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El Chuxter
03-25-2005, 05:41 PM
Mark my words. I don't know what, but something is in the works with this character.

She's one of a very small number of EU characters to gain massive appeal throughout fandom, joining the closely-knit ranks of Mara Jade, Corran Horn, and Grand Admiral Thrawn.

But that has very little to do with why I make the statement that big things are coming for her.

Rumors of her demise in Clone Wars: Episode 19 are greatly exaggerated. She's popped up many times since, chronologically speaking, in books and comics. A second supposed duel to the death with Anakin ensued months later on Coruscant, but there have been reports of her being sighted since. (Obi-Wan is currently investigating these reports in Obsession, which is billed as "The Must-Read Prelude to Revenge of the Sith," despite its not being all that closely linked to the movie.)

Over the next few months, it looks like we have another 3.75" Asajj figure to look forward to, as well as her being immortalized as the first EU figure to make it into the Unleashed line. There has to be a reason for both of those being produced rather than, say, a 3.75" Corran Horn or an Unleashed Mara Jade.

Perhaps more telling, an interview with a rep of Dark Horse comics in the Insider a while back specifically stated that, of the two original Clone Wars villains (Asajj Ventress and Durge), one would die prior to ROTS, and the other would survive the events of ROTS to play an unexpected role in the early years of the Empire.

Well, folks, Durge just died in Obsession. He was shot into a star by Anakin, who was having one of his occasional Dark Side moments.

Asajj has some major role yet to play. Books, comics, maybe television. I have no idea what, but she certainly bears watching.

Maybe the idealist buried deep within her will become disgusted when she discovers that the Clone Wars she's been involved in have been nothing but a ruse to cement the power of the most corrupt representative of the Republic, and she becomes one of the early Rebels?

Maybe she even turns out to be Mara's mother. . . ? :eek: No reason for the EU to abandon the "convenient coinkidink factor" the prequels have established.

03-25-2005, 06:56 PM
Interesting, good detective work Chux. I must admit, I bought the non-animated CW figure and that was a total joy, cool design, great accessories, fantastic articulation - a real EU reward that got me to buy the animated one on super-clearance (yes, I bought 1 figure SPECIFICALLY because of another :p). And she's not some crazy-looking super-alien with a ton of gelatinous tenticles or a massive cranium, she's just a pale bald woman who dabbles in the Dark Jedi arts. To be honest, I would definitely have preferred her over Darth Maul in TPM.

03-25-2005, 07:28 PM
I would hope she does, I like the character. I want to get her unleashed and she looks cool in that battle pack

03-25-2005, 11:55 PM
Wasn't the first EU character to get an unleashed figure Alaya Securia? (spelling?) She started in the Republic comic series as Quinlan Vos's padawan way back when...

03-26-2005, 12:15 AM
BUt she was also in the movies, so she dont count. Asajj is straight EU.

03-26-2005, 06:38 AM
Maybe she's gonna replace Darth Action Figure.. errrr "Maul" in TPM v 2.0, JT, that would make everything better...

And Chux, sounds like you been talking to snigtad too much :D

03-26-2005, 12:36 PM
Asajj is cool looking, but she is so very boring to read/watch, but she wasn't as lame a Durge. They should have killed both of them off in th Clone Wars.
But it would have been cool to actually see her as the new Sith in AOTC, instead of the crusty old Dooku.

03-26-2005, 02:23 PM
Asajj is cool looking, but she is so very boring to read/watch, but she wasn't as lame a Durge. They should have killed both of them off in th Clone Wars.
But it would have been cool to actually see her as the new Sith in AOTC, instead of the crusty old Dooku.
First off, Christopher Lee is plays the role of Dooku to a T. He displays the cunning and insight of a former jedi twisted with sith ideals, manipulation and thirst for power. Asajj could not have filled that void if the two were replaced. I also think that Maul had more potental and pretty muched saved the first movie. Asaji strikes me more as female version of Anakin, but lacking most of the virtures that make him powerful. She seemes to be more of a test or training tool for Anakin than anything else. Something Sidious can watch his devlelopment with...... I also doubt she is Mara's mother. Mara is human, Asajj is not. BUT i do belive Asajj's ship could wind up being the ship leaving the dark presence on Dagobah.

03-27-2005, 08:18 AM
I agree there is something in store for Asajj. However, there is one problem with her development after ROTS, she is a Jedi killer, plain and simple. It's what drives her, at least as far as the novels are concerned. Her hatred burns for them, everone else is just another casualty. Refrence her comments is Dark Rendevous.


So if all the Jedi are slaughtered in ROTS, where does that leave her? :confused:

03-27-2005, 11:19 AM
Shes a Dark Disciple(sp?) so I say Asajj would do work like Mara Jade,as a Emperor's Hand or some similar role in the Empire.It would make sense to keep her around,all the Jedi just cant die that quick.Perhaps she must hunt them down and destroy those who escaped through hiding.

The 'Xir
03-27-2005, 02:10 PM
Haven't followed any EU in a longo timo, so I don't even know if she's still alive/functioning, but I'm still waiting for a comeback of Guri! Now she would make a GREAT Unleashed figure! No pun intended! :crazed: Don't know what it is about that character, 'cause I'm not even a fan of blondes, but she was a classic! :classic:

El Chuxter
03-28-2005, 11:25 AM
First, I picked up the newest issue of Obsession over the weekend. I haven't read it yet, but spoiled the ending while thumbing through to admire all the pretty pictures. Obsession spoiler ahead!

On the final page, Obi-Wan finds Asajj, very much alive, floating in a bacta tank.

End spoiler!

Asajj definitely hates the Jedi, and she wants to be a Sith primarily to be the antithesis of the Jedi Order. She feels the Order serves a corrupt Republic that needs to be toppled. Despite her use of the Dark Side, she is still very much human (or whatever she is -- more on that in a bit). She doesn't seem to relish killing innocents, and in Dark Rendezvous slaughters two Jedi, but practically begs two young Padawans to simply leave the Order. She isn't as evil as she sometimes seems.

Imagine this young woman, twisted by the idea that the Jedi Order abandoned her original Master (a Jedi Knight who, while on her planet, was far too removed from Coruscant to get permission to train her or to get backup when things got hairy) to die. She believes the Jedi are evil and she is good, whether that's the case or not. What is going to happen when she serves the same master as the Jedi (Sidious/Palpatine), and that he and not the Jedi are evil? What about when she sees her two nemeses become deadly enemies when one becomes one of the most heinous genocidal maniacs the galaxy has produced?

Will she denounce the New Order and become one of the people who will eventually call themselves the Alliance to Restore the Republic?

Imagine the irony if Asajj Ventress and Anakin Skywalker are still the deadliest of enemies, but the tables have flipped concerning which is the hero and which is the villain. Not to mention her siding with some of the leaders of the Republic (Bail, Mon, etc) against the Sith she once thought were so wonderful.

As for her being Mara's mother, I don't particularly want it to happen (let me make that perfectly clear), and it's a long, long shot, but it would introduce all sorts of new twists into Luke and Mara's tale. Not only would Mara have been the Emperor's Hand, sworn to kill Luke, but their parents would have been the bitterest of enemies as well.

It's been established in some EU sources (and, this being EU anyway, we may as well count them) that certain closely-related species can interbreed. Humans can, to put it bluntly, mate with certain alien species (though apparently not Tuskens, despite the similarities) and produce children. So it's possible if Asajj is an alien, she could have a half-human child.

But here's a real kicker that confirms any lingering doubt that we're going to soon see something huge with Asajj: I went to check the starwars.com Databank, generally the most reliable source for such things, to find out whether Asajj is truly alien or simply a very pale human from a distant world. [Despite how weird she looks in the cartoon, she merely looks like she needs some major sun in the comics and novels.]

There is no Databank entry for Asajj Ventress!! I looked high and low, finding many references to her in other characters' bios, but no bio for her! Even the dumb kid who loves to talk about poopiedoodie and doodiepoopie and does nothing but watch Mace kick Battle Droid butt on Dantooine has a bio!! So why does the single most important EU character created for the Clone Wars have nothing? There's a good reason for that, too, and I suspect we'll find out very, very soon.

El Chuxter
04-08-2005, 12:12 PM
There's a Databank entry for Asajj up at the official site now, as well as for her homeworld of Rattatak. It doesn't say a whole lot, but does confirm that she's a humanoid and not human.

04-08-2005, 05:49 PM
Hmm...I've been reading the comics too, interesting leads.

I wonder if this isn't a superman thing, glasses on Clark Kent...glasses off Superman thing...

Check this. Bald woman, stark white/grey with bad attitude toward Jedi...kills Jedi, hunts Jedi, blah, blah, bad bad girl in tight clothing.

Antenna and stick on hair on...Aurra Sing, antenna and hair gone...Asajj

Aurra, Asajj, Asajj, Aurra...Oprah, Uma, Uma, Oprah...

04-08-2005, 09:40 PM
Hmm, maybe that would explain why Aurra is a lame-o. ;)

El Chuxter
05-23-2005, 02:22 PM
Asajj survives Obsession #5, though she's believed to be dead. Obi-Wan sends her body to Coruscant for a proper funeral, as she saw the error of her ways in the "end." She comes out of a trance and takes over the ship carrying herself and Alpha to Coruscant. She tells the pilot she's commandeering the ship but is not going to kill him. Then she performs a mind trick to get him to take the ship "far from Dooku, far from the Jedi, as far from this war as you can get."

Nice to see that all the SW stories that ended last week didn't end with a fizzle.