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Sean the Hutt
12-31-2001, 08:21 PM
Well here in San Diego they are sitting there unwanted. Now I know if Hasro had said it was a prelude to a future Jabba sail barge they would all be on ebay right now! I bought one, but I really think it is kind of a waste,unless we get the barge

12-31-2001, 09:37 PM
I've seen a few Leia's and Amanamans sitting around at K-Mart; but way more Bacta Luke's and Shirtless Mauls. In fact I would say the Bacta Luke is the biggest pegwarmer of the DX line thus far.

12-31-2001, 09:55 PM
Originally posted by bigbarada
In fact I would say the Bacta Luke is the biggest pegwarmer of the DX line thus far.

Then you haven't seen my local TRU then? My local TRU has at least 20 to 30 Shirtless Mauls! No Aman,Leia or Luke just alot of Mauls!!!!!!!

12-31-2001, 10:10 PM
Your're all luckier then me. We don't have anything in the deluxe around here. I have found 2 Darth Maul: Deluxe in the month since they have been released. Still no Luke: Bacta, Leia, or Amanaman. It royally sucks. :(


Jar Jar Binks

12-31-2001, 10:16 PM
I just found the deluxe Leia at TRU along with tons of Mauls and 1 Luke.

I think it's pretty clear that the fans wanted the Bacta Luke (COOL SET HASBRO) and the new Amanaman. We've been waiting a LONG time for both!

I hope I manage to find an Amanaman before Hasbro's lousy distribution leaves them warming pegs in Kansas.:(

12-31-2001, 10:35 PM
:) If ya find any extras, lemme know. ;)


Jar Jar Binks

12-31-2001, 11:51 PM
I have found Mauls everywhere and a few Lukes but no Leias:(

01-01-2002, 12:05 AM
I saw at TRU one day before Chirstmas had about 10 of each (Maul, Luke). The next day they had about 5 Mauls, no Lukes. I was lucky, I went to a big K out here in Vegas and found 3 Clean Scouts, Amanaman and Leia. I passed on the Leia, but they still had about 10 when I went a few days after.

I've yet to see any of the FX-7 wave in stores.

I've hardly seen any POTJ pegwarmers personally,(except Ketwol, that guys like the 11th plague) most stores have ordered so little that they sell out quickly, or have no POTJ at all.

01-01-2002, 11:13 AM
The only one of those figures sitting around here is Shirtless Maul. Luke, Leia and Amanaman never warm the pegs around here.

01-01-2002, 11:22 AM
For some reason Luke Bacta is the only one not selling over here at all. There are only a few Mauls left and a couple Leias. I counted well over 20 Luke Bactas clogging the pegs. FX-7s seemed to sell slower at this Wal-Mart also. There were two left on the pegs for a week after the rest of that assortment sold out. Of course I didn't buy him when I had the chance.:mad: It's too bad no one else is seeing this stuff. Maybe Hasbro's distribution is responsible, I remember the 3 3/4" POTF2 Han with Taun Taun being a big shelf warmer for several months in Killeen, TX before vanishing forever.

Lowly Bantha Cleaner
01-01-2002, 03:40 PM
Still haven't seen the new Deluxe Leia or Amanaman yet in Western NY State. The Bacta Tank Luke and Shirtless Maul have taken up 8 pegs at the Toys R Us in my area, with Lukes outnumbering the Mauls by a 3:1 margin. The good news is that the older POTJ figs (Bespin Leia, Chewie Mechanic) are selling rather briskly and should be replaced in no time by the FX-7/ Zutton wave. :evil:

Sean the Hutt
01-02-2002, 02:13 AM
Hey just let me know how many you need! I will look next time I go. They seem to be selling well here in S.D., yet with all the Luke Bacta tanks out there, they are still selling. I have seen Amanaman a few times. He is selling out every time, leaving Liea's. She is selling too I imagine.I just wish they would make a sail barge that's all! Maybe some people got the dlx figs and others the fx-7 wave. as I have not seen any of those yet.

01-02-2002, 10:06 AM
Maul and Luke fill the pegs in the Fort Worth, Texas area, but not a single Leia or Amanaman can be found. I did see the Luke/Leia and one Han/Chewie 25th Anniversary set yesterday. I bought the Han/Chewie one, but the Luke/Leia one left me flat (espicially since the backdrop is cardboard and not the molded plastic that we were shown as the first example of this new line. I have yet to find any of the FX-7 wave or Eeth Koth/Zutton. Can anyone out there help me with these? (Amanaman, Leia w/Cannon, Amidala (Decoy), Eeth Koth, Zutton, Imperial Officer, Rebel Trooper, and/or FX-7. Or even R2-Q5 for that matter.)

Sean the Hutt
01-03-2002, 12:50 AM
Hi JediCole,
this is the same Sean who got the Disney starspeeders. I think the dlx figs will be easier to find soon, Leia and Amanaman that is. I will get them for you though if you want. as for the other figs I have not seen any. I know you are looking for the tie bombers like I am, If you see them first I would surely buy one from you , or find something to trade, What do you think?