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04-06-2005, 07:41 AM
Way up north, midnight was just a little mad....

The only store that did midnight madness up here in Burlington VT was TRU. About 30 people showed up, mostly college kids and a few folks down from the Montreal area (hey, stuff's expensive up there!).
The store had everything crammed in one corner in the section of the store where "seasonal" stuff usually goes. The first few people in the door created an unintentional (I'm being charitable here)barricade with their shopping carts making it impossible for the rest of us to get to the figures.
It looked like they just had the basic figures from 1 thru 33 with the first dozen or so being the most plentiful. They had the basic vehicles (Ani/Fighter, Obi/Fighter, and only about 6 TriFighters (!). Plenty of Bogas, SpeederBikes and deluxe figures (Obi/SBD, Palpy, Ani/Vader). Also had LOTS of Unleashed but the Greivous was first to go. Also plenty of Lego and the Attacix (sp?) stuff and plenty of what I will predict (yeah, it's obvious) will be the biggest flop in the collection...the Force battlers.
I figures I'd just grab what I figures would be the toughest things to get...the Unleashed Greivous, the 12" Greivous, 12" CloneTrooper, 12" Ultimate Villian Anakin and the Droid Tri-Fighter. Decided to wait til Walmart opened in the morning to grab any figures (hey, they had 'em cheaper by about .20 or so). TRU was price-matching (sort of) but after watching clerks dumping loads of figures in shopping carts (to try and make it easier for those who couldn't get into that cramped corner) I figures I'd wait til later when I could more careful examine the cards to avoid those already dog-eared helmet-cards...plus, one young guy who worked at Walmart made it clear that they had TONS of basic figures so getting 'em shouldn't be a problem (and it wasn't).
Next morning I went to Walmart...picke up the first 26 figures, the boga, Greivous's WheelBike (COOL toy!!) the book, the Visual Dictionary and that was it for now...(gotta eat, make house/truck payments and save a little cash for Celeb 3 after all).
One last side note...the employees at TRU and Walmart were great...no attitude, nice and helpful. That was a pleasant change from my previous midnight madness sales in CA!
It was the last one...and it was good...