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01-06-2002, 03:27 AM
This was prompted by the Jedi Starfighter discussion, so I copied my post from there and started with reference to the ship...

we pick up the resculpt topic from there:

This vehicle's lack of pack-ins has me concerned....

With the wide-stance Obi-Wan figure we've seen, there's no way he fits in the Starfighter, so on day one we MUST have the dreaded RESCULPTS. Another site reported 3 collections - we saw collection 1, big dramatic poses, with accessories like the assassin droid. Collection 2 will be collector oriented with resculpts of some C1 figures. So there must be a softgoods Obi-Wan in C2 as well. I'd guess what goes for Obi-Wan would go for Anakin, and might go for Jango Fett and Zam Wessel - as we know they all operate various vehicles in the film.

It didn't look like Zam came with her Coruscant speeder in the pic posted in the large shelf plan shot from another thread. If that's the case, with the figure's long molded cape (?), how do you sit her in a speeder? (the answer is: with a resculpt)

So I would almost BET on 4 resculpts being out on April 22.

Let's just say that's true. Is it REALLY necessary? Why can't they do this with pack-ins?? The Starfighter would have less features? Based on how much cost is put in, versus what they make on selling it? It'd be too pricey with a figure?

And selling the ship without a character who can use it is lame, too.

The Resculpts are coming. IT REALLY IS ATTACK OF THE CLONES!

You better believe it. - And I WILL be buying these. I must admit, I will need them. But it is such an unpleasant way of doing business with this line, isn't it?

$30 for the Starfighter, and $7 for Obi-Wan #2? (+ $7 for Obi-Wan #1).

Or $40 for the Starfighter WITH Obi-Wan?

I'd take choice 2, but market research probably indicates parents wouldnt.

So Obi-Wan #3 will be by July maybe - with molded cloak right? Rain Battle Worn will be #4 shortly thereafter...

But so far, I am not minding these figures. They are identical to the resculpt types for Episode One, or pretty close, right?

So why is it still unsettling....????

01-06-2002, 09:13 AM
It could only be expected. That is what we all have come to learn and accept from Hasbro.

01-06-2002, 11:51 AM
Pack-ins raise the price thus resulting in less sells. Business wise, it's the smart thing to do by leaving them out.

01-06-2002, 12:22 PM
But Steve, that's the thing, it'd be smart...and it's Hasbro. :rolleyes:

Think about this: Releasing two types of figures, one being a really good quality, the other being a playless statue... who's gonna buy the 2nd type?

01-06-2002, 01:38 PM
The pictures you've been seeing of the main characters ARE the second type, though these are the collection 1 figures so far as my information has come to me.

The resculpts with better poseability (the 6 standard points of articulation in POTJ figures - plus maybe some extras) will be in the collection 2 figures.

What the press information, or whatever it was discussed about better articulation in collection 1 really comes down to meaning that those "Statue figures" or one-scene-wonders will have like 3 points of articulation in an arm (note Padme's rolling pin joint in her right arm, so she can shoot everywhere) - or they will have Anakin's vintage saber arm feature, or Obi-Wan's magneto-hands or whatever let's him "Use the Force" and grab the droid.

That's where the value is in playing with the one-scene wonders. They added these features, and cut out leg articulation (as the most obvious) to keep the cost the same). Another example would be that to have given the POTJ Bespin Guard bendable knees (for whatever reason) - they would not have made his arms as articulate or given him as many accessories or whatever.

There's got to be a cost-cap per figure (and per vehicle) that runs across the board and no figures exceed that. The last time they broke this rule for sure was the Ewok 2 pack. It's been a while since then, huh?

01-06-2002, 04:13 PM
I hope youre right, cause so far Anakin and Obi Wan, 2 of the figures I was most hopeful about getting look like complete and utter garbage, like cheap McDonald's toys.

01-06-2002, 04:44 PM
Well, given the Obi-Wans and Qui-Gons, even all the Anakins from EP1 I was NOT looking forward to these to begin with. Therefore I am not let down.

As for the "pack-in's" well it goes like this.

Y-Wing pack-in...GENERIC
B-Wing pack-in...OLD FIG with new PAINT
TIE Intercaptor pack-in...VERY POOR quality

Let's face it Hasbro has a BAD and I do mean BAD track record when it come to pack-ins.

So by Tycho's logic, Hasbro cuts the price by $10.00 for a lousy pack-in that cost them 25 cents to rehash. I think I prefer no pack-ins.

Besides, a big part (30%-40%) of why I buy the ships is for the figs. As long as the price is reasonable.

Now I can concentrate on the ships I really want. I spend less money...better for me to spend on the stuff I'm still missing.:D

01-06-2002, 05:16 PM
Where has a price been listed for Obi-Wan's starfighter? From the looks of his ship, it looks to be no more than a $20 ship at most. Small, with no electonics.

01-06-2002, 05:54 PM
Chewie, all true but they did pack it with all the parts and pieces needed to make those action feature transformations. They look cool, so it's worth it if they are in the film. If they are not, the only other rationale I can think of is to try and pack it with as much EU features to make it comparable to what they put into Slave One. - A tough act to follow, considering how good that ship is!

The thing is, Slave One will actually use its weapons in the movie.
We don't know about Obi-Wan's little hot rod.

Sith_Killer, I think I agree with you, but I had trouble understanding you.

Yes, the pack-ins have been kind of junk (rubber TIE pilots and "the death of Luke on skiff" etc). You didn't cite Luke, but I think he's relevant, as these are main character ships we're talking about for E2. As to the Y-wing, well the pilot should be generic. Ten Numb's recycling and passing him off as 'just another Sullustan' was half-hearted. It was cool the pilot was an alien and a human B-wing pilot (red uniform like the vintage) wasn't exclusive only to a ship. I'd like to get some of these guys for a pilot debreifing scene from Endor.

When you said they cut the price by $10.00 FOR a rehash pack-in, I think you meant to say (that I said) that Hasbro claims they are saving us money by NOT INCLUDING the figure (that you said cost them only 25 cents to make). If I understood that, I completely agree with you.

Then you said "a good part of why I buy the ships is for the figures." But you don't like the pack-in figures. So I don't understand you.

1) Are you a completist when it comes to figures?
2) Do you buy the ships because you can USE THEM WITH the figures?
3) Do you not buy ships that don't come with figures (like the T-16 or Vader's TIE)?

Sorry, I didn't understand. But I can comment for myself: I buy the ships to use with the figures. I'd prefer quality figures packed in with the vehicles, or at least quality figures made available somehow to use with the vehicles.

As to the relevance of these vehicles being main characters' ships, that is where I saw it as different than generic pilot figures. Jango, Obi-Wan, Anakin, and maybe Zam Wessel are each going to have multiple resculpts so they can be used with vehicles (for only 1 excuse- but one of the most practical ones), so I'm saying instead of taking up room on the store racks and in the case assortments, and seeing how the figures should be available as soon as the ships are, pack-ins make some sense.

But I don't want crappy figures, or boring vehicles. Hasbro opted for using their cost ceiling on the vehicles to do a LOT of features on them. Hence the figures will have to be resculpts bought seperately. Not a bad compromise in this case.

01-06-2002, 11:51 PM

I am a completist, for the most part (It's an ongoing battle). Evantually I want to have all of the figures.

TIE Pilot pack-in was poorly done and made of cheap plastic. Some of them even have DEFORMED helmets.
B-Wing Pilot pack-in, I could have made that myself. AND done a better job, mine has paint missing in-between his fingers. It looks like they just dipped his gloves in paint and air bubbles poped leaving white exposed between his fingers!!!
Y-Wing Pilot pack-in was not bad.
Luke pack-in was also a bad figure.
Leia and Luke from the speeder bikes were both cheap.
The list goes on, but I don't have the time to point them all out.

All I'm saying is that Hasbro has a bad track record when it comes to these. It just seems like they don't care about what they are putting in with the ship as long as it helps sell product.:greedy:

The $10.00 price cut was just an example. What I'm saying is that I would rather have Hasbro sell JUST the ship, based on it's own merits. If they throw in an "Exclusive Figure" the price tends to go up, especially in the secondary market.

I do buy ships for JUST THE SHIP. Vader's TIE Fighter is one of my favorites. Then I grabbed a Gunner's Station Vader to go with the ship. I passed on the T-16.

What I'm getting at, is if Hasbro puts out an original QUALITY figure then...COOL. But if they just shove in a poorly done piece of junk? Well, then I'd rather fork over the $6.44 for a better figure.

01-07-2002, 03:28 AM
Here's some logic:

Collection 1: "Kiddy" Collection with figurine type of figures that only stay in one pose.
Collection 2: "Collector" Collection with ACTION figure type of figures that can be posed to do alot more and probably will be compatible with others accessories and such.

Now let's say a kid got a figure from collection 1, and then got the same figure from someone else but this time it's from collection 2, so the kid opens them both up and starts playing with them and they must battle each other, now think about it, he's got one figure that can do alot more than the one originally got which just stands there, which one will the kid get bored with and which collection do you think the kid will go for next time? If kids picked up collection 1 ACTION figures which turned out to be dull figures since they can't do alot and they can get the same figure with the same stuff that's got more action it so they have a better time playing with it, what's gonna sell more? And what's gonna waste money to make so that we can't get more new figures and the pegs can be full 24/7 and stockers won't stock anything new plus Hasbro won't ship any for awhile because no stores ordered anything? Ok...I feel better now... And that's excluding re-packs of previously shipped figures.

Bottom line: If stores are cautious about ordering Star Wars figures now, what will it be like when the kiddy collection figures won't sell because everybody wants the collector collection?