View Full Version : A Masterplan for 2007?

04-28-2005, 09:29 AM
Okay, Hasbro again seems to make the new SW Micro and DIE-CAST lines bomb as the 3 3/ 4" is their priority. In 2007, for the 30th Anniversary Hasbro (or hopefully another company) should do NEW Micro Machines for the whole Saga. It would be the best moment. In 2007 there will be the next hype.

All Micro Machines HAVE to be in scale with the original Galoob toys. New (or unreleased) molds only. Same quality as Galoob's toys for god's sake!
Have Micro Machines and Action Fleet work together.

For example, if there is a AF Millenium Falcon (bigger than the 1998 AF version) don't release a MM Millenium Falcon at the same time. Just have this one work for MM figures as well.

04-28-2005, 09:52 AM
While I agree that the micro line seems like a poor effort, the new Titaniums appear to be pretty good, so I think its too early to tell if Hasbro have done a poor job entirely.

A return of AF would be nice, and you never know, but you can bet even if they did return we'd only get a repear of 2002/2003's events. Early ships would be re-releases, only later would the good stuff come, and that would get cancelled as the first waves didn't sell due to everyone already owning them twice over.

Lets see what they come up with though, I don't have much hope for AF sized toys, but I am hoping the Titaniums will sell and thus bring more. The micro could be good, but only new ships will interested me enough to grab them online and get them shipped over.