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03-31-2005, 01:31 AM
Spoiler Warning - this is a scene-by-scene list of events in Revenge of the Sith to use as a checklist for diorama makers.

Those wanting to participate in this thread can add "yes" or "no" in front of each scene description, and then add any other bits of information they'd like to discuss about a scene they'd like to make for Episode 3, neatly separating one scene from another so discussion stays easy to follow.

I'll start by listing every scene I plan on making - so that's why mine are all "yes's."

Yes - SPACE BATTLE OVER CORUSCANT: I'm thinking both Jedi Starfighters, 3 ARC 170's versus 3 Droid Tri-Fighters, and maybe up to 5 Trade Federation Droid Starfighters (vulture fighters). These'll be hung from the ceiling on fishing wire.

Yes- DROIDS VS. JEDI - this is the hanger after Obi-Wan's crash. Just want to show them as a Jedi team as well as use some of Grievous' cool body guards.

Yes - Obi-Wan and Anakin vs. Dooku - thought the whole idea would look great, reminiscient of ROTJ's throne room duel. I think I'm going to do this scene 3 times over, including one with Anakin's killing blow.

Yes - Palpatine's Arrival - I want to show how popular Palpatine had become- almost a Clone Wars hero himself. With his return, Anakin sees himself as triumphant as well.

Yes - E3 Jedi Council - both a chance to use new Jedi characters on the council like Pablo Jill and Obi-Wan as a High Council Member, I can also show Anakin on the Council and use several Jedi as holograms provided they make them (which I'm sure they will). It will look much different and possibly even cooler than prior Jedi Council scenes one could set up.

Yes - Bail Organa's Office - a chance to show the formation of what will later become the Rebel Alliance? Of course. A simple scene using only Bail Organa, Mon Mothma, and Padme Amidala, but so necessary to Star Wars history I have to display that with my figures.

Yes - Padme's Apartment - one of the few opportunities from early in the film to show C-3PO all golden, and also a chance to display a very sexy (but pregnant) Padme, should they make that figure of her in the silky night dress. Recommend those interested in the scene, save one each of the droids and an extra Anakin figure, then sign every petition for Padme figures to be made that you can find online.

Yes - Palpatine's confrontation with the Loyalist Senators - when Bail Organa and Mon Mothma force their point of view across to Palpatine that they are wary of his accumulation of too much power. Again, it's cool to display the political conflict as well as the war.

Yes - Obi-Wan meets Tion Meddon - what else are you going to use this figure for?

Yes - the Battle on Utopau - a great excuse to use Boga and the Wheelbike vehicles, and some clones plus some Utopau warriors. Of course, you'll be buying more battle droids.

Yes - Obi-Wan defeats Grievous - the exploding guts Grievous has to have a use, right? Not sure, but if you're on board for all of these, you'll have bought almost a dozen Obi-Wan figures by now...

Yes - Battle of Kashyyyk - what's not to love? Clones vs. Droids in a huge display opportunity that includes the chance for a Turbo Tank or AT-TE walker, plus Corporate Alliance tank droids. This could make a very large and expensive display. Hope you're buying multiples of Wookiees as well.

Yes - Mace's posse takes on Palpatine - one I've set up already since I got Anakin early (just need the correct Palpatine in the red outfit) - but this is a seriously cool scene, especially since we've seen part of it in the trailer. Great chance to get red guards into it, too. I'm going to do several scenes of this, showing different stages of the battle, before and after Anakin gets into it.

Yes - Clones kill Jedi - these are random scenes of the Clones turning on particular Jedi. I know I'm showing Aayla Secura's ordeal, what are your pics?

Yes - Anakin attacks the Jedi Temple. I'll be buying clones to march in formation behind him for this one. It looked cool in the trailer and Anakin #50 looks like the right figure to use.

Yes - the Wookiees help Master Yoda - Wookiees tossing Stormtrooper-Clones? Of course you gotta do this one. I haven't seen parts 3 & 4 of the comic book yet, so I don't know how big the Wookiee revolt is.

Yes - attack on Bail Organa - I have no idea yet on the timing of this in the movie, but I'll place it here, as Palpatine's eliminating his rivals to power.

Yes - Darth Sidious vs. Yoda - the 3 3/4" will never do the Unleashed version of this justice, but I'm going to try - and even also with 12". What a fight? Why not set it up and go on the need for the 12th Yoda and Palpatine figures by now?

Yes - Anakin kills the Separatists - when Geonosian War Room 3-packs went on clearance sale, it was easy to pick up some extras having heard of this scene early on. Nute's hat might change, but unless they re-make them with lightsaber scars, I'd say picking up both sets for $7.00 each a while back was a great bargain.

Yes - Obi-Wan arrives and confronts Anakin, Padme interferes. I have to get this scene confirmed. I'll have the comic tomorrow. It seems critical though.

Yes - Mustafar Playset - with The Duel! Whether I use Padme (wounded), R2, C-3PO, and dead Separatists excetera in this scene depends upon how it's shown in the movie, and what features the playset will have on it. We've never seen the back / interior in any of the pictures yet.

Yes - Obi-Wan saves Padme - sort of critical to the story

Yes - Mustafar sentries find Anakin - definitely critical and a great way to use Anakin #50

Yes - Make-a-Vader table playset - plus adding the Chopper Droid. How cool would that be?

Yes - birth of the twins - of course! Polis Massan needs a place in your dioramas.

I'm doing some more, but I figure it's a good stopping point here, as I'm tired and there's plenty to discuss already.

I love to recreate the movie with toys.

03-31-2005, 07:56 AM
I Thought From The Trailer That Yoda And The Wookies Are Fighting The Cis Army Not Clones?

03-31-2005, 10:50 AM
They are originally.

Then Mace tries to stop Palpatine on Coruscant. Using the attack and his apparent disfigurement from using the full-force of the Dark Side as his excuses, Palpatine declares the Jedi enemies of the Republic and orders all Clones to terminate Jedi on sight. Many are shot in the back and never see it coming. Many more run and attempt (or succeed) in escaping. Some get help.

When the Clones turn on Obi-Wan on Utopau, he manages to kill them and escape, with Tion Meddon's help.

When the Clones turn on Yoda at Kashyyyk, he manages to kill them and escape with Chewbacca and Tarfful's help. I'm just guessing, but Wookiees don't do things the quiet-like way. Probably a full-scale rebellion against the Clone occupation of Kashyyyk results. I'll have the entire comic book (collected issues version) in 2 1/2 more hours and know for certain.

Other scenes I'm doing are:

Yes - Galactic Senate - with Darth Sidious version of Palpatine presiding as Emperor - since I'm doing other Senate scenes, I'd love to show this one to show the change the war has resulted in.

Yes - Palpatine and Vader, possibly with Tarkin

Yes - Padme's funeral, possibly on Alderaan

Yes - Blockade Runner scene(s) - showing how they escape. I'm itching to find out if Clones board the Tantive IV as they do in ANH (with maybe a little less combat, since Bail Organa is not declared an enemy of the Empire, but is still an Imperial Senator at this time. Again, the comic book will answer this in 2 1/2 more hours.....

Yes - Bail Organa with baby Leia

Yes - Obi-Wan bringing baby Luke to Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen (provided Hasbro finally makes the Lars family figures).

Anyway, these scenes will cause me to be buying a crap load of figures on Saturday, and briging scene-by-scene checklists with me to all the Midnite Madness stores I visit. I've saved money for 8 months for this. I fear it still won't be enough. Plus I'm really excited since the product looks so good!

03-31-2005, 12:01 PM
You're a loon... :rolleyes:


04-04-2005, 11:52 AM
I have a few ideas for dioramas but nothing specific yet.

* Final duel
* Grevious and bodyguards (I might create this one soon, since the guards are plentiful)
* Clones turning on the Jedi
* Generic battle scenes from the various planets

Just for fun, I used a couple of the extra Jedi Council scene seats/bases to make a scene that shows how the Jedi's ranks have dwindled.