View Full Version : Champions: Return to Arms (PS2)

02-09-2005, 12:23 PM
I picked up the game Champions: Return to Arms yesterday, and it is pretty cool. Just like old Diablo, and the single player is great. It's the sequel to Champions of Norrath, which is set in the Everquest world, but is a hack and slash like Diablo. It's a great game anyone with a PS2 should check out, as there are cool characters and many items to find.

I've already found 5 or 6 uniques, and some Totems. The Totems are little statues and idols that you carry around like the charms in Diablo, and they give you bonuses just for having them in your inventory. Most of the uniques I found were not that great, but I do have some really good ones. I have some ear rings that add to intelligence and to mana, which would be huge for a magic user. I created a Bezerker, and I'm already up to a level nine. It has the Dark and the Light paths like many games do now, which are supposed to have different story lines, and I choose Light for my Bezerker. I'm also going to do a Dark Elf Shadowknight (necromancer) and take him down the dark path.

The online play is not near as good as Diablo, and that's a bit disappointing. There is no trade window, so you have to drop stuff on the ground and hope the guy you are trading with is honest and drops his stuff. Plus you got to hope anyone else in your party doesn't run over and grab it either. Also you all have to be on the same map together. One can't be in town at the shop while the others are in the dungeon brattling. And the big kicker is you can't play online by yourself or enter a game in progress. You start in a lobby and then once you all join and enter the game, no one else can join up, even when others drop out. Then you must have at least 2 in your party at all times. So if you are down to 2 people, and the other guy drops off, it kicks you out of the game as well. That make it hard to do runs by yourself to gain more experience. I guess they made it that way to keep people from doing solo Boss runs to stock up on items. And that's another thing, the Bosses are super hard. You pretty much need a party to take on the Bosses, if just to draw their attention away for a little while. But difficult boss characters make it fun, as you hate to never be challenged. Just for the melee character it can be difficult at the start.

So far this has been great game, and if the Multiplayer was better it would be amazing. I still see myself playing this one for a while, I just wish I had some others to dungeon hack with that I know and trust so we could do good trades and item drops.