was OK. I didn't know it was physically possible but the distribution both sucked and blowed at the same time.

12-31-2001, 06:19 PM
Distribution was pretty bad in 2001. For the most part the POTJ line was very good, but there were still a handful of figures I didn't care for, like the EU figs.

The fans choice poll was really good, but I don't think the fans should've had to vote for Amanaman, he should've been made regardless.

Distribution was bad in 2 ways IMO, first, stores really never got in certain waves/items. They'd get in a bunch of 1 wave, but then not get the next 2. Exclusives still suck, and $30 for a vehicle is pretty bad. But I guess everything is raising in prices nowadays. The other problem with distribution was case assortment. There should have been more cases that were predominantly troop builders. Scout, Sand, etc. Trying to make up for it by throwing 1 sandtrooper in the DSE Han wave was pathetic.

Another thing this year that I did like that isn't included on the poll was the general lack of scalpers. I know this isn't the same in every area, but where I live and visited, I saw a lot of comic stores that didn't carry SW stuff anymore, as well as comic stores that sold new POTJ for around $10. Also, at the shows I went to, SW prices defiantely seem to be lower this year than the past couple of years.

The deluxe line was nice, but their choices were poor. Amanaman himself is hardly a deluxe figure, and Shirtless Maul was a very poor resculpt. Bacta Luke was really cool and one of the best figures of the year IMO.

Next year I'd like to see the following:

A relatively small amount of AOTC figures to begin with (12-15 at most, I don't want to be bombarded with 30 figures in 1 month like last time)

More Fan's choice polls! (I personally think we should get about 6 fan's choice figures released next year)

No Exclusives

Better distribution

Less Hans, Lukes, Leias, Mauls, Anakins, etc.

Playsets, good ones, made out of plastic not paper.

More small vehicles and accesories, not just from AOTC either!

Last but not least...

AOTC to actually be a good movie, worth $8!:p

12-31-2001, 08:49 PM
With the exeption of the Shmi wave I think the assortments and the amounts were great. I gave up looking for anything in stores and went online shopping instead. I've never had so much fun shopping before, hopping from site to site on the hunt, trying to find the best bargains and seeing who has what etc. just great. I found and bought everything I wanted and even managed to catch up with all of the stuff I'd missed previously as a bonus.

The figures seemed to be getting better in both detail and correct scale. The sculpting getting extremely precise on some of the figures. But that correct scaling threw out all the older figures somewhat. They now don't quite fit in. If this means hasbro are going to resculpt every figure to a correct scale with detailing like the figures from this year then it both sucks on a"I've payed out for no reason" level and it's great for getting movie accurate figures. But mostly everything seems to be getting so small.....

The exclusives I caved in on and pre-ordered. I only got my B-wing that way and a couple of TIE interceptors. But this is only because the distribution of product by hasbro doesn't seem to reach the UK in the normal sense of the word distribution. Retailers here have had to embrace the grey market and buy in from other countries rather than from Hasbro themselves (or, the official hasbro UK distributor). This pushed the prices up somewhat and it was only bulk buying that saved the day. Even so there are still pegs full of early waves of POTJ stuff that no-one wants. Hasbro could do themselves a favour in 2002 and get the UK distribution issue sorted. The UK does not center around London alone. Most of the people from the UK who visit here seem to be from the North of England and we all say that UK distribution sucks. Right guys?

I'm pleased that Hasbro listened and gave us this 'collector focused' year of figures. I just wish they'd continue to listen and sort out the articulation issues we've been discussing at length lately. With the episode two frenzy looming ever nearer I just hope that they really have learned from what happened with episode one toys and give us stuff we'll want, and not stuff they want us to want. Eeth Koth is a bad omen of things to come I feel though. Still, at least there's the classic vehicles to look forward to if episode two toys stink. :)

12-31-2001, 10:44 PM
Tycho, I got my B-Wing and Y-Wing by trading the excess TIE Interceptors I picked up.

However, the distribution problem rests squarly on Hasbro's shoulders.:mad:

"How do you know for sure SK?" you ask.

Well, my brother-in-law runs a humble on-line business. NO he dosen't SCALP Star Wars figures. He buys direct from Hasbro.

He's the one that told me about their massive minimum order.:greedy: As well as HOW he gets his orders. He got 1 lousy shipment of the Lando wave and has had a backorder on them ever since.:rolleyes:

Unfortunatly for him Hasbro will not guarantee specific waves!!! And they reserve the right to change case assortments. Getting what you want from Hasbro is impossible!

Stores order say 16 cases, they may get them from 3 different waves or they may get the same wave/case assortment.

Back in January my old Wal-Mart got over 20 cases of the Clean Scout Trooper assorment. At the same time TRU was flooded with the Dagobah Vader Wave?

No rhyme or reason.

Thanks Hasbro.:rolleyes:

01-01-2002, 03:35 AM
Wolfwood: I agree with a lot of what you are saying. With specific regards to troop builder cases, we saw it happen, but maybe the wrong ones too late: Coruscant Guards were from the prior year and we know they are switching to Crimson (Red) Guards now - so they weren't going to do too well (and it wasn't the best figure in the first place). A lot of the same story goes for the Gungan Soldier - last year's, E1 movie apathy, etc. They had the Biker Scout in the other collection, as with the Sandtrooper. The Mon Calamari wasn't doing that well (and though an army builder - I would guess people stopped at 4 or 5 of them).

Now that the Imperial Officer and Rebel Fleet Trooper have seen release, they could put them with Sandtroopers and Biker Scouts, but Hasbro won't pack cases that "cross collections" I suppose.

Shmi Skywalker and Obi-Wan in Training Gear are 2 figures that could have been Collection 1, so they could pack the Stormies into Collection 2 Army Builder Cases - OR Imps and RFT's could have been more wisely been distributed in Collection 1 to go with Hasbro's theory that C1 cases are higher demanded primary figures, while C2 are more collector based. If that is the case, than army builders should always be placed in C1 assortments. Common sense, right?

As to scalpers and comic book shops backing off Star Wars - I think they also lost money on Star Wars like Hasbro did, especially when they gambled and hoarded what did NOT turn out to be "hot inventory." All of my local scalper shops are gone in my area - except the last chain store type that can also rely on movie memorobilia and actual comic books to keep it in business.
It's not a sign "the Force grew weaker," but it is a small favor to be thankful for - that secondary market prices have come down.

As far as Episode 2 figures, Month #1 (I assume you mean April), there appears to be 14 figures, with 4 preview figures coming the month before. There were 18 when Episode One came out at Midnight Madness, and I don't recall the next group of figures hitting until June, though it's all a fuzzy blur now (those could have been the Niemoidians or the Jedi Naboo / Maul Tatooine waves). I don't think either came out during the first month of toys for E1. But anyway, the figure line-up for Basic 3 3/4" seems to be about equal as the last time around. I don't think we'll see much of a change in the marketing with Hasbro. Maybe there will be less JarJar Tongue lollypops and talking banks around town this time?

Emperor Jargo, you are right in more ways than one, for the reasons you probably said Eeth Koth looks like a bad omen for things to come. I was very disappointed about some choices Hasbro has made for Episode Two. That will become apparent to everyone soon, I'm sure.

Sith-Killer - good trades for the ships you wanted, but I hear you - it is unfortunate and a pain in the butt for you to have to go to all that effort to get stuff that should have been normally shipped to your convenient retailers.

Also SK- thanks for your insight into Hasbro's practices. I knew about their minimum order bit, but it's easy for Walmart and the big guys to fill that requirement. However, Hasbro should take responsibility for seeing to it that when orders are finally filled to their mass purchasers, they are getting items that will sell in a timely manner. They will lose their smaller customers like your brother, as by the time he gets his Lando wave cases, they will be what is pushed on him because no one else wants it. Better tell him to cancel his shipments if he still can. You are right and your brother needs to wait and hope Hasbro does straighten things out on their end.

Still, it doesn't explain why Toys R Us did get Interceptors and Walmart B-wings, and they are floor-to-ceiling in certain areas and not others. That tells me it was the retailers and not necessarily Hasbro that didn't divide their product up correctly. I'm sure there are also circumstances where Hasbro shares some of the blame for this, but ultimatley guys, we have to admit that Target and Toys R Us DO NOT CARE either. Their gross sales do not depend on Star Wars, and their attitudes reflect poorly on their general concern for their customers.

01-01-2002, 10:05 AM
Tycho, I agree it's not ALL Hasbro's fault. Certainly NONE of the Target's or Wal-Mart's around here ordered the Exclusives they were fortunate enough to have been offered.

As for the stores not caring, you are right. Heck, I went to TRU a couple of months ago (when the Palm Talkers hit) and asked one of the stockers if they had the new wave.

"Huh, no they stopped making Star Wars figures about 6 months ago."

My jaw LITERALLY dropped!!! But it gets worse. I told him that Hasbro has been putting out waves of 3-4 figures a month pretty regularly, they never stopped.

Then he says, "Oh, well I collect Star Wars, and this is the only place I get them. I guess I should start checking the other stores."

So I asked the guy, "Don't you look on the internet, haven't you ever seen sirstevesguide.com?"

Then he tells me, "I don't have a computer."

Amazed, dumbfounded and confused I slowly walked away. Just another collector gone bad.:Pirate:

Oh, sure, there are a few collectors and nice guys working at the stores who are willing to help you out. You know...the guy that actually goes in the back and comes out with a fresh case...despite the fact that there are still too many peg warmers clogging the shelves. But these guys are few and far between.:cry:

good shot jansen
01-01-2002, 10:53 AM
it's hard for me to vote any other way than to say that i am truely disapointed with hasbro completely:frus:

01-01-2002, 02:19 PM
Sith Killer, you bring up another interesting point: the retail stockers...

Many of us here are fortunate enough to live at a standard where we can afford (or barely get by) with the cash required for collecting. Many of us are doing alright if we have the funds for a computer to get online to check SirSteve's pages out and do other business. But some people here don't have a computer, others actually reading this log on at an internet cafe, or from school or work. Some don't know about deals from AOL and Intell or whoever, to get the latest computer for $300 and others are afraid of the ten-year commitment they might require for their internet provider service. (I'm exaggerating, but I sure didn't want to go that route).

But as you go on, there are people who have not had the benefits of being in school when the computer revolution hit: they are older or they dropped out. They have to work to survive. Some retail stockers fit this description, others are high school or college kids, the children of stock brokers and plastic surgeons. However, if you had to support yourself on the low wages a store like Target or Toys R Us pays - and being you I assume you still love Star Wars - if you could skip a hamburger-happy-meal or whatever one day, you'd have $7.00 or so to pick up a figure. Furthermore, with clearance prices there would be times when the deal would only cost you $2.98. Finally, if you were collecting at full retail price, without internet access, instead of paying 35 (figures) x $7.32 for the whopping minimum of $256.20 we spent (and I didn't even price the deluxe figures correctly - it's just an example) you'd see what maybe 10 of those figures pegwarm in your store over the course of a year? So you'd spend less than $80 on your collection, or skip lunch 16 days out of the whole year to pick up ALL you thought was released. It's not half as involved as most of us that have to check the web, run to other stores that carry Star Wars, comparison shop, and compete with other collectors and the scalpers. So collecting is still possible, simple, and attractive to you (even with no knowledge about 'collecting,' but just with liking Star Wars).

As to their ignorance? They are working - with a lot more on their mind than Star Wars - even if they do collect it. All of you should know better than to believe even toy store managers who are about as uninformed or disinterested in Star Wars as the stockers. Come here to SSG or go to the official site, or Hasbro's site or as a last resort, call customer service at Hasbro. I never have because I never doubted the license. Hasbro might have made its share of mistakes while wielding this license, but they are not going to lose any of their major buyers - especially when big companies offer sales in collusion - meaning that if K-mart wants Hasbro's Tonka Toys for kids, they have to buy Star Wars with the deal anyway - just like they have to spend some ridiculous minimal amount to keep an account with the toy giant.

Meanwhile, I feel we're deep into a tangent talking about retail stockers' per capita income and education - the fact is it greatly varies. A retired CEO could be doing the job just to stay active - and still be ignorant of Star Wars or intelligent purchasing / stocking practices (heck - maybe that's why they're retired). But this conversation sprang out of DISTRIBUTION PROBLEMS and people adding in should still remember to say what country or city they live in, so we can see if it is a retailer or Hasbro to blame for their particular problem (for example if you live in San Diego - distribution has been great - and if you didn't get all your figures - it's because I beat you to the stores personally ; )

But GOOD SHOT JANSEN - and others complaining even beyond product distribution, might want to chime in about product choices and / or quality - or whatever else is troubling you. 2 things are happening - you are upset with the situation, but something is keeping you collecting (or that's why I assume you're here). Tell us about it.

01-01-2002, 02:37 PM
Tycho made a good point about not seeing Jar Jar lollypops this time around. The amount of products out there with the E1 logo on it in May '99 was astounding.

Inflatable chairs
party favors
etc. etc. etc.

I think that's what help kill the demand, all the crap out there with the E1 logo on it. It was absurd.

I think your right about the release of the figures too. It was about 14 originally, then the second wave hit in June. Still, 14 figures in one release is a lot.

Although I never collected the Micro Machines, it is sad to see them go from a collector's p.o.v. But on a business p.o.v. I see why Hasbro dumped the line. I still see E1 MM stuff at K-Mart in the way back of the toy section, the barren wasteland that is the discount aisle.

The upcoming Fan Club troop builder pack is nice, but if it is indeed coming out 4th quarter 2002, that may be too late. Its nice to see Hasbro trying to make collectors happy, but then they push it way back towards the end of the year. You just can't win.

I have a feeling, if stores order a substantial quantity of E2 stuff, and it sits on the shelves, the Star Wars line won't be around 4th quarter of 2002.

good shot jansen
01-01-2002, 04:56 PM
Originally posted by Tycho
But GOOD SHOT JANSEN - and others complaining even beyond product distribution, might want to chime in about product choices and / or quality - or whatever else is troubling you. 2 things are happening - you are upset with the situation, but something is keeping you collecting (or that's why I assume you're here). Tell us about it.

when hasbro took over galoob in 1998, at 1st it didn't seem so bad, new product was being released in conjunction with ep.I release, and more importantly, the galoob buzz board was going to be left intact at galoob's web site. the fine product lines which galoob manufactured for the star wars realm (action fleet micro machines, die-cast, and x-rays), were not the only things that had attracted me to collecting micro machines, it was also the comraderie with other micro machine collectors at the buzz board, galoob's company run bulletin board that was so much fun to post to! alot of the regular posters here at ssg in the micro machines section, had all originally posted over at the buzz board. (by the way, our own jedi tricks was a regular poster for years over at the buzz)

anyway, by december of 99, hasbro announced that it was closing the buzz board down for good (again, all us ex buzz boarders who are now here, are in fact really in the diaspora), and by spring of 2000, it became crystal clear that hasbro was not going to produce any of the previously announced action fleet or micro machines, and that the line was probably not even going to be revived in conjunction with episode II. it wasn't until summer of 2001 where hasbro indicated that they were looking at the micro machines line, and maybe they might revive it (only with regards to the action fleet line though):cry:

what keeps us collecting? the superior design and playability of the line. as i have posted many times in the past, my son, who is now 7, only plays with the micro machines lines (action fleet, die-cast, micro machines, etc), due to their size and ease of transporting for trips and such. any potwhatever toys that he has gotten always remain on the shelves cause he says that they are just too big to play with (he does play with the potf at-at somewhat regularly, mainly cause it's in the proper scale size with the action fleet snowspeeder!).

also, nothing irks my chain more, than seeing these now tough to get mm's :rolleyes: being auctioned for ridiculous amount of money on ebay by unscrupulous scalper scum:mad: . down in the micro machines section, we pride ourselves on helping all who post there in the quest of obtaining hard to find mm's without having to resort to scalpers:Pirate:

and until hasbro see's the light and starts producing mm's again, this never ending battle against scalpers will unfortunately continue:frus:

Rodian Sniper
01-01-2002, 05:25 PM
Okay...I have to say that everyone I knew that collected Star Wars has stopped except for me. But I'm getting to the point where I kinda don't want to collect myself. I wish for Hasbro to make more droids and alien life forms. Enough with the same characters. I already got like 6 different Lukes! I want to see more Beast Assornaments. More wild life. How about more Pod-Racers??? I'm glad that HAsbro is making more ewoks and the R4 [I think it is]. That's what I want to see more of. Oh...and STOP with the exclusives already!!!! Every time I call TRU or Target...they always say, "I don't know anything about exclusives". Wuz up with that? One last thing...are you guys ever going to do anything with the "Jedi Master Points"? I've collected so many and are about to throw them all away. What are they for?

01-01-2002, 10:50 PM
I thought 2001 was a good year for Star Wars. Hasbro is finally starting to get some good sculpts as far as faces go. And they aren't just concentrating on core characters anymore, which is awesome!!

01-06-2002, 01:54 PM
The figures this year were a vast improvement than in previous years. The size of the figures was greatly imporved. Finally we get to see a Chewbacca figure that is actually taller than the rest of the figures. This was the first year that we actually started to see more of alien figures such as Amanaman, Tessek, Ellorrs Madak, Ketwol, and Zutton. This year we saw quite a few droids as well K-3P0, FX-7, R2-Q5. Not to mention jedi knights Plo-Koon, Saesee Tinn, and Eeth Koth. The problem for me though was distribution. My area never saw the Scout Trooper (Clean or Dirty) or the Darth Maul Sith Apprentice. If they were here they were in one day, gone the next. The Sandtrooper wave was also hard to find as well. Gungan Warrior hard to find as well. I think that hasbro needs to start putting more of the army builders per case because they seem to disappear real quick. The expanded universe figures this year were nothing special. Let's see more of the figures from the comics, novels, and video games produced instead of some lame rehash of a Qui-Gon or Obi-Wan that noboby wants.

I believe that the reason that distribution was bad this year was because of a few things. First of all the stores are not ordering enough. I have given up on Toys R Us because they never have anything when I go in there. I have better luck at Target. And Second because I believe that Hasbro has cut back on making its regular figures in order to speed up prodution for the Episode II line. I mean think about it. Almost any POTF2 figure that saw a release in the last quarter of 1998 is hard to find and extremely sought after, such as the Wampa with Luke and Han with TaunTaun Beast packs. Or the Zuckuss and Expanded Universe waves.:cry:

Here is what I would like to see made eventually. More droids and aliens. A few more Jedi Council Members, might as well finish them off. They don't have many more to do. More of Queen Amidala's wardrobe, she has enough. More playsets. It's time to make the Death Star Docking bay, or the Death Star Trash Compactor with real working walls, Dianoga Alien, an area to add water and trash, or Obi-Wan Kenobi's House, Yoda's House, Emperor's Throne room, Jedi Council Chamber, Anakin's House, Watto's Shop, Jabba's Palace with connecting Rancor Pit and Throne Room, the Cantina, Ewok Village, Podrace Arena. And they could make them so that they can connect to each other, so that all the Death Star stuff connects, and Ewok Village connects because it would have to be huge as well as the Podrace Arena. And how about for vehicles we finally see the Sandcrawler. Well that is hope anyway.

Stuff I don't think we need. Any more rehashed Lukes, Hans, Chewbaccas, Leias, Obi-Wans. Any of the main characters that get one item added to them like Chewbacca with mechanic equipment or Han with the Stormtrooper belt or Battle Droid Boomer Damage (lame) or Jar Jar Tatooine, like we need any more lame Jar Jar figures. Let's move on from these shall we. No more Darth Maul variations. He was hardly in the first movie, so why are there 50 versions of him, including ones that aren't in the movie like the Deluxe Maul with shirt off or Darth Maul Sith Apprentice. No one cares about them. Other than that nothing else really.

Well I have rambled on long enough and I hope at least a few people read what I had to say.

01-08-2002, 10:09 PM
By the way, I'm a Target employee. We've got several of each character in the Lando, Tessek, etc. wave in the backroom. But thanks to such worthwhile releases as the Coruscant Guard, our pegs wil be full for longtime, leaving Lando to weep helplessly in the dankness of the stock room

01-08-2002, 10:34 PM
A Target employee?!?!?! Get him!!!!:D

That's too bad about the stores policy for pegspace. But just say, for instance, one of those Lando/Tessek cases happened to open up by accident and all the figures fell out, by accident, and a whole bunch of Coruscant Guards just happened to fall in the case. Totally by accident of course. Then you would have just enough room to put the Lando/Tessek wave on the pegs. Don't tell me your boss actually knows which figures come in which assortments.

01-08-2002, 10:38 PM
BTW, I did read your post, SithDroid and I must say I agree with you totally. Well, except for wanting the EU stuff. I never understood why army builders were packed only one per case in their initial release. Knowing that most people will want at least two of them.

However, there are still many versions of the core characters that we still need made or remade. Luke Jedi, Endor Leia, Endor Han just to name a few.

01-09-2002, 01:51 AM
My former Target Toy Manager is something of a celebrity and was very intelligent about Star Wars stocking policy.

He was the student teacher shot in the Santana High School Massacre in Santee, California where he was student teaching, and where he is now successfully hired as a special education teacher.

He is also a friend and a fan. He used to collect a little, too.

When JarJar was a problem (and he was a serious problem), a new case would come in and some of the figures would go out and some - not all - of the JarJars would be repacked.

The principle of it is - if there's a ton of it hanging, no one will want it. Make JarJar more scarce and get rid of your backstock slowly, and even he sold to parents, non-collectors, and others who didn't know any better, and might've thought they wouldn't have an opportunity to purchase this figure over 3 years later where he's still hanging at my K-mart...

It's called: Merchandizing

01-09-2002, 11:06 AM
Good idea, Barada! My only problem would be the crazy overnite toy lady. She's got issues. She probably does know what was out.