View Full Version : Was the AT-TE Gunner dropped on his head as an infant?

El Chuxter
04-02-2005, 03:30 PM
It looks like most stores didn't get this figure yet, but there were a couple at the WM I went to last night. I only saw one up close, which is the one I picked up.

Something is very odd about his head, though.

The packaging and advance pictures have shown a great likeness of Temuera Morrison in plastic, much like the Clone w/ Speeder Bike from AOTC and Clone Wars. But the one I got had a very, very different noggin. It was a bit too small and a bit too round, and his eyes had a vacant look to them. His mouth was also slightly gaping. He looked like there wasn't much going on upstairs. All he needed to make him perfect would be some shiny paint on his chin to simulate drool.

It's not a big deal, since I think his helmet's going to stay on, but is this normal for the AT-TE Gunner or did I get an odd figure?

04-03-2005, 07:06 PM
I don't know, I can't find him!!!

04-05-2005, 02:29 PM
The head is smaller than other clone trooper heads and the skin tone is darker than other Clone troopers/Jango Fetts. He's also got a lazy eye (maybe he's seeing a nice Verpine girl on the side).

04-05-2005, 03:11 PM
I want one of these!!!

04-05-2005, 04:47 PM
I found two of these on MM and they're both cross-eyed. :crazed: I guess I'll be leaving their helmets on. Other than the poor paint application my only complaint regarding this figure is the fact that his helmet doesn't completely cover his head leaving his face somewhat visable. :dis: