View Full Version : 04/02/05 - ROTS findings - Post 'em here!

04-02-2005, 11:16 AM
Went to Centennial Hills WM @ midnight with my boys last night. About 20-25 people waiting. Had a pretty good selection out, but apparently only 1 Red Guard was found and Grievous' Bodyguards were scarce. There were also maybe one or two of #33-40. My 10 year-old, who has pretty much taken over the collecting reigns ended up with: #6 Clone Trooper, #8 Grievous' Bodyguard, #9 Grievous 4-Lightsaber Attack x2, #15 Bail Organa, #20 Agen Kolar, #24 Mon Mothma, #25 Tarfful, #28 Anakin Slashing Attack, and a BIG THANKS to the guy who handed him a #36 Grievous Exploding Body - I guess he overhead my son saying he was looking for all the Grievous stuff...he also got an Unleashed Grievous and Deluxe Anakin/Darth Vader as well. My younger son (9) ended up just getting the TV lightsaber game - we were all playing it (including my wife who thinks me and my kids are freaks!) 'till 2 this morning!

This morning, hit Craig/Clayton WM at sevenish - in abundance were Grievous' Bodyguards, so I got my son two more he wanted for loose display. Also lots of Padme's and #12 Palpatines, which were not too many of last night. Picked him up those, as well as scoring a Blue Royal Guard. They were just starting to set up the tent for the celebration thing, but it was empty. After that, I went into work, near the Nellis WM and stopped in to see what they had - their tent was already up and running. Picked up an early bird set.

My wife took the boys to Centennial Target this morning as well, and with the three of them, they scored 3 Lava Vaders. Also my son picked up another Blue Guard (may be up for trade later on). Later this aftrenoon, gonna take the boys in costume to the WM tent thing after they catch some Zzzz's, then probably to TRU at Meadows to hopefully get a Holo Yoda...still on the lookout for more Clones as well (Commander, Pilot, etc.).

Then I'm going to sleep for three days! :D


04-06-2005, 06:11 PM
Found #37-40 at Centennial/95 Wal-Mart this morning. Saw about 3 or 4 of each. Anyone finding RED Royal Guards anywhere?! I've gotten a few Blues, but have yet to snap up a couple of red.

04-08-2005, 01:02 PM
Centennial WM had a few cases with these being stocked last night, and Craig/Clayton WM had a few of each out this morning.