View Full Version : Twisted Vintage SW Column

03-16-2005, 09:52 PM
Ok here is what you have all been waiting for, and i dont mean Mullet of the month club. (which was my second choice) Bossk's bi-weekly column on the way Star Wars was and should be according to my twisted mind.

Post 1# action features: The action features of the original line are superior to the action features of todays figures. Take the Emperor with attachable lightning of and luke with saber swinging action. Where is the fun and immagination in that?
It is far more fun with the vintage figures and your immagination....and a few m-80s. For Example view the following exchange. Vintage Emperor to you sibblings favorite Vintage luke with 3 m-80's taped to him. "Luke Join the Dark side... "No, i will never join the dark side" "So be it. Emperor lites match....... Boom! See that is fun.. just watch your fingers. :)

Reason 2 when blowing up new figures you have to watch out for flying ball-joints, they hurt, and you have more peices to clean up.
Well untill next time...