View Full Version : Target Exclusive SA Clone Trooper

04-21-2005, 08:29 PM
DPCI # 087061489 12.99

04-21-2005, 11:58 PM
Thirteen friggin' dollars for one 4" figure? Has Hasbro/Target gone insane?! Who the hell do they think they're kidding?

04-23-2005, 10:33 PM
So they have these in Illinois then? I will be on the lookout. Damn exclusives, pricey little things ain't they?

04-24-2005, 12:03 PM
I don't mind the price since the Vader kinds numbed me to it. The only obvious thing is finding one of these buggers.

04-24-2005, 10:45 PM
if u guys need some lmk i have some xtras

04-24-2005, 10:49 PM
PM me with what you are asking for one.

Lazer Brain
04-27-2005, 02:33 PM
ok, my company has me traveling again, and i will be in chicago the week of may 19th, so i am hoping to catch swIII at the AMC river east on sunday. is their any thing happening in the 18/19th? i will be flying in on the 18th.
i will be staying in naperville?? so is there any good place to hunt for figures + i have a good collection of stuff for trading if your interested.(lava vader)
richard lazer brain
pm me for trades and info,thanks

05-14-2005, 06:07 PM
As of 5:30 tonight Target @ the H I P has 1 - 44 all on the pegs and in the stock room have a case of the exclusive clones with the new symbols. Run dont walk

05-25-2005, 11:39 PM
bobafrett you work @ the rt83 walmart! you must have been off today cause 45-46-47 were found at your store trhis morning :sur: