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03-16-2005, 07:43 AM
I must say that I am a little disappointed with the ROTS blaster collection that is going to be sold. I mean I like the idea of the battle droid silly string shooter and the grievous droid gun, but hasbro really dropped the ball on possibly the best idea yet. for the clones we are getting a re-issued stormtrooper blaster ????? C'mon how many out there would lay down the $35 to $40 bucks for an reproduction of the AOTC ROTS Clone Trooper Rifle. I know i would part with the cash.
Not only would kids and fans jump on this idea, the people who go to conventions dressed like the characters would jump on this product as well. If Hasbro made a real looking black rifle with a few silver paint blemishes, scratches dings and dents, they could even put the mandatory orange safety nozzle on the end but this rifle would rock, would definately sell more of this than that dried out stormie blaster. :)

03-17-2005, 12:24 AM
I think the Clone Trooper Blaster Toy (reissued Stormtrooper blaster) looks fine. Its a great toy. I dont think it'll run $35-40 though. I didnt get it the 1st time and THIS time its the right color (at least not white). I'll probably get one!

A gun that can shoot silly string is a bad idea. Kids will run out quickly and loose interest. Parents if they get around to it will just have to be more overpriced string only to run out again.

Bring it on Hasbro!

03-17-2005, 08:48 PM
The gun that shoots silly string is pretty funny, but it's just a battle droid blaster housing.

Grievous' weapon is a revisit of the Ep 1 BD blaster which is a great item, I love how it has the lines inside the tube to make the blast look real, but it's still just a rehash.

The clone blaster is, as mentioned, another rehash, this time of the tiny old POTF2 stormtrooper blaster.

And Chewie's is just another rehash of an 8-year-old POTF2 item.

Then there's 2 of the electronic role play sabers which are rehashes with new bits inside, with 1 new saber.

And we're getting a new basic saber to go with a rerelease of the older 2 handles.

There's the Wookiee water blaster, but that looks weird. And where's the old Naboo water blaster? That thing actually deserved a rerelease, it was mostly chrome.

03-18-2005, 07:17 AM
NO NO NO ..... I not saying that the stormtrooper rehash is going to be $30 to $40 bucks I was thinking of the Clone Trooper Rifle from the movies. The long rifle like the one packaged with the clone commander figure from the AOTC line. I not against the rehash stormie blaster, and I am overjoyed that they finally rehashed it in the original black paint scheme. I just think it would be cool if Hasbro released the larger rifle from AOTC. That one would must likely go for the larger price tag. the rehash stormie will go for around $15 to $20. :)

Also even though this is about the ROTS Blasters, are we going to see a lightsaber of grievous or sidious ??????? I heard MR is going to possibly release a sidous one but I wonder if Hasbro has any plans for these two sabers. ??? :confused: