View Full Version : NOW AVAILABLE: ROTS Theatrical One-Sheet

Sith Lord 0498
03-08-2005, 07:17 PM
Starwarsshop.com now has the new theatrical one-sheet available for order at $19.99 each. It ships on March 21st. The official site has the poster for viewing as well.

03-08-2005, 07:23 PM
I'm not a big Drew Struzan fan but I will admit this poster isn't bad and does look better than the last two.

Here is a link for those lazy types such as myself. :)


Sith Lord 0498
03-08-2005, 07:55 PM
My personal favorite is actually Episode II. The image of Anakin and Padme just really embodied the romantic element of the film very well. The official site has thumbnail-sized images of all six posters in sequence at the bottom of the page. Episode III sticks out like a sore thumb unfortunately because it's the only one where the title blends into the background.

Still...didn't stop me from ordering it probably two minutes after it went on sale!! :)

03-08-2005, 11:17 PM
I like this poster. I liked how they how looked in a row on the main site. WOuldnt mind getting all of em

03-10-2005, 03:24 PM
Not bad design,could have been a whole lot worse :D.My favorite poster still has to be ESB "Gone with the Wind" style.Epsiode II one-sheet kind of carried over that style,has to be my favorite of the prequels as well.

03-10-2005, 07:38 PM
My favorite poster still has to be ESB "Gone with the Wind" style.

Yeah I've gotta agree with you on that IJG. I bought that one a few years back and had it framed, definitely one of my all time favorite movie posters. :)