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hango fett
04-02-2005, 10:34 AM
ours went pretty well. we talked to some people who are going to CIII, saw a major leauge scalper (he was wearing white sweats and a read shirt) he was waiting for the people to get done stocking the shelves and when we walked back over he had about 7 figures in his hands and shoved them into his cart. we got 1-28 last night and this morning we got 29-32. we put trival pursuit, monopoly, boga, BARC thing, all the new titanium vehicles and the 2 unleashed that we needed (ani-obi.) in layaway. spent a total of 230.35 last night and put in a total of 193 today in layaway.
got a GG out of the pack and ani that changes to vader. pretty cool!!!

04-02-2005, 10:42 AM
I didnt do the MM thing, but I went to Target and grabbed lava vader along with a blue and a red guard. They only had two red guards there. Headed over to Radofrd WM and scored about 20 figs there. I left some of the foreseeable pegwarmers and grabbed the rest. ALso grabbed Tater, 2 puzzles and the Vader Lego Table. Spent about 200 bucks total.

04-02-2005, 02:16 PM
Mine was pretty good. Of course in the line at TRU we had the "resident Star Wars expert" who, believe it or not, had a rocket firing Boba Fett. Big:rolleyes:. And even more unbelievable, he got it in the mail in 1977. Even bigger:rolleyes:. Psst, they never made it to mail. Other than that I got in and out real quick due to an enormous amount of pushing and shoving so people could get to figures that'll be on the hooks until 2009. Some people were helping I'll give them that but the majority were out for themselves.

The WM I went to afterwards was much better. The other people that were looking through the figs were helping each other out and asking what you still needed. Then this morning it was the same thing at Target. People helping with what you still needed from last night. All in all it was a good time although disappointing as this is probably the last real toy shopping experience.

El Chuxter
04-02-2005, 03:02 PM
As we waited in line, this one guy off to the side kept shouting about how we were idiots and jerks because kids wouldn't be able to get the toys because of us. Shortly after the employees opened up the toy section, his kid (yes, he complains about collectors, but obviously knew to bring his kid to the release) keeps saying he can't find figures. "I need a C-3PO!" or "Dad, I can't find Chewbacca!" And every time he asks for one, I grab the first one of that character I can find and hand it to him. And so the dude felt like a total jerkweed because here I was, an idiot and a jerk, making sure his kid got the toys he wanted.

Ah, the simple pleasures in life. :)

04-02-2005, 03:14 PM
Went to a WM @ midnight with my boys last night. About 20-25 people waiting. Had a pretty good selection out, but apparently only 1 Red Guard was found and Grievous' Bodyguards were scarce. There were also maybe one or two of #33-40. My 10 year-old, who has pretty much taken over the collecting reigns ended up with: #6 Clone Trooper, #8 Grievous' Bodyguard, #9 Grievous 4-Lightsaber Attack x2, #15 Bail Organa, #20 Agen Kolar, #24 Mon Mothma, #25 Tarfful, #28 Anakin Slashing Attack, and a BIG THANKS to the guy who handed him a #36 Grievous Exploding Body - I guess he overhead my son saying he was looking for all the Grievous stuff...he also got an Unleashed Grievous and Deluxe Anakin/Darth Vader as well. My younger son (9) ended up just getting the TV lightsaber game - we were all playing it (including my wife who thinks me and my kids are freaks!) 'till 2 this morning!

This morning, hit a different WM at sevenish - in abundance were Grievous' Bodyguards, so I got my son two more he wanted for loose display. Also lots of Padme's and #12 Palpatines, which were not too many of last night. Picked him up those, as well as scoring a Blue Royal Guard. They were just starting to set up the tent for the celebration thing, but it was empty. After that, I went into work, and stopped in at yet another WM to see what they had - their tent was already up and running. Picked up an early bird set.

My wife took the boys to Target this morning as well, and with the three of them, they scored 3 Lava Vaders. Also my son picked up another Blue Guard (may be up for trade later on). Later this aftrenoon, gonna take the boys in costume to the WM tent thing after they catch some Zzzz's, then probably to TRU to hopefully get a Holo Yoda...still on the lookout for more Clones as well (Commander, Pilot, etc.).

Then I'm going to sleep for three days!


04-02-2005, 03:23 PM
I think this time around was better than the last midnight madness. I got pushed out of the way other customers were acting like jerks... This time everyone was totally cool and there wasn't any shoving or pushing around. I got some of the figures I wanted. I was limited on funds so I had to be selective. Didn't get any 12" figures... our walmart had I think was one case and I got beat out to them. I got the 5" figs I wanted, but I have yet to see any of the titanium :( If there are any fellow collectors our there willing to help me find them without hurting my pocket book too much, please help me find the E3 Titaniums, I would greatly appreciate it. Overall tho, I'm happy. I got a Grievous Unleashed. Now I have something to put on my computer desk at work. Did anyone see the droid fighter at Walmart? I didn't find that one either. I did however, as a distraction see the new Batman toys...must not buy ... Batman....stay the course.....must find Star Wars Titaniums...
....good times...hope everyone found what they are looking for. I at least went home with something.

04-02-2005, 03:29 PM
I hit the local TRU first instead of the one I wanted to, there was a significant line by midnight, TRU claimed 250 people at least, I was in fairly early and already the mood around the basic figures were a bit of a madhouse, the set-up just wasn't well-thought-out at all. However, it was fairly calm despite that and the checkout lines were short, the calm led to people examining the toys in their carts and putting back a LOT of stuff (lots of deluxes especially). Basic figures was weird, people were clamoring for items that I was very easily able to find right behind other stuff like clonetroopers and whatnot, I think the basic figures overfrenzied everybody. I picked up a lot of figures while in the mix, but a foolish TRU employee rudely announced that we had to be done shopping in 1 minute so the next group could come in even though some of the folks already in hadn't made it to the basic figs yet, this left a bad feeling in the room and again, more stuff ended up getting put back by a lot of customers (once again proving why TRU is in such dire straights). Strangely, the Anakin and Obi-Wan Force Battlers were more popular than Vader and Grievous. I weeded out almost half the stuff I put in my cart and only picked up:

Obi-Wan #1
Anakin #2
Clone Trooper #6
Grievous' Bodyguard #8 (2 of these)
Grievous #9
Palpatine #12
Dooku #13
Bail Organa #15
3PO #18
Blue Senate Guard #23 (was surprised there were no red these, Frank & Sons had nothing but)

Force Battlers Vader

12" Grievous

Batman Begins Batmobile (this maybe was my favorite purchase of the night, strangely, it was one of the only non-SW toys we were allowed to buy, again proving how stupid TRU is for not letting customers buy other brands of toys)

I was in and out in 20 minutes, it was such a smaller event than Eps 1 and 2 in that way, it was satisfying but not as much fun this way. So I headed over to another TRU and they were running it similar to when they did AOTC, a HUGE mess with open figure cases everywhere and figs getting dumped in a kiddie pool, plus a MASSIVE line. Neither TRU had ARC-170s or Mustafar Playsets or any figure past #24, only the first store had Battle Arenas which very few people showed interest in (and for good reason, they don't look like fun from the outside, I didn't buy one).

I got home and opened 3 figures and the Batmobile, then went to sleep.

04-02-2005, 04:25 PM
Great time & I'm sure glad it's over. I get too anxious

Me and my girl did WM about 11:30 first in line could only get 1-28 but got both guards. I think I got the only red guard. I had four other friends come and help me get all my figures although they're not really interested in collecting they came and helped me. I was very very appricaitive of them. It was awsome I was the clone commander barking orders to my troops and we got everything in a good amount of time. Then did the Target thing (just me and my girl, I didn't want to ask my other friends to come since they had already helped me so much) about 6:50 first in line again, no vocher system just sold the lava vaders. Only had about 24, so we got 1 each for a total of 2 and also picked up the 29-33 figures there. Shew thank goodness. TRU flat out lied to me and told me no yoda's (should have known better) but I missed out on that one. Hopefully I can get one on 4/10 since amazon sold out. I hope everyone got or gets everything they want. DOWN w/ scalpers. Peace!

04-02-2005, 04:42 PM
Pops and hit WM MM at a wal-mart in Sidney, which is about 20 miles north. I selected it because its primarily farm country and i rarely run into other collectors. I was dead on. Only about 12 people were there total and it was a peaceful fun bunch. Lots of assisting others and showing each other where displays were and whatnot. After leaving that, we hit a few Meijer, WM's and a TRU, and got some random vehicles that WM didn't get in. After getting to bed at about 4:00 am, we got up at 6:15 to head to Target. This morning was the Lava Vader debacle and picking up the remnants of vehicles i still needed. The staff didn't know their a-- from a hole in the ground and basically said the ticket for Vader was useless; so after scarfing down Waffle House, dad and I got back in line just to be safe and both got our VAders without a problem. I got Holo Yoda and the early bird WM special both through their online sites. SW.com has the other Greivous and Palpy (the ones in the 30's). So, in all I got: the 3 exclusives, 1-32, all vehicles, all Unleashed, all deluxe and that's it.

Is it me or did nobody else see hte Battle Arena figs and mustafar?

all in all, great night!! Lots of funs times and met lots of good folks and fellow geeks. Always great to see something where race, ethnicity, political standing, and appearances don't matter. We're all geeks after the same geek items. :crazed:

and now i'm going to sleep till tuesday. :D

04-02-2005, 06:56 PM
My best experiance came this afternoon actually at Wal-Mart, I was thumbing through figures and this guy was looking through deluxe. He had been talking to another guy about stuff but he left, so he started talking to me. He was pretty cool, he had printed off a checklist and thought all 56 figures would be out though so I gave him the info on what were being found and where he could find the Mustafar playset. He looked almost perfectly like Todd McFarlane though. Spooky.

I wish I could've hung out at TRU for awhile, but if you knew what the floorplan was like you probably would've gotten out of there too. What didn't help was that there were people watching the other dig for figures and just chatting, that was cool. However it wasn't cool that they hung out inside the section, thus adding to the crowd that was trying to do stuff.

Here's a very poor representation of the floorplan my TRU had.

Red= Figures
Green= Crowd of people trying to get figures
Black= Shelf outline
Boxes= Display bins they had scattered randomly in the section. Now try fitting around 20-30 people in here with the exact same thing in mind: FIGURES. The bins were placed just far enough apart for 1 person to walk between them, two if you went both went sideways.

I swear to you, I don't even know what the crowd that was directly in front of the figures were doing. Granted once in awhile someone would come up (for air :p) to hand their friend/partner a figure but generally it seemed like they were animatronics. Designed to move endlessly, but not really do anything. :beard:

04-02-2005, 09:09 PM
Chux, good job on that dude making him feel like what he called you.

JT- why be suprised, if F&S had them all, there should be no red ones. :D :beard:

Great stories one and all.

Sith Lord 0498
04-02-2005, 10:14 PM
Absolutely horrible.

Now, for the details why...

First, Wal-Mart put their SW merchandise in one of their regular, narrow aisles. Even then, it wasn't even an entire side of the aisle (TMNT filled the last 2-3 feet of shelf space), so you can imagine the poor selection. They lacked a lot of merchandise that I found elsewhere this morning (Battle Arenas, Ultimate Villain 12", etc.). What they did have was limited. For example, only ONE case of 12" figures (thankfully, my friend grabbed Sidious for me), four cases of Unleashed, four AT-RTs etc. They had the first 25 or so figures bleeding out the woodwork though.

Then, there were the logistics. Before the ropes were cut, an associate announced they would let two at a time from each end of the aisle in to shop. Bad b/c of the limited merchandise, but it was a sound crowd control plan. Then the night manager comes by and declares everyone go at once. My wife complained to the manager later that she was pushed around by the crowd and that it was a horrible idea. The #%*#&* manager then had the nerve to accuse Michele of LYING!!!! :frus: :mad:

And then...the a-holes that you always at least one or two of each time. These guys were grabbing figures out kids' hands and everything. I'm sure there were a few scalpers there too (one even admitted to being a "Hot Wheels" guy, but he was "thinking about getting some of these too...") Gee, I wonder why... :frus:

I'm glad this is the last MM. I really couldn't even enjoy it b/c of the rabid animals that outnumbered the decent people there. Even when I got home, I kept apologizing to my wife for taking her there b/c of her experience. Maybe I'm crazy, but I still didn't feel any better or less guilty when she assured me it wasn't my fault people are jerks.

Dark Annie
04-02-2005, 10:23 PM
Here are the details of my midnight madness and the expedition that followed:

I arrived at my 24 hours walmart at 9:00pm, the very 1st to arrive. I watched as they began to setup the displays and at about 9:45 saw an older male coming towards the section, and promptly jumped over to where he was. For the next half hour i sat and talked with him about Star Wars. At about 10:15, two college kids arrived and joined in our conversation. After their arrival many various customers walked around our line and checked out the display, and at 11:30 the toy department manager told the four of us in line to move to a different location and then ordered the 15 or so people who had tryed to cut us to get behind us. I was the very 1st. person in line and at 12am i was released into the area, where i shouted under my breath "Yippee!" like little Anakin Skywalker. The four of us in the front of the line helped each other nab what we each needed and then after we had got what we felt was sufficient moved off near the barbie section and began to figure out what we were missing. With the assistance of 2nd, 3rd, and 4th person in the line, I aquired #1-#32(including both color guards);#34;and #36. I was one of the only people to get #34 and #36, being that there was only one or two of each character from #33-#36, and nothing after #36. After the initial release into the frenzy had finished, the employees allowed us to begin goin through unopened boxes of the toys, which was much more insane than the initial rush of about 50 people. After gathering the figures I examined my wallet to discover to my horror that I had left my credit card at home, and was left with only about $65 in cash. So, I decided to put the majority of my toys in layaway and purchase a few that were difficult to find. However, i had already called for my father to pick me up, at 2:15 am, and as soon as completed my call, the layaway girl got lost. I never found her and was forced to leave all of my figures except for about $60 worth that were most difficult to find. So, basically i had all but two of the basic that had arrived in hand, and was stupid enough to leave most of them because of the fear of my already angry father who was waiting in the parking lot. After I got home my father said that he would have given me more money for the rest of my figures, but it was already to late. On saturday afternoon my uncle drove me around to 3 different stores, so I now have 29 out of the 35 figures I had in hand. My walmart had no Early Bird exclusives, so i didnt get that. I didnt think to order the early bird kit, or the Holographic Yoda online.Oh, and to add to my anger at myself, i completely forgot to wake up for the Target Vader, so i never got that either. So, I now have alot less than I should have, and no exclusives. Wow... I am a complete moron.


04-02-2005, 10:29 PM
Let's see.

9pm Realizing it was Midnight Madness night, totally forgot cause I'm poor right now until payday and had to bum 70 bucks off my wonderful mom for a dentist bill. Then I remember I had a credit card I hadn't activated yet.....I'm sure you can see where this is going.....
9:15 After much advice in a collectors chat, I call up and activate it, only a 500 dollar spending limit, so I can't do too much damage.
9:25-10:30 Play Counterstrike to try and calm myself down about buy lots of figures.
10:45 Head out to Wal-Mart where they had just started to unwrap pallettes.
11:00 Pick up a 30 gallon bin to store the figures in and a tube of toothpaste.
11:05-11:50 Linger around the store noticing other collectors but not talking to them until about quarter of.
11:55 Start to look through figures for good cards to store in my bin. Decide on just getting the first 24 figures of the line. Only blue guard not red, didn't have any.
12:55 Arrive at 2nd Wal-Mart and get the next 8 figures because I didn't spend as much as I thought I was going to. Hacked into about 7 cases with another collector because we couldn't find some of the higher numbers, found some red guards as well which cheer me right up.
1:30 Arrive home and order Yoda online.
6:30 Alarm goes off for Target trip, sit in the rain in my car for hour and a half cause they didn't give out tickets until they opened at 8am for the 4 collectores that were there.
8:30 Get home and see that WM.com has Early Bird, place one order and crash.

hango fett
04-02-2005, 11:05 PM
wow. you did good, Quack. maybe my dad and i should have lingered around and seen if we could have snooped through unopened boxes of figs....but i doubt they would have had anything above 32, because i sifted through it at about 6:30 this afternoon and it was pretty much the same. i would have seen them, unless that damn scalper has them!

Mad Slanted Powers
04-02-2005, 11:28 PM
There was no midnight madness here, so I went to Target first in the morning to get the Lava Vader. I arrived around 7:15 and saw someone in front of the store, but no one was there after I parked my car and walked to the front door. So, since this Target is at a mall that opens early for walkers, I walked a loop inside the mall. When I finished and went back outside, there was a couple at the door talking to a Target employee and I overheard them asking if there were any tickets left, so I asked the employee what this was for. He said it was for Star Wars so I got a ticket numbered 24. The sign on the door said they would have tickets up to 33. I sat in my car for a few minutes and then came back as I saw some people start to congregate. Seems like most of them had come down from Canada. Some had already been to Wal-Mart, which apparently opened at 7am. Finally, they opened and we got back to the toys, but just as I was starting to grab some figures, an employee tells us that you can only get three of one type of toy. So, apparently, I would only be able to get three basic figures. That kind of upset my plans as I had the dollar off coupon, and I had no idea which three I should choose. I got #28 Anakin, Aayla and Luminara. I noticed someone had some red guards and someone else an ARC 170. I didn't want to fight the crowd and since I couldn't get anymore figures I just left and got my Vader.

Next stop was Wal-Mart. Not much of a crowd there as they had probably all finished and gone to Target, or were still at Target and hadn't made it here yet. Saw one guy loading up in the aisle, and he seemed friendly. I found the rest of figures up to #32 except for 7. I also got the four deluxe figures, a BARC speeder, a 12 inch Clone and Ultimate Villain Vader. Saw some of the people I had seen at Target start to show up. Mentioned the early bird thing to one of them and he said something about 10 o'clock. I was not going to be there then as I had agreed to take a trip to Canada with some women I work with to go shop at IKEA.

Next, I went back to Target and got three more figures - Grievous Bodyguard, Palpatine #12, and Clone Trooper #6. I had time to check a Fred Meyer on the way home to drop off my figures but nothing new there at all that I could see. Only new Star Wars stuff they seemed to have were games and Lightsabers. Likewise at the other Fred Meyer on my way out to meet my coworkers.

Didn't buy anything at IKEA as I had already spent a little over $300 on Star Wars. On the way home, I checked Wal-Mart again. Still no early bird. I asked customer service and an associate in toys and they didn't seem to know anything about it. Ordered one online when I got home. Stopped by TRU and saw no figures I didn't have. I didn't dig completely through the three shopping carts full of figures though. I passed on getting any vehicles there, and also passed on a 12 inch Palpatine. Didn't ask if they had a holo Yoda. Final stop was K-Mart. They didn't seem to have anything new at all that I could see.

So at the end of the day, I have basic figs #1-32 except for Padme, Mon Mothma, Dooku and Royal Guard of either color.

And I'm already sick of seeing the same figures that I already have. I almost dread going searching through all those figures again looking for new ones. But, if I don't find anything new, I can always pick up a vehicle I don't have, or get an extra clone or battle droid.

Now, I shall go and actually take a good look at my figures and catalog what I have.

Mad Slanted Powers
04-02-2005, 11:43 PM
Okay, not only was I limited to only 3 figures at Target, but I got a dollar off total, not a dollar off each figure. I'll have to go get my two dollars back (or three if the Lava Vader counts).

Also, I erred in my above post. The BARC speeder I actually got on my second trip to Target, not at Wal-Mart. As if that actually matters to anyone. :zzz:

Bobby Fett
04-02-2005, 11:56 PM
11:55 - Arrived at the local Wally World. Two other collectors already there. Chatted until 12:00, then sorted through the figures and got all of the purple carded ones I wanted, and got all of the blue carded ones except Grievous's Bodyguard and the blue Royal Guard. Chatted until 1:30. No one else ever showed up.
4:30 - Got up to go to Target (2 hour drive).
7:30 - Arrived at Target and got tickets 3,4,11 and 12. Out the door by 8:10.
Then went to 4 other Wally Worlds and a TRU.

Never did find the 2 blue cards I needed. I did find 2 Battle Droids with blue-gray cards, but I think these are just errors, not variations.

In addition I also picked up the Republic Gunship, Barq Speeder, AT-RT, Unleashed Grievous, 12" Clone Trooper, 12" Anakin/Vader, Vader Force Battler, Grievous Force Battler, chess set (marked "Saga Edition"), and some smaller items.

We had a great time.

04-03-2005, 12:08 AM
After the zoo that was the scalper infested MM's for the last two movies, I decided to avoid the TRU near me and go to the Eatontown, NJ one instead, closer to where my g/f lives. Got there around 10:30, found only a handful of people there. Turned out they were really cool collectors, and we had a good time chatting about Star Wars til midnight. One of the guys had spoken to the manager, and he said they only had 12 Yoda's for the first 12 people in line. We were cool about it, and since I'd brought my g/f with me, I got two Yodas.

When they let us in, all my fears were quashed, as people were generally civil, and helped each other out big time. They only had #'s1-24, but all were in good supply. To make it easier, TRU even had two pallets stacked with cases of each assortment for those who wanted just one of each. I walked out with two each of the clones and bodyguards, a blue guard (no sign of the red one), and one each of the rest of the figures, minus Plo Koon, Mace, and the Battle Droids. The crowd by the figs was rough, but a guy helped me out, getting an Unleashed Greivous for himself, then handing me the other one when I asked. No sign of the ARC-170, and I left the other vehicles. I also picked up Trivial Pursuit and the deluxe Palpy and Anakin/Vader (the package has a variant - one w/ accessories packed on the side, the other on the bottom). No sign of deluxe Greivous. When I got home, I jumped on Amazon and ordered Luminara, Ki-Adi, and Aayla on Amazon.

Woke up at 5:30 this morning to go to Target, and ended up at the fornt of the line with some of the same guys from the night before. Only about 20 people showed up, but Target was a disgrace. They didn't hand out tickets, but had all the Vaders on the pegs. One of the guy's who got there first grabbed 6 of them, and handed them out to help us out. They had a couple of the ARC-170's, so I grabbed one, as well as deluxe Greivous. Here's the kicker, though - THEY HAD ZERO FIGURES ON THE PEGS!!!!!! They were completely unprepared!!! Luckily, everyone was civil and helpful, and waited as they started bringing out cases. Here came my stroke of luck - the first case they opened, I looked in, and saw one Red Guard, which I grabbed. I felt bad, because several others were looking for it, but only the blue guard was showing up in other cases. They were limiting people to only 3 figures (more ridiculousness), but they only had the same figs as TRU, so I paid up and went to Wal-Mart. They had 1-32, so I was able to get Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Tarfful. They had tons of the Vader case, but to me it wasn't worth getting.

All in all, a very pleasant experience with fellow collectors, and the "pipe dream" I talked about weeks back came true, as everyone was cool and generally helped each other. Aside from Target completely dropping the ball, I can't complain - this was definitely a MM worthy of the final movie.

04-03-2005, 01:13 AM
11:20 pm I arrive with my son at the only TRU in the area who ran the MM. we have a few stores semi close, so I guess they had to narrow it down to only one.. no biggie. We get there, and look to be about 30th or so in line. the line builds to no more than 70 I think.

The crowd was classic. Everyone playing the cell phone tunes of SW throughout the waiting period. Then the ultimate collector shows up, wife in tow, and they do the unthinkable, but pull it off to a T.

In front of me is another Dad and his son. In front of him another two people. Ill assume they knew each other.. Ultimate collector man and his um,. companion walk up to the lady and guy in front of us to say "HI".. but this wasnt the normal hello mind you oh know.. weve got ten minutes to go - and Ultimate collector dude pulls out pictures to show from his CII trip.. now. I dont mind when you go down memory lane mr. Yeah, thats a picture of the rebel pilot in Empire... but not when your basically cutting in front of me..
oh but it gets better. oh yes. Mr Ultimate collector dude notices a buddy. and waves him and his wife over as well.. um.. HELLO!?!?! Am I friggin nuts here.. did you just not cut in line with your wife. and then INVITE ANOTHER COUPLE to CUT WITH YOU?!?!? OMG?! WTF!? I spoke up. oh yes, I did indeed. to deaf ears I told them, you guys suck, you need to get in line where you belong,. and isnt it nice when collectors such as yourselves show such wonderful manners.. ( dude,. I hope you read this board.. if you do, you suck. you reeeeeeaaaaallly. suck. )

ok, done with ultimate collector jerk.

so, we get inside, and LTB, your diagram was dead on.. all these people in such a small space... not good.

My APOLOGIES to the guy who had his cart wedged inbetween two bins.. i didnt notice until i saw your moms purse.. I too would have been upset if someone tried to grab my 12" Grevious.. Again. sorry dude. I did apologize there as well.. but next time dont pile your toys as high as the ones in the bins,.., It was hard to tell what was what.

I walked away with a 12" grevious.. ( another one, not the poor guy who I tried to lift it out of his cart )
A 12" trooper
and a few basic figs.. not too much. all that.. for that.. pffft.

04-03-2005, 09:15 AM
There were a couple of HW freaks that cut in line, and yes, ran through the store, but eventually got shoved out of the way.

I stopped at a different Target to find another Lava Vader for another member here and they had about a case and a half on the pegs. Heres the great part - on every one of them, someone had opened the shells and bent the hook over! Idiots, I showed the toy dept. manager and he said "Huh they must have came like that" Yeah right, I looked and the tape was cut on all of them. Then I laughed as some scalper mom told me to move out of her way as she took like 8 of them........

04-03-2005, 02:52 PM
Well, I have a long story to tell. And it'll be in real time, like "24". :D

April 1st, 2005

11:15 PM- Head out to TRU with $400 that I've saved from working overtime the past few months.
11:30 PM- I arrive and I'm about twelfth in line, and by 12 AM, there'll be about 40 in the line.
11:50 PM- To my surprise, and to the surprise of everyone in line, two guys dressed in Boba Fett and Stormtrooper outfits come out and take pictures with people. I took my picture with Boba Fett on my camera phone.

April 2nd, 2005

12:00 AM- TRU opens its doors. People charge for the figures. Like a bunch of animals! I wedged my way in the crowd to the front racks, my cart in tow. This shelf only contained Collection 1 Wave 1 figures. The first figures I grabbed were the Clone Trooper, Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Vader. I put them in the cart, then I grabbed the rest of wave 1: Grievous, Emperor Palpatine, Yoda, Super Battle Droid, Chewie, GG's Bodyguard, R2, and Mace.
12:05 AM- I notice bins full of Collection 2 figures. Surprisingly enough, they only have the Jedi figures. I pile the following into my cart: Plo Koon, Agen Kolar, Shaak Ti, Kit Fisto, Ki-Adi Mundi, Saesee Tiin, Luminara Unduli, and Aayla Secura.
12:15 AM- After looking around the store a bit, I pick up Obi-Wan and Boga and the deluxe Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Palpatine. No sign of either Deluxe Grievous or Unleashed Grievous (which I really wanted). Also, I note that they didn't get any cases of waves like Dooku, Padme, or Tarfful.
12:25 AM- I walk out of the store with two large bags of fanboy fun. I go home, open up all of the figures until about 3 AM.
3:00 AM- I finally crash for the night.
11:00 AM- I wake up, shower, eat breakfast, and I'm ready to go again.
11:45 AM- I arrive at Target with my $1 off card. I rush with my cart to the action figure aisle. I am greeted by a whole aisle full of ROTS stuff.
11:48 AM- I pick up the whole Tarfful wave, as well as C-3PO, Bail Organa, the Battle Droid, and Unleashed Grievous. Still need about five more figures, though.
12:00 PM- I head over to a nearby TRU to score any figures I've missed. I guess the Force was with me, because I scored the missing five from my collection of the first 32: Padme, Chancellor Palpatine, Count Dooku, Blue Senate Guard (no sign of red), and Mon Mothma. Also, I find another missing link: Deluxe Grievous. I pick up the only one in the store and check out. One last place to go.
12:30 PM- I hit Borders Books to get the ROTS books. I got the Graphic novel, the Visual Dictionary, Incredible Cross Sections, the novel, the Art of book, and the Making of book. Whew!
1:00 PM- I come home to open more figures and to read some ROTS books.

And that was April 2nd was for me. :)

Mr. JabbaJohnL
04-03-2005, 03:31 PM
I didn't go to any MMs, as no TRUs in all of Colorado did one and I forgot to look for the 24-hour WMs.

Anyway, my mom and I (I'm 15 . . . not like that guy on That 70's Show :D ) went to Target at 6:30 (SW and school are the only things for which I get up early) and there were four other people there. One of them was fellow foumite Dark Marble, so we chatted with him for pretty much the whole time. They didn't hand out the Vader tickets until like 7:30 or so, and I was kind of worried before that. They wouldn't give my mom a ticket because we were together, and I really wanted one Vader to open and one to keep carded. The guys explained their new setup and asked if anyone wanted to set up a Target charge card (some guy from RS did). By the time the doors opened, there was about 15 people there, and a few more came after the store opened. When they let us in, my mom ended up getting a card. We all raced to the figure area, it was quite funny seeing nobody in the store but a bunch of collectors power-walking to the figures. :D I got nine different figures (I was able to get 8 more a few weeks ago) as well as a Vader. There was only the first 24 figures there, but that was fine by me. Everyone was very civil and getting things for other people. We then got some SW food items.

My mom and I then went to a WM, but they had nothing that Target didn't, except a few figures over 24. I bought some Skittles there, though.

After seeing that TRU wouldn't open until 10, we went to another WM nearby and I got the Darth Vader carry case (which I totally forgot about) since I was so happy to see the SA Clone. I also got SW pop-tarts and cereal, then off to McDonald's for a McGriddles. :D

TRU had around 30 people waiting to get inside, and they all dashed to the figures when the doors opened. People were picking through the figures and it was crazy! Somebody tipped me off to a lady giving out tickets to redeem a holo Yoda, so I got one. They only had 12, so a lot of people were mad. I also got a red guard and played the Lego video game a little bit.

Overall, it was very fun, even though I only spent around $90.

04-03-2005, 11:43 PM
Is it me or did nobody else see hte Battle Arena figs and mustafar? I saw the first 2 Battle Arenas, but only at 1 store.

Basker, my TRU was a very similar situation, except all the SW toys were on 1 wall with the figures 2/3rds of the way in. It was pretty badly thought out. I went back the next day, they had filled one of those stupid bins with basic figures. The second TRU I hit that night was like your drawing except mirrored and turned 90 degrees, and they were also using a kiddie pool to dump figures into, there were pallets of unopened cases next to that, and open basic fig cases on the floor EVERYWHERE. Oh, and in case I had forgotten, they were checking everybody out through the cust service desk right by the door which had only 1 register going and so it created a line that cut right across the SW section into the main area.

JT- why be suprised, if F&S had them all, there should be no red ones. :D :beard: Because F&S had figures they found at the stores, not mined out of the cases, but on MM they were putting out fresh cases. Plus, F&S didn't have *that* many. :D

Anyway, yesterday after I woke up and posted here on the forums, I went to Target and - despite it being all the same stuff as TRU the night before and nothing newer - I picked up a few items, showed the cashier the coupon and he had to go get the scan sheet from the manager's office. When he returned, he talked himself into giving me discounts on all the SW items and was nervous until I pointed out that each one had a Star Wars action figure inside (and they did, sorta ;), then I got him to give me my coupon back because I was going to another Target. So I hit the other target, they again were a clone of TRU and that first Target in terms of stock, but I did pick up Grievous' bike and a basic fig, both of which the cashier used the coupon for so I was happy.