View Full Version : 2nd Episode 3 Diorama: MAJOR SPOILER warning applies

02-06-2005, 04:34 PM
1 hour, 10 minutes into the movie, Coruscant: Mace Windu must act on a startling discovery!

This is a very raw test-set.

I am showing Mace Windu assembling his posse and then making their stand against the man they fear is in league with Darth Sidious - only to make a fatal mistake by having not known that he IS Darth Sidious!

This is exactly how it goes down in the movie! Spoiler warnings again - don't open the pictures if you don't want to see it.

Next disclaimers:

1) Darth Sidious will be replaced by Palpatine in his red chancellor's robes - probably the switching-faces one if it doesn't suck spoiled eggs.

2) Anakin is not a Padawan learner any more, and his figure will have to be substituted with a new longer-haired one (with pizzed-off and confused-look "action feature")

The rest will probably be left pretty much alone except that the new Agen Kolar figure (same thing as Eeth Koth) is more neutral for the posse scene and a neutral Kit Fisto is coming, so swimming Kit wearing the Endor Accessory Pack's duster won't be necessary - and these figures can return to the scenes I borrowed them from.

Anyway, with no more further adue, an extremely KEY SCENE - perhaps one of the most important scenes in ROTS - or even the entire SW Saga: