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04-13-2005, 05:44 PM
ROTS figure #25, Tarfful, is another big fat wookiee figure that reminds me more of the POTF2 '95 Chewie figure than it probably should. I'll start off this review by saying this figure was on my "maybe" list, was hard to find for a while in my area, and when I finally found him he was a major pegwarmer as of that day but I bought him anyway because he was new... that was my mistake. The short version of this review: avoid Tarfful like the plague.

Packaging: 3/5
Originally, I gave this packaging my standard 3.5 when it first came out, but since then I've grown increasingly tired of its failures - easily bent card, difficult to open, hidden accessories, less room for actual product, little actual info about the toy inside. Tarfful's card does have 2 different movie photos though, that's always good; mine had very neatly-applied tape on the back as well, big whoop.

Sculpt-Design: 3.5/5
Tarfful is another tall, hairy, bulky wookiee figure in this line that's growling; at 5" he's actually taller than the Wookiee Warrior preview figure even. The body is sculpted very hairy, and the build is beefy compared to the recent VOTC Chewbacca. The torso has an odd chest armor/bandolier thing sculpted to it, and the shoulders both at the torso and on the arms have shoulderpad armor sculpted on, none of this sculpted armor stuff is particularly good work though and that hurts the score.

The face is another open-mouth growl look, which I am sick of seeing on these wookiee figures all the time, but at least this isn't terribly extreme. The sculpt of the face reminds me too much of the old POTF2 Chewbacca figures. The head has long dreadlocks, they're not very rubbery but they can be moved around a bit, they have an ok sculpt but nothing outstanding.

Articulation: 3/5
Someone made a liar out of this figure's look, it seems at first view like he has universal-jointed elbows and knees, but in fact it turns out these joints are actually just standard rotation which means the elbows can't do much and the knees don't really bring anything to the party at all. The head is also a standard joint, and like the elbows and knees the material used at this joint is just rubbery enough to make you think it's a universal joint and try to move it that way, thus loosening the joint - at least this wookiee's head can turn though. The only really decent articulation on this figure are his universal-jointed shoulders.

The waist is a standard joint with an undocumented feature, it's spring loaded, pull the torso back on the right and when you let go it springs forward like a He-Man figure, like most action features of this sort it can be ratcheted for other positions, this one has 6 stops so the options are limited. The hips are standard joints and REALLY ugly square shapes like those earliest '95 figures again, not a favorable comparison.

Pose: 2.5/5
Tarfful has a very neutral pose, which clashes with his open-mouthed face, but I usually welcome it none the less. Still, here the lack of articulation makes this figure's pose seem even worse, especially the legs which are so close together and seem knock-kneed, so no matter what you do with the arms it still looks bizarre. Tarfful's right hand is a standard cup while his left is a trigger-pullin closer cup. The leg pose issues really hurt this figure's look.

Paint-Deco: 2/5
Oh man, what were they thinking?!? The paint here is some of the worst work I've seen Hasbro do in a long time, so first I'll tell you the parts that don't suck... The eyes are a little too open, but otherwise are decent work, the nose is surprisingly good, the mouth has some intricate work with the teeth and the tongue, the hands and feet and their nails aren't too sloppy, and I don't dislike the brown plastic they used.

Unfortunately, there are many issues here. The character has a dark mane of hair in the top of his hair, so the figure has an unsubtle brown triangle on the top of his head. The dreadlocks are dark brown with silver bands in many locations, the silver is a little sloppy on each which adds up after a while and both the silver and dark brown are only on the front of the dreads - I could forgive that in the back where it's hard to see them, but dreads on the front hang away from his body. The shoulder armor has this weird milky blue color on top of a dark metallic which is way too close to the brown underneath, and the blue color was applied as sloppily as it gets to the point where it doesn't look like armor at all, just weird goo. The armor bandolier uses a dark maroon with silver and dull gold accents, the maroon is a bit gloppy and the other elements are very poorly applied. Finally, the real issue, wookiees have a lot of textured colors in their hair, and Tarfful's movie photos on the package show a lot of blond around the face and chest, so Hasbro used a tan brushing over much of the body, but this paint work is uneven and inadequate and entirely abysmal - they would have been better off avoiding this step altogether rather than looking like Tarfful spilled white-out all over his fur.

Accessories: 3.5/5
I'll mention the club first, it's hidden behind the cardboard insert taped to the tray, and appears to be a fat stick. It's sculpted with holes near the top that match up with Tarfful's right hand, I don't think it looks very effective held this way so luckily it fits in either hand the old-fashioned way.

Then there's the bowcaster, it's got a more modern look than Chewie's classic version, with a faux-adjustable stock, upgraded sight, and advanced grip that only fits around his thumb - in fact, the way the figure holds it looks silly when you give it a some thought, and the limited aritculation leaves you few alternative options. The bow itself is a separate removable piece with the "string" attached, it looks pretty good on the body of the weapon, and the weapon looks like a standard modern Earth file without it. The body of the gun is cast in a pink dark flesh color which is not so great, and the bow and string piece is cast in gold, so the whole shebang is a little garish. Then there's the clear red flame missile which plugs into the gun's sight, it's fired marble-style so the sight has a big clamp on the front which I'm very tempted to cut off - I always hate when Hasbro uses this gimmick, this isn't the worst offense but it's not welcome either.

Overall: D
Don't let the numbers fool you, this figure is definitely "less than the sum of its parts". The awful pose, the paint work which goes from bad to worse, the lies of the articulation, the missile-shooting feature really bring, and the horrible shoulder armor work really take the wind out of this figure's sails and show why Tarfful is quickly becoming a pegwarmer.

04-27-2005, 01:20 PM
Thanks for the review JT, I think I'll get him when he goes on clearence some day.

04-29-2005, 04:26 PM
After opening him I wasn't impressed either. The paint is just beyond awful.