View Full Version : Scene By Scene Favorite Playsets Not Yet Made Correctly

01-28-2005, 02:21 PM
Let's vote on some new stuff!

This will be different from my previous scene-by-scene voting threads, as you'll see. Eventually we can rank "what we want made a priority," but right now, you'll see how simple this is.

We're going to start with ANH sets, then do ESB, and then ROTJ, then TPM, and finally AOTC.

We're voting on and discussing one scene at a time!

I'll take 10 votes and then move on. Later votes will be added in to the tally, so voting will never really close until fair warning has been given.


VOTE "Yes or NO"

Do you want the Tantive IV corridoors / hallways as a playset?

a1) Discuss w. engineering areas (where Leia gave R2 the plans to the Death Star).

a2) Discuss escape pod boarding tunnel - where a real escape pod toy can be boarded.

b) Do you want a complete Tantive IV ship made as a toy?

b1) 5 feet long complete ship (not to figure scale, but with all the above sections in the toy ship)? ($250 price range)

c) a 2.5-3 feet long complete ship (with less options, and way off scale) but more affordable? ($100 price range)

Answer all the above questions.

Tell us if you want both or only 1 of the options - this is crucial to the tally!

Keep in mind not only the price - Master Replicas and Code 3 sell ships for more than a large Hasbro Tantive IV would cost - however, your space and figures you'll need to populate a larger ship should weigh in on your decision factor. (the bigger one holds 50 figures - believe me, I customized one so I know) But vote for what you would buy. If you'd buy both, explain why? (Completists, note that as your reason I guess - for objections or for your enthusiasm).

Sorry to start with such a hard one, but that's the way the movie starts.