View Full Version : First Episode 3 Diorama: Kashyyyk - spoiler warning applies

01-22-2005, 05:27 PM
Here's the first diorama from Episode 3 - don't read more if you're spoiler sensitive. There's no big deal here, but it does give away a plot element.

For those going on....

This is part of a "test-set." It's not an actual diorama, but a chance to set up on top of an actual display case (the size I'll use), a battle.

I want help determining:

1) how many soldiers should I use? - Keep in mind that vehicles, possibly large ground vehicles like AT-PTs and the Juggernaut rolling vehicle may be added, as well as the diorama my include a lagoon with Wookiee water vehicles "swimming about" in the action, plus hanging Wookiee fliers as well as perhapts an AT-TE and a Republic Gunship.

2) This diorama may be altered to reflect the Clones helping the Wookiees defeat the Separatists' droids before the Clones turn on the Jedi. When the Wookiees help save Yoda, the fight (rebellion against the Clones) may not be so big as the one encompassing the fight vs. the Separatists at the end of the Clone Wars.

However, at its present size, I'm matching clones to Wookiees per different Wookiees I have to use (without over-duplication) at the moment.

3) General Tarfful
Wookiee Warrior 2 (different from SP) are confirmed for 2005. So my ranks will get at least that big - probably 2 Wookiee-Two's per scene like this (2 scenes total - before and after as in vs. Separatists, and then vs. Clones.

4) I am using mostly CW 3-pack Clones and am debating whether to even bother with army-building to the extremes I usually do with E3 Clones.

Does it really make a noticeable difference that these are E2's in my pics?

I have 35 or more E2's. Is it worth it to upgrade to E3's?

- I have the money, but it'll be tight no matter how you add it up.
- I will be stuck with a lot of extra E2's though JediMasterSal might buy them from me - thereby alleviating that problem.

What do you think?

02-06-2005, 12:46 PM
I likke it and thhe vehicals would look great and maybe some styrafome scenery, and i dont know the dif between E2 and E3 but it looks great to me, Hey i have that wookie with teh eyepatch!!!

02-06-2005, 01:34 PM
Yeah, he's Chewie disguised as a Wookiee bounty hunter named Snoova (so Chewie could infiltrate Black Sun in an attempt to find out where Boba Fett was going to deliver the frozen Han).

However, it's ironic (or no accident) that Snoova's armor and get-up envisioned for the Expanded Universe would come back as movie-cannon in Episode 3, isn't it?

As to vehicles, well we'll have to wait until April 2nd or later for that Wookiee tri-maran boat, and Clone Trooper TurboTanks and Scout Walkers (proto-ATST types). Plus there's the Wookiee helicopter - anyway, a lot of stuff none of us has yet - not to mention 2 more different Wookiee figures still to be released!

The Clones in E3 have more of the ANH Stormtrooper "sunglasses look" to their eye slits, but still have the Mandalorian "T-visor" slit down the "nose" of the helmet's face.

Like I'm wondering, on 3 3-4" scale, in a large diorama where big vehicles will be more noticeable, and (in fiction) in a time where the Clone Wars are raging - will all the new troops be wearing new armor? In 19 years by ANH, yes. But 3 years into heavy fighting? There are surely old units wearing the old armor.

I'm looking for ways to save money if it won't make THAT big of difference in a large display like this will turn out to be - where VEHICLES will likely be the largest focal-point in the end (when they are released for E3 by Hasbro).

02-06-2005, 01:54 PM
O i get it now E3=episode 3 E2=episode 2,... im so stupid