View Full Version : Updated mod for Homeworld2.

02-23-2005, 10:33 PM
A brand new version of the StarWars mod for Homeworld 2 is available now. File is huge (approx 192mo) but definitely worth the download. You'll have most of the starships from the saga and even the E.U.

For example, you'll have all the Mon Calamari cruisers (MC80, MC90, Liberty, Independance, Home One, Mon Remonda, etc...), the Imperial cruisers : Victory, Imperator, Dominator, Executor, Carrack, Nebulon B, etc...
See all units available here :
http://warlords.swrebellion.com/gallery/Starships (four galleries with thumbnails).

Screenshots of the "StarWars" Homeworld2 here : http://warlords.swrebellion.com/gallery/GoodScreenshots

DOWNLOAD THE NEW MOD HERE / http://warlords.swrebellion.com/download.php