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01-16-2005, 11:44 AM
Given the large number of Gentle Giants products out there I thought it would be fun to do a best of thread. So here goes.

Gentle Giants currently had 4 lines going for Star Wars the first is the Gentle Giants mini bust. I only started collecting these a couple of months ago. But here is my list of the best mini busts by Gentle Giants. My opinion is somewhat biased due to favorite characters in the Star Wars universe, but here goes:

Best in order:

1. Stormtrooper (Deluxe)
2. Boba Fett (now if only I could afford one)
3. Luke Stormtrooper (soon Han Stormtrooper, which will probably tie the Luke)
4. Scout Trooper
5. Bossk
6. Luke X-Wing
7. IG-88
8. Leia, Boussh
9. Grand Moff Tarkin
10. Greedo
11. C-3PO
12. Gamorrean Guard

Next are the Bust-Ups, I currently only have series 1, with series 2 on order, but have seen quite a few images of all 3 series.

Best is order:

1. Boba Fett
2. Stormtrooper(s)
3. Darth Vader(s)
4. Darth Maul(s)
5. Bossk
6. Zuckuss
7. 4-LOM
8. Dengar
9. Royal Guard
10. Chewbacca
11. Leia(s)
12 Yoda

Statues are next. I do not own any of these so admittedly I am only working from pics here.

Best statues in order:

1. Darth Vader
2. Sandtrooper on Dewback
3. Chewbacca
4. C-3PO

Finally the Maquettes. I do not own any of these either, but I have seen the Yoda up close.

Best maquettes in order:

1. Obi-Wan
2. ARC Trooper
3. Asajj Ventress
4. Padme'

So there you have it. So far I plan on buying all the Bust-Ups, except for the glow in the dark and clear bust-ups, as well as most of the OT Mini Busts and if I can afford it, the Darth Vader and Sandtrooper statues. I will skip the maquettes due to $$$.

So what do you all think...who are your favorites? :D