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04-27-2005, 12:41 AM
I've been looking for a good Jango Fett figure now for a long time and I don't know what to buy, I never bought a Jango for AOTC. I looked at the Ultra and Final Battle but I can't tell articulation or nothing, so can someone tell me a good Jango to buy.

04-27-2005, 12:45 AM
FInal Battle is a good, one. Pilot is lame.

04-27-2005, 09:13 AM
Does it have a good amount of articulation, is it a fairly neutral stance?

04-27-2005, 09:41 AM
In my opinion, the Kamino Escape is the best Jango in the Saga line. It has a removable helmet, usable blaster holsters, grappling hook, and decent articulation.

I have not seen the deluxe/ultra Kamino Showdown, so I can't say about it.

Final Battle is not bad, but it does have rather odd articulation in the legs and is limited to an awkward stance. The Sneak Preview on is ok too.

Yes, Jango Pilot is lame.

The snap-on armor deluxe just doesn't live up to expectations. There is no leg articulation and some of the armor is not removable. The jet pack is huge and actually fits into a recess in the figures back. The "super soaker" rifle is strange-looking. I've always had the opinion that a deluxe figure should offer more than a basic figure, but Hasbro has often scaled down the deluxe figures by limiting the articulation and giving them lame action features or accessories.

04-27-2005, 10:23 AM
Definately go with the Kamino Escape Jango. This is by far my favorite one of him....you've got that grappling hook, removable helmet, and missle-firing jetpack. Plus he is easy to stand up and has a fair amount of articulation.
He is still one of my favorite figures from the Saga line, and was the very first one I picked up at MM in 2002.

04-27-2005, 10:52 AM
There really is no uber-Jango, unfortunately. That's too bad, b/c he was the coolest thing in AOTC. I think you will eventually see a much more articulated version with more bells and whistles, but for nor I think the best version is Kamino Escape.

04-27-2005, 11:13 AM
I would love to see a super articulated Jango. That would definately be one I would buy multiples of. IMO hasbro could have passed on the pilot and final battle versions and gone straight to a SA version.

04-28-2005, 12:03 AM
Just strip down your SA Clone.

04-28-2005, 10:06 AM
The best Jango to get is the Kamino Escape Jango Fett. As tgr3328 said, he has a removable helmet, working holsters for his blasters, a grappling hook (which you can always remove if you dont like), cool jet pack and the best articulation!

The Jango Pilot is good (I like it) but its basically to go with your Slave I vehicle.

05-06-2005, 12:47 AM
voila (http://r2toyforce.net/IMAGES/customfettvt2003A_8words.JPG) (pic courtesy r2 (http://www.sirstevesguide.com/news/?m=show&id=31335) :kiss: )

05-06-2005, 11:17 AM
If you want the Kamino Escape Jango, I have one for sale (it's loose mint)..,

Have some army builder figures I need to get rid of too if anyones interested (Storm, Sand, Snowtroopers & also 1 Droideka)

Also, if you are weary, I have done lots of business with others here at SSG, so you have nothing to worry about!

05-06-2005, 11:23 AM
Thanks but I think I might just wait for hasbro to release a SA Jango or something like that.