View Full Version : Star Wars M&M Minis tube w/ electronic Lightsaber topper

04-08-2005, 09:26 PM
Spotted these at Target last night at 1 of the registers' endcap. It's a regular M&M Minis tube, but with a Star Wars-theme on the graphics and the 2 different randomly-chosen minis colorschemes (Wookiee with white, blue, green, and brown; or Lava with black, tan, red, and orange), and the most important thing of all, a topper that clips onto the tube lid and is shaped like the top of a lightsaber hilt with a short red or blue blade. The packaging doesn't seem to make note of this anywhere and there's no try-me feature, but those red and blue toppers actually light up when you hold their button, they have a battery-saving tab that you can't access until you open the outer celo seal (the tube has a second celo seal in case you want to turn the sabers on but keep the candy intact, though why would you?). It's a fun little collectible, I gave one to my mom since she likes the minis and she had a lot of fun with the saber actually (until her thumb got sore from holding the button down ;)).