View Full Version : Discuss SirSteve's new pics of Greivous - and many-faces Anakin / Vader figures!

01-18-2005, 12:44 PM
SPOILER ALERT in this thread concerns Anakin becoming Vader and medically speaking, "how."

Dude! Check out Anakin! He comes as himself, and behind him in the package, is a lava-torn-up face / head that you can use for battle damage, and then the Vader helmet on the other side!

I wonder how this works? I think rather than changing his clothes like the 20th Anniversary 12" Luke (Tatooine/X-wing) these are 2 figures: Vader and Anakin.

Just like in the movie, you remove Anakin's head and put it on the cyborg body, except you can use the messed-up head, fresh from Mustafar's lava!

Then you put the Vader helmet over him.

Or you can play with Anakin as a burnt-up Dark Jedi (not that he could function this way in the movie though).


General Grievous, as awesome as this 12" figure looks to be, actually is outclassed by that Anakin-Vader if only for the love of the character and the thought put into the product.

plo koon 200
01-18-2005, 02:37 PM
That Vader 12 inch is sweet. Too bad I don't collect 12 inch. Awesome pics though. Good job on finding them SirSteve.

Exhaust Port
01-18-2005, 06:52 PM
Wow, an Ultimate Anakin/Vader! I will definately be buying that one. As for Grevious, I'm spoiler free so far so I'm not to sure about him. Don't get me wrong, he looks pretty cool but I probably won't be hooked until I see the movie.