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04-13-2005, 04:48 PM
ROTS is my first full on SW collecting line and to top it off im building an army tooolol . Im building a large clone army , a large jedi army and a small droid army.
So far I have, for clones;
10 clones
2 BARC's
2 Republic gunships

Im getting:
7 Clone pilots (3 priority)
4 Clone commanders
4 AT-TE Gunners
2 Commander Baccarra
10 Clone troopers (SA)
5 Turbo tank drivers
1 Jedi Barc
4 jet pack troopers

For Droids I have
6 vulture droids(TPM)
3 Tri fighters
10 battle droids
5 super battle droids
2 Grievous body gaurds

Im getting:
2 crab droids
4 new vulture droids

For jedi I have:
Ani Starfighter
Obi Starfighter

Im getting:
Obi wan(red leader)
Plo Koons jedi starfighter

I have some other figs like:
Chancelor palpatine
2 red and 2 blue senate guards

Im just curious whhat you army builderss are geting.

04-13-2005, 06:31 PM
I am trying to get as many wookie's, clones, and driods I can to recreate the battle of Kashyyk.

I also want to get as many Jedi and Clones as I can so I can also recreate the storming of the Jedi Temple.

I would have to say that with all the different variations of driods, and clones from episode's 1 and 2 toy lines, I have 3 Destroyer Droids, 2 Super Battle Droids, 9 Battle Droids, and 9 Clone Troopers...as well as 14 OT Stormtroopers, so I can fudge it a little.

Happy Army Building Folks!

04-13-2005, 06:51 PM
I'm not that enamored with the prequels so I don't build large armies with those figures. I only picked up my second #6 Clone today; although plentiful in the first week, that one now seems to be disappearing quickly from local stores.

I do have 3 Clone Commanders, 3 Clone Pilots, and 1 AT-TE Tank Gunner. I'm holding out for the SA Clone Trooper to arrive before I sink any more money into troop building.

04-13-2005, 06:59 PM
From ROTS, I have 3 Clone Troopers, 2 Wookiee Warriors (preview), and 2 of Grievous's Bodyguard.

04-13-2005, 08:27 PM
Hasbro lucked out with the Arc 170 fighter.You have to buy 4 figures for that vehicle to make it look right. Just for my fighters i had to get 9 clone pilots and 3 droids. Other than the shuttle this is the best vehicle they have made. Kinda sucks that they changed the clonetroopers for this movie because my Ep 2 clones look out of place. Now i have Gunships and Ep 2 clones in one room and Arc's and Ep 3 clones in another.

04-13-2005, 08:40 PM
I ususally only get 2 or 3 of each army builder figure. Although, I plan on ordering those Clone Trooper 4 packs from somewhere. Where is the cheapest place to get them so far? Also, what about the custom 10-packs of Clone Troopers that came out a couple of years ago, where is a good place to get them cheap?

04-13-2005, 08:46 PM
This is what I have so far from the ROTS line.

2- Grievous' Bodyguards
3- Wookie Warrior (preview)
2- Blue Senate Guard
8- Red Royal Guard
9- Clone Trooper
5- Clone Commander
6- Clone Pilot
1- AT-TE Gunner -will probably buy 4 or 5 more


04-13-2005, 08:50 PM
EDIT: sorry double post :)

04-13-2005, 08:52 PM
So far I have:

1 Wookie Warrior

1 #04 Super Battle Droid (Firing Arm-Blaster!)
2 #06 Clone Trooper (Quick-Draw Attack!)
2 #08 Grievous's Bodyguard (Battle Attack!)
2 #17 Battle Droid (Separtist Army)
2 #23 Royal Guard (Senate Security) (blue)
2 #23 Royal Guard (Senate Security) (red)
2 #33 Clone Commander (Battle Gear!)
3 #34 Clone Pilot (Firing Cannon!)

1 ARC-170 Fighter
1 AT-RT w/ AT-RT Driver
1 BARC Speeder w/ BARC Trooper
1 Droid Tri-Fighter

04-13-2005, 09:29 PM
Just so you know I heard that the new deluxe figures are supposed to come in tomorrow.

As for my army builders I haven't really bought any ROTS army figures but here is what I have.
2- destroyers
3 super b droids
5 battle droids
3- red clone troopers
1 blue clone
3 clones (from 3 pack)
1 super art. clone from sw cw
2 clones from ROST
1 clone commander
2 grey/blue arc troopers
1 red arc trooper
1 clone pilot from aotc
1 AT-TE tank gunner

thats about it besides figs. from priginal trilogy & sw pm

04-13-2005, 10:26 PM
Kinda sucks that they changed the clonetroopers for this movie because my Ep 2 clones look out of place.
That was definitely not a mistake.

04-14-2005, 01:33 AM
Here are some of MY Episode II Clones.

04-14-2005, 01:40 AM
Here are some of MY Episode II Clones.

Nice collection of clones. Where did all the different colored clones come from?

Fluke Skywalker
04-14-2005, 03:45 AM
I started this during AOTC. It gets expensive and the first thing to suffer is the diversity of your collection. Oh, well. I'd rather have those extra Clones than Shaak-Ti and Kit Fisto anyway.

Not much army building so far for ROTS. #33 and up aren't out yet around here and I passed on the quick draw Clone in favor of the S/A Clone to come. Now lets hope I find them :nerv:

04-14-2005, 09:40 AM
Well I Will Be... So Far I Have 16 Clones,10 Red Royal Guards,2 Senate Guards,4 Gg Guards,4 Wookie Warriors,and The Other Clones I Have Not Seen Yet.but If Your Talking About Other Than Rots Im Doin Very Well In The Army Dept. Also Have The Big (48) Pack Of Clones Coming From Ee. Plus A Hundred Or So Clones From The Last Movie.over The Years I Have 150 Or So Battle Droids,destroyer Droids And Super Battle Droids.then There Is The Imperials About 500 In Various Forms.

04-14-2005, 10:05 AM
Well I'm starting to be more of an army builder. I get one of every of every figure and some extra here and there. For ROTS I have 3 #6 clone 3 preview wookies, 3 pilots and 1 of everything else. I don't have room for armies of X13VADER's size for every army builder, but because of the army builder packs of clone with all the variations I will have 40+ AOTC clones just by getting one of every set. I imgine they will do a lot of the same tricks this time around as well. I really hope they do an SA biker scout. I have about 6 of them but not have anything to mix it up make them stick out.

04-14-2005, 10:10 AM
Ok, I got for ROTS:

5 #6 troopers so far
3 Wookie preview figs
2 Grievous Bodyguards
1 SBD.

Small but growing.

04-14-2005, 11:38 AM
When I'm done, this is what my army will look like;
*5 Batallions of Troopers
Each Batallion contains 5 Troopers and a different Commander (Cody, Gree, Bacara, The red clone from AOTC, and Bly)
*3 BARCs
*1 Normal Clone Gunship with 2 Pilots, 5 Clones, and Clone Commander
*2 Red Guards
*1 Blue Guard
*2 ARC-170s piloted by 6 Pilots
*4 AT-RTs
*4 Turbo Tank Drivers
*4 AT-TE Gunners
*1 ARC Gunship full of ARCs (Like in Clone Wars Chapter 21)
*1 Gunship Containing Custom Republic Commandos

Nice Eh?

04-14-2005, 11:43 AM
Does anyone know a cheap place to get the clone trooper 4 packs that are coming out and those custom clone 10-packs that came out a couple of years ago?

04-14-2005, 12:08 PM
Only place for the 4 packs is EE, ten packs are gone.

04-14-2005, 12:33 PM
Only place for the 4 packs is EE, ten packs are gone.

Not true, I ordered my 4-packs from Alliance Collectibles and they were cheaper ($99.99 for the set, but they have raised the prices to $109.99). I also purchased the custom clones from them for $29.99. I just didn't know if those were good prices or if I could find them elsewhere cheaper.

04-14-2005, 01:05 PM
I love thhe turbo tank drivers ive seen, just because of the gun they have!

04-14-2005, 01:45 PM
The only army I have is of stormtroopers and a few royal red guards. I do plan on getting a couple of the #6 clones(already got 1)and probably the gunner and commander, but as for an army sake, probably not.

jedi master sal
04-14-2005, 06:39 PM
ROTS only I have:
57 Clones (#6)
14 battle Droids
6 Super Battle Droids
4 Red Guards
8 Blue Guards
8 Grievous Bodyguards
6 Wookie Warriors
3 Barc speederbikes
2 AT-RTs
1 ARC-170 (though the plan is for 3, plus 2 gunships as well)

I also have doubles of almost everything from 1-32 (The rest I'm waiting to clearance, then I'll get my doubles. These are typically specific characters, that I want 1/1 (carded/loose).

As far as 33-40, I've only been lucky enough to find one Commander. But I plan on buying at least 5 more of him, plus 8-10 AT-TE gunners, and at least 15 Pilots for the 3 ARC-170s and Two Gunships.

I can't even recall how many AOTC clones exactly I have. I KNOW it's hovering around 500. I think the last tiem I did inventory it was 483, but that number has grown since then, plus I ordered the super case of 48 SA clones from EE.
150 or so Red Battle Droids
18 Super Battle Droids
3 Hailfire Droids
3 Gunships

12 Naboo Royal Guards (The red ones with the silver-ish helmets)
8 Naboo Royal Security (The Brown and Mustard color uniformed guards)
20 Battle Droids of various schemes (Clean/Shot/Sliced/Dirty)
6/6 Destroyer Droids (Standard/Battle Damaged)

More than 200 Stormtroopers
couple dozen Snowtroopers
dozen or so Biker Scouts

Now everything, but the ROTS stuff is off the top of my head but is fairly accurate. Any other figs that are considered army builders, you can be certain I built them up to some degree or another.

I typically build armies according to how you see them in the movies (and if I can find them in that quantity)

Basically, it there's alot of Troopers, I get alot of troopers. Biker Scouts for instance while army builders are not as plentiful as standard Stormtroopers, so I don't get as many.


04-14-2005, 07:19 PM
To be honest I really don't like the clone trooper #6. I have him with my potf stormtroopers and he's skinnier than they are and he doesnt stand well, and just because he has multiple points of articulation, doesn't mean it makes him better. Hopefully the clone commander and the others will be a bit better but somehow I doubt it.

04-14-2005, 07:50 PM
#6 I like because it comes with 2 guns :) The SA wont, so less diversity.

04-14-2005, 10:05 PM
ROTS only I have:
57 Clones (#6)
14 battle Droids
6 Super Battle Droids
4 Red Guards
8 Blue Guards
8 Grievous Bodyguards
6 Wookie Warriors
3 Barc speederbikes
2 AT-RTs
1 ARC-170 (though the plan is for 3, plus 2 gunships as well)


Are there anymore army builders left in your area? :)

04-15-2005, 08:02 PM
My previous post only mentioned figures I have doubles of or more.

Yesterday, I picked up 2 more CT#6 bringing my Clone Trooper count to 5, and a Blue Guard bringing that count to 2. I also got the AT-RT, but just 1.

I like the look of the ROTS Clone Trooper so much more than the AOTC one, that goofball helmet on the AOTC version just looks too weird and thin and silly to me.

04-15-2005, 08:04 PM
Ok, I got for ROTS:

5 #6 troopers so far
3 Wookie preview figs
2 Grievous Bodyguards
1 SBD.

Small but growing.

Forgot to add...

1 red and 1 blue guard.

04-15-2005, 08:11 PM
I'm currently not an army builder, but who knows, maybe down the road I may become one, just not in my budget right now.

Mr. JabbaJohnL
04-16-2005, 11:55 AM
I'm kind of an army builder, but not as much as the other folks on here. For all variations of clones, including AOTC, CW, and ROTS, I have 27 "realistic" ones and three cartoon ones (still haven't found the red or white animated clones). I have around 15 or so Battle Droids, and 20+ stormtroopers (due to the four-packs from a while back). I have a few other army guys but I don't really care to count them right now. The other figures come first, then I get any army builders I can.

04-16-2005, 12:22 PM
Hey, I have a question. Is $29.99 a good price for those custom Clone Trooper 10-packs that came out awhile ago? I know that is $3.00 a figure, and that seems good, but were they cheaper than that?

04-22-2005, 06:13 PM
Just added in the last two days to my prior list:

6 Clone Commanders
1 SA Clone
1 Destroyer Droid
3 Clone Pilots
1 AT-TE Gunner
1 Wookie warrior
1 Neomodian warrior

04-22-2005, 08:58 PM
I've also been army building. Scored three more Clone Commanders, a Clone Pilot, and Clone Trooper with Jetpack today.

1 Clone Trooper with Jetpack
1 AT-TE Tank Gunner
2 Clone Troopers #6
3 Sneak Preview Wookie Warriors
3 Grievous Bodyguards
4 Clone Pilots
5 Royal Guards (3 Red/2 Blue)
6 Clone Commanders
7 Swans a-Swimming... oh wait

04-23-2005, 01:56 PM
I never got a chance to build a decent Ep2 Clone army :( but I am on my way to creating a nice little detachment of clone for Ep3.

However, my only real army right now is the ten VOTC Stormtroopers that I managed to get ahold of.

I have the Clone Commander and Pilot along with two Quick-Draw Clones and 2 AT-TE Gunners (plus Ki-Adi-Mundi so my clones can have somebody to gun down like a dog :D ). Once the Super-Articulated and alternate paint scheme versions come out, I plan to buy a lot more.

Sith Lord 0498
04-23-2005, 03:39 PM
I've started to become a limited army builder. These are my "army building plans" (so to speak), and some have already been completed.

ARC-170 Starfighter Crew - ROTS Clone Pilots (x2), AT-TE Gunner in rear gunner's seat

"Order 66" Scene - won't say just yet but it only has one clone in it with potential for two basic ROTS Clonetroopers to be included

"Evolution" trio - E2 Clonetrooper, E3 Clonetrooper, VOTC Stormtrooper (I have the CW Clone Commander in place for the E2 Clone but I'm going to replace it w/ an all white SA AOTC Clonetrooper)


E3/E2 Hybrid Republic Gunship - AOTC Gunship, CW Anakin, E2 Gunship Pilots (x2), ROTS Clone Commander, ROTS deluxe Clonetrooper w/ jetpack, ROTS Clonetroopers (x5)...all I need to get my five Clonetroopers off layaway and it's done

Old Fossil
04-24-2005, 10:34 PM
I'm not into army building any more, but for ROTS I have:

3 Quick-draw Clones
1 Clone Commander
1 Wookee Warrior (Preview)
2 Senate Guards (1 red, 1 blue)

I have a number of Clones from AOTC, plus some 30 Stormies and 30 TIE Pilots from the OT, but I digress...

04-24-2005, 11:45 PM
I'm just getting into army building and I love it, actually I kind of started in Ep. I with the Droids but I'll only get into Clones, so I just bought
5 Target Exclusive Clones
1 Clone Commander
3 Clone Pilots
and soon to come in mail Clone 4-Pack Clean White and Clone 4-Pack Clean Colored
and plain to get a whole lot more Clones in the future.

04-25-2005, 10:25 PM
While at C3 I bought a few extra army builders, all OT.

10 Death star Gunners
2 AT-ST Drivers
1 Death Star Trooper
1 CommTech Stormie

I got most for $2.50-$4.00, the CT Stormie was $5.00.

04-27-2005, 10:20 PM
At TRU last night, I bought 2 Clone Commanders and 2 more Clone Pilots, bringing my count of CPs up to 3.

04-28-2005, 03:03 AM
This is a shelf in my office at work.

04-28-2005, 10:35 AM
If thats work, what does your home look like?

Nice set up BTW.

05-06-2005, 11:48 AM
Got a sweet set up today from SK99. Thanks man....10 clones, to protect my ashtray against non-smokers...heheheh :beard:

05-06-2005, 11:53 AM
Sweet setup KH, however you should be on guard....my non-smoking battle droids are coming to invade!!

05-06-2005, 11:54 AM
Bring it, I gots re-enforcements b**ch... :D

05-06-2005, 11:56 AM
Bring it, I gots re-enforcements b**ch... :D

My droids will just offer a carton of camels and your clones will surrender!!

05-06-2005, 11:57 AM
but they shoo tlit ciggs at yours and they melt

05-06-2005, 11:58 AM
but they shoo tlit ciggs at yours and they melt

All my droids have to do is find a steep hill to retreat to...
your smoker clones can't suck enough wind to follow.

05-06-2005, 11:59 AM
Dont have to, protected their ashtray if you retreated.

05-06-2005, 12:01 PM
But I know your army will follow. You see, my droids just robbed a smoker friendly. They cannot resist the lure of more nicotine.

05-12-2005, 05:28 PM
Figured I'd post an updated list of my army builder figures since I've bolstered my ranks considerably since my first post in this thread. I have one of each of these figures MOC but this list represents only what I have loose.

2- Grievous' Bodyguard
3- Neimoidian Warrior

3- Wookie Warrior (preview)
2- Wookie Warrior (tan/blonde)
3- Wookie Warrior (dark brown)

10- Blue Senate Guard
10- Red Royal Guard

5- Clone Trooper (Target exclusive)
7- Clone Commander
9- Clone Trooper (#6)
9- Clone Pilot
10- AT-TE Gunner
11- SA Clone Trooper (2 of which I've converted into SA AT-TE Gunners)

Anyone else been building the ranks, if so how much?

05-12-2005, 05:43 PM
5 regular #6 clones
3 wookie(preview)
2 wookie(#43)(one of each)
3 SA clone
5 Pilots
7 Commanders
1 gunner(all I have found)
2 Royal Guards(one of each)
2 bodyguards
2 Neimoidian Warriors
2 Destroyer Droids.