View Full Version : extras need to go

04-14-2005, 11:30 PM
To go:
4 blue guards
3 red guards
1 padme
1 #26 yoda
2 mas amedda
2 clone commander
12" Grievous
ROTS preview Wookie Warrior
ROTS preview Tion Medon
OTC cantina scene 2
Saga #54 Rebel Trooper
POTF2 Chewy in chains
Saga deluxe Yoda
POTF2 cenima scene Cantina Aliens
POTF2 Leia and Wicket
Saga #05 R2-D2 Jabbas Sail Barge
Saga Tusken Raider #06
SAGA #05 Kit Fisto with transition sticker
Saga #18 Zam Wesell "face reveal" sticker
2 Saga #17 clone (insert pic missing dots)

I need:
#32 Saga Vader (not HOF)
All the "repack" transional figures except the Sandtrooper (#'s 9 and up)
E2 Teebo
OTC #39 Holo Emperor
ROTS red battle droid (if it exists)
Unleashed Stormtrooper
Unleashed IG-88
Unleashed Aurra Sing
Clone Wars Yellow Clone 3pack
Silver Sandtrooper
Animated Blue clone
Animated Yellow Clone