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02-06-2005, 01:26 PM
...or how I met another Star Wars collector :rolleyes:

For the past couple of days more water has been coming out of my bathtub spout than out of the shower head and it feels like I'm trying to take a shower under a Mr. Coffee drip for water-pressure.

So I called for a serviceman to come and repair it, since I'd probably release another tsunami if I tried.

He comes over wearing a shirt about "Force Wars" or something like that. It's a T-shirt with wording written from top to bottom like an opening title scroll to a Star Wars movie, starting with Force Wars: Episode One or something.

I didn't read it, but maybe it goes something like..."It is a period of Civil War. Evil Forces striking from Satan's Lair are making their first attempt to steal your soul. During the battle Jesus Christ will secretly capture your heart and take you away from the Devil's ultimate destination for you: Hell, a place of everlasting anguish. Pursued by all the secular world's temptations..."

Anyway, it was my creative attempt at a guess anyway.

Well he flips out when he sees my Star Wars collection. He has a huge collection set up everywhere like me, too!

After a hour and a half tour of my Star Wars collection topped with a detailed conversation about how I built my Tantive IV Blockade Runner (and thank God I didn't have to pay him by the hour for that 'service'), we start talking about Conventions, exclusives, and special, favorite pieces. He likes to shop on e-Bay, so it's no wonder he's working for a living.

The conversation comes up about the 1997 Return of the Jedi Theater Edition Luke.

He told me about forgetting his as he was leaving the theater since he placed it under his seat. Well the manager let him rush back inside and grab his figure, when low and behold, he had the idea that maybe others left their Luke's behind by mistake as well! Sure enough, the lucky guy found 9 of them under peoples seats!

What makes it worse? We figured it out that he and I saw the show that same night at that same movie theater!

If only I'd had my thinking cap on then....

But how did he know about me? Because I was the freak in the wetsuit with the Luke Skywalker figure!

Who could forget that guy, suffering through the whole movie because he was freezing cold and who shouted out at Luke - "yes he's your father, now would you just get over it already?" and to Lando "Just blow up that dang thing so we can all go home!"

Well, that in itself is a slightly complicated story, and one I've told before. But before I reveal myself to be completely into Star Wars S&M, I'll provide a better explanation.

March 7th, 1997 provided the best waves I've ever seen in all my years surfing. I did not want to leave the ocean!

March 7th was also the date Return of the Jedi would be premiering its Special Edition in theaters - and for those going to the 8pm show, providing the first 50 people in line with a very special Commemorative Theater Edition Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight action figure. (This is a cheap re-paint, recard of the regular Jedi Luke figure from POTF2 for all of you OTC fans to get excited about). But the card was kind of...sort of...special. So yeah, if I was going to see the show (which of course I was!) I might as well go to that show.

Well I'd become a BigBrother several years back, and my Lil'Bro was holding our place in line at a theater out in the East County where he lived, since he'd found out that at this particular theater, they were giving the figures away at the 8 o'clock show. He brought his Dad to see the movie too, so they could get 1 more FREE Luke. Theater managers who refuse to reveal information to websites like SSG will tell anything to cute 12 year old kids who ask them with innocent eyes that reveal nothing of their true knowledge of e-Bay (today my little brother is a major "i-tailer" in custom motor parts online).

Well the deal was I could surf until dark (about 6:30pm in March maybe) - you know, just until the sharks come out - and then I'd face the Tusken Raiders instead. Well I went in and checked my beach bag (where yes I hide my cell phone because I figure no one else figures I'm stupid enough to do that - and that's what Verizon's insurance is for anyway...) and low and behold - YOU HAVE TO BE IN LINE AT ABOUT 5 o'CLOCK TO GET A NUMBER TO REMIT FOR YOUR ACTION FIGURE!

Ok, the beach is on the west coast, no duh. My place is about 10 minutes inland, and along the way to the East County where I was seeing the movie. I figured on a pit-stop to shower and change. I CALLED MY BROTHER AT LIKE 4:30PM! They were lining up THEN! They were giving out voucher numbers THEN!

To make a long story short and not post how criminally fast I made the (usually 25 minute) drive inland, I watched Return of the Jedi in an air-conditioned movie theater wrapped in towels and wearing a wetsuit, holding my Luke figure out in front of me so salt-water didn't drip on it until my arms were about ready to fall off!

And the service guy who's fixing my shower got 9 of them!

-from the very same theater at the very same time while I couldn't think straight because my teeth were vibrating while I was the first person to go into thermal shock on Tatooine!

Anyway, 8 years later I find myself once again in the same place at the same time as this guy. I'm proud to have met a new friend who's very handy at fixing and building up new things.

And I may have found a partner to help me construct my 7 foot long Star Destroyer for my action figures!

All because I was the freak in the wetsuit with the Luke Skywalker figure!

02-06-2005, 02:38 PM
LOL.............tooo funny! :silly:

The force is strong with that one! So what happened to his 9 Theater Edition Luke's?

Let me guess...Ebay?!?!

Well, in 1997, I went to the re-releases, but never got a Theater Luke. I wasn't a collector back then. I didn't start collecting until late 1998.

02-06-2005, 03:26 PM
That's cool SithKiller. If you started collecting in 1998, you missed out on some of the worse sculpts and started with good ones.

Assuming you didn't get pre-98's, your first figures of

Han -Cantina CommTech vs. POTF2 - improvement!
Luke - Lar's Garage or Flashback Floppy Hat vs. "He-Man" - improvement
Leia - Leia Collection "Senator" or CommTech - the first being better than MonkeyFace
Chewie - sadly, not until Saga did we really get an improved one (Mynock Hunt?)
Lando - POTJ cloth cape Bespin rocked! Saga/OTC Skiff and General were better
Vader - oh man! Flashback, POTJ Emp Wrath / Dagobah, Saga ESB all rock
Yoda - hmmm. Has there been a good one? Vintage 1980 still seems better than VOTC
Jabba - Saga Deluxe!
Emperor - Flashback 1999!
C-3PO - Minted Coin 1998!
R2D2 - hmmm. Dagobah 2004! POTJ 2001, Holo-Leia 1999 (if you got one)

Plus....Lobot, Gamorrean repaint, Dengar Saga, Bossk Saga, CommTech Stormtrooper, POTJ Sandtrooper, Jawa with legs (and Gonk), so much more.

While I didn't replace figures in my scenes that have 1995's and such, you made out well SithKiller. You didn't miss out on anything I think.

Leia Boussh, Han Solo Carbonite perhaps - but at least Han can be improved. Maybe Death Star Gunner...Luke / Han Stormtrooper Disguise, Cantina Band Member, Muftak-Kabe, Oola, there are a few like Tarkin, Zuckuss, Ishi Tibb, Biggs and Lak Sivrak.

For the most part, you came in at a great time and haven't missed much but rather got to buy the improvements (unless you're a "collector" and went back and bought the 95's etc.)

02-06-2005, 04:03 PM
This one gets chocked up in the my "frightening things about Tycho" list.

Frightening things about Tycho: 248
Short posts: 0

02-07-2005, 10:29 PM
ROTJ:SE was released on March 14th, not March 7th. It was a last-minute change after the cards had been printed with the 7th on them (and just in case that rumor comes up again, no there weren't any corrected cards).

02-08-2005, 01:16 AM
Maybe there is hope that even 1 person in my county collects starwars...

Edit: Holy F*#& i just realized your in san diego IM IN CARLSBAD and jeedi tricks we should all meet up so you guys can laugh at my puny collection!

02-09-2005, 10:39 AM
This one gets chocked up in the my "frightening things about Tycho" list.

Frightening things about Tycho: 248
Short posts: 0


I have to agree with you, I have read many long "frightening" posts about Tycho, and no short posts by the man with many words to say.

I wish I could meet someone like that, but then I'd worry that said person would come back and steal my collectibles whilest I work the hours that I do.

02-09-2005, 12:15 PM
I did come into the hobby at a great time. I also bought all the older POTF2 figures. I found many on sale, there were some deep discounts from 98-00. I remember getting a couple of the EU figs at reduced prices as well as the green carded figures and FF stuff, most of which went for $2.00-$3.50. I found all of the Deluxe POTF2 for less than $5.00 and even scored a Green Boxed Slave 1 for $9.98!

I pretty much went nuts when I got into the hobby. I started collecting as much as I could, variations, foreign (non-US) carded figures, whatever struck my fancy. I was an idiot and passed on the $35.00 AT-AT Walker from KB and I'm still kicking myself for it, but that's the way it goes.

I discovered SSG shortly after I started collecting, around mid-late 1999, back when GNT and a few others were around on a regular basis. :eek: Wow, it's hard to believe it's been almost 6 years!!!

02-09-2005, 12:55 PM
It's hard to believe (collecting) that it's been 10 years for me now - and I've been around the site for only several years less than that. I cite that as primarily the reason I went insane. ;)

Anyway, SK, you made out on a lot of bargains. I think Toys R Us dropped the AT-AT to $10 at one point. Talk about a bargain! They had stacks of 100 of them at my store - and they went almost as soon as the doors were open.

But back at that time, before the Episode 1 glut, Hasbro had over-produced, over-shipped previously:

The 95's moved well.

In '96, the Luke Dagobahs and Han Hoths sat like crazy. Luke X-wing, Boba Fett, and Lando Hercules started catching up to them. Yoda and the army-building TIE Pilot cleared the racks much better. But the figures which the first 3 came out in Spring of '96 and were followed by the next 4 by Summer, stuck around all the way until Winter of '96 and could be found being clearanced in early '97, along with Xizor and Snoova who sold slightly worse than Dash Rendar from the SOTE program. The '97 ANH SE Tatooine wave struggled to get out for Christmas '97, but there were gluts of it through 1st Qtr. '97, as with the rest of the waves that started to follow.

I think Hasbro had started a test-concept line to keep some memorobilia collectibles on the pegs as like novelty items - such as James Bond figures might be - but they wound up facing a movie-promotion with the SEs and realized 2 years late that they'd have a market for such a huge line that held demand for 3 second background characters like Aurra Sing and Ephant Mon.

Then just as they were getting it right, they produced the E1 Core Characters (mostly) as that movie's line, and pumped it up so much they glutted the racks worse than in '96. They seriously over-estimated (or their buyers were led that way) to believing they'd pick up so many new collectors with the prequels that there'd be that much of a need for that many Qui-Gons. Eventually though, everything they've put out has sold - sometimes for $1.99 - but it sold.

02-09-2005, 07:11 PM
:beard: Another long post by Tycho....
Anyways i seriously started collecting just about 2 weeks agolol ... And i like it...So ha...

02-09-2005, 10:50 PM
Interesting story, I had an odd run-in as well. A cop came in the toy aisle looking for spider-man stuff for a 5 year old, and he started to make small talk about how much stuff was out and such. New experiance to talk about a comic character with someone who has a live firearm strapped to their waist. :D

Why dontcha go in the wetsuit again just for old times sake? :p

02-11-2005, 07:32 PM
Ill film it lol