View Full Version : The Transformers Trivia Game!

El Chuxter
01-19-2005, 04:30 PM
Man, I'm having a ball with these games, so here's another one. Once again (if you've skipped the other games), there are five questions presented. When you answer one, you ask the next question.

1) (G1 Toys) Who was the first Transformer to get a resculpt?

2) (G1 Toys) What two Autobots were available in two colors, and which colors were they available in?

3) (G1 Toys) What is the name of the line that was exclusive to K-Mart and featured the Pretender Classic figures, only without the Pretender shells?

4) (Comics) What do Alpha Trion, Liege Maximo, Prima, The Fallen, and the as-yet unnnamed bartender of the Leaky Gasket have in common?

5) (Cartoons) Finish the line: "If on the way you happen to tumble. . . ."