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05-12-2005, 02:32 PM
I won't keep this off-topic too much, but the Star Tours thing has to have a reply:

I was never that thrilled with it myself. It's just a simulator ride. It'd be missed if it wasn't there, but I'd be so much more thrilled with a life-size AT-AT with roller coaster tracks built around it, that park visitors sit in snowspeeders (2 or 3 seats across, and the same REVERSED as tailgunners) and have craft that speed around the AT-AT at 60 MPH and go in and out of underground ice caves with wampas and probots (sort of like Matahorn) but with interactive lasertag weapons for riders to enjoy on board - and much faster and more violent.

Wouldn't most people get far more excited about that?

05-12-2005, 05:45 PM
The At At would have to be at the end because it could fire at you and then you "crash" and the ride ends. Great Idea though. I still think ST should stay.

05-13-2005, 02:24 AM
Tycho, you have sinned in the eyes of the Force! How can you not love Star Tours? It's not only the first sim ride ever, it's also the only attraction to fully immerse the rider in the Star Wars universe. And it's so much fun, even the line is fun to check out, there's so much to see. A roller coaster seems so limited to me, usually just a speedy little train, you can dress it up, but it's only really got "fast" and "turning" going for it - I love the Matterhorn and Big Thunder Mountain, but they're not even that fast really and you kinda get everything out of it after 1 or 2 rides, Star Tours has so much more going for it I think. That's what makes Star Tours, Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye (I still say that is way too long a name for an attraction, but at least it's a good one), and the Star Trek Experience in Las Vegas (the actual ride is now named "Klingon Encounter", a title that seems far more limited than what you actually get there) are more about you being fully immersed in a fantasy universe than about simple g-force rides. Your idea sounds cute but not really doable, look at Space Mountain, you'd have to do it that way with projections mainly because otherwise it'd take up a LOT of space and be very static like the Matterhorn (which works there since the theme is bobsledding down the matterhorn, but I don't think it'd work for a Hoth theme because there'd have to be too much going on). The ST:Experience does seem to take up a lot of space with the full bridge of the Enterprise-D and that long hallway and multiple simulator rooms with full-sized shuttles inside, but nowhere near the footprint of Space Mountain, Matterhorn, or Big Thunder, and what you're suggesting would probably have to be twice as big as any of those.

Matt, yes, July.

So here it is, Friday, in just under 20 hours we'll be watching the end of Enterprise. I still can't believe Berman & Bragga let things get this bad.

05-13-2005, 09:59 AM
Star Tours was the highlight of my Disneyland experience in 1988.

05-13-2005, 12:17 PM
There needs to be an all-Star Wars theme park to fit in those kinds of rides.

The immersion in the universe can be in the waiting lines in many cases.


1. Blockade Runner set laser tag with full costumes, produced cheaply for fans who buy extra tickets with admission to this.

2. Escape Pod spin-out (like spinning saucers, seats have room for R2 and 3PO in every pod).

3. Mos Eisley Cantina - restaurant with costumed help

4. Millennium Falcon museum - tour a full scale ship.

5. Death Star Laser Tag - same thing with added grappling hook swing, lightsaber duel section, and trash compactor "ball box" - like whatever those things with all the balls are at McDonald's, only perhaps this time made to look more like garbage with closing walls and a guy in a Wookiee costume with you.

6. Battle of Yavin trench run - long ride in either a TIE or an X-wing or Y-wing, that does barrel rolls around objects in the trench while incorporating laser tag targeting challenges, including proton torpedo launches, partial costumes, video recordings with effects added, and a score. (If you miss the Exhaust Port your take-home video misses out on a happy ending!)

7. Wampa Ice Caves - parents with misbehaving children can hang them upside down for a few hours while they enjoy the park. A guy in an Abominable Snowman outfit scares them while parents can go party.

8. Battle of Hoth Rollercoaster - Line waits in Echo Base recreation. 3 sit forward, 3 sit reversed in a snowspeeder with 6 lasertag targeting controls. The snowspeeders launch out through a maze of ice caves (like Disney's Mattahorn) and then race on 3 different tracks around a huge life-size AT-AT which is definitely THAT big. If it's unsafe for 3 tracks around 1 AT-AT, then make 3 AT-AT's and this could be the "Mattahorn" of the park.

9. Millennium Falcon asteroid chase simulator - a cockpit of the Millennium Falcon races through a Space Mountain of sorts, dodging asteroids and life-size TIE Fighters in a high-speed rollercoaster.

10. Cloud City Casino - if the park was built in Nevada or on an Indian Reservation, sabaac as well as more traditional video and card game gambling could be available.

11. Dinner in the Clouds - Bespin's finest dining, includes a bald waiter with a cyborg device to help him never forget your order.

12. Carbon Freezing Room Challenge - lightsaber training with martial arts pros who are employed to help give one the skills to test themselves against Darth Vader. Like the Jedi Training Academy at Celebration 3, only on a great, huge set.

13. Jabba's Palace Stage - entertainment venue for live bands to play in. Room to party amongst props recreating Jabba's Palace. Drinks served. 21 & up after 7pm.

14. Battle of Karkoon - a one-man Jedi experience ride that straps you in to an overhead harnessed roller coaster ride of sorts, with a lightsaber handle grip that lets you make like you're striking at Jabba's thugs as you flip from skiff to skiff and finally invade the sailbarge. Sort of set up like a stand-up Batman ride at Six Flags, combined with a Mad Hatter sort of thing to tour Jabba's Sailbarge. Thrills include turning upside down to do "Jedi flips" while cardboard aliens and lasers enthrall your visual appetite.

15. Battle of Endor - AT-ST experiece. Passengers ride a 4-6 person AT-ST that simulates walking while on a track that tours a Battle of Endor scenerio.

The scenerio includes a lasertag course that park visitors can play in, with costumes that you buy to join in (stormtrooper, rebel, Ewok, Imperial officer, etc). Teams are formed each hour.

Speederbikes, -very high speed bikes run from a course that winds through the AT-ST and lasertag courses. Barriers disguised as scenery prevents people from getting in the way of Scout Walkers or Speederbikes.

16. Final Jedi Duel. Scheduled stage event in the Emperor's Throne Room. Duel winners from the Death Star and Bespin can qualify for prizes in a final duel in the Emperor's Throne Room in front of an audience.

17. Ewok Petting Zoo - kids can come into a treehouse area and hug park employees dressed as Teddy Bears.

18. Death Star Attack - fly in a Y-wing, A-Wing, X-wing, or TIE Fighter / Interceptor in a wild roller coaster through the heart of the Death Star. Lasertag devices record your score, but "Watch out! That was too close!" A Falcon model serves as your lead ship through this roller coaster inside the Death Star II.

19. Trade Federation Escape - park goers with Jedi robes and lightsabers deflect nerf balls with paint on them as they make their way through a maze of white halls and to the docking bay. The lowest scores of the day win chances to compete for prizes in finalist challenges later in the day. Broadcast announcements will let guests know when their next challenge is.

20. Underwater Sub Tour - those nostalgic for Disney's Yellow Submarine will get a Bongo tour of Naboo's underwater life inlcuding a trip through Otah Gunga, a chase through the ocean caves, and a drop off a waterfall (like the log rides at a lot of parks). Part underground, part tour, part rollercoaster, this will be a Pirates of the Carribean with some parts that run a little more like space mountain.

21. AAT Tank challenge. Drive bumper cars like AAT Tanks and fire tennis balls with transmitters at pop-up Gungans. Now you can kill JarJar! Try to get the highest score or have fun shooting other guests' tanks.

22. Royal Starship Museum - tour Queen Amidala's Royal Starship built to full scale.

23. Pod racing - you saw the movie.... (winners are randomly selected by the rides computer).

24. Watto's Shop - the official Star Wars store. Everything's here - probably overpriced.

25. N-1 Fighter Experience - rollercoaster

26. Theed Palace Lasertag / lightsaber challenge

27. Coruscant Speeder Chase challenge

28. Dexter's Diner - restaurant

29. Jedi Temple Library - interactive gaming and Star Wars universe exploration center.

I forgot Bespin Escape Waterslide Park!

I could totally go on through the prequels but we'd get to E3 Spoilers and I'd be late getting things done for work....

Bel-Cam Jos
05-13-2005, 06:51 PM
Yeah, Tycho. But where's the variety? I mean, all your ideas are related to some cult sci-fi movie from back in the day. Who'd shell out hard-earned moola for that? Next you'll say there'll be a place devoted to an animated rodent's friends or one centered around fish and mammals... :rolleyes:

As long as DISNEYLAND, the first real mega-theme park, does not even have a Star Wars minute, let alone a weekend or several, I am perturbed. :frus:

05-14-2005, 05:55 PM
29. Jedi Temple Library - interactive gaming and Star Wars universe exploration center.
How about, instead, it looks like the Jedi Temple library, except it looks a bit more soft and inviting like those sterotypical richmen's librarys. The Library part has at least one copy of every Star Wars book and comic book known to man. There are chairs an couches in every isle. The computers give you a timeline of the Star Wars Universe and an up-to-date map of the SW Universe. Librarians dressed up as Jocasta Nu would help you find books.

Some more ideas:
0. The Park is Divided into 3 places, one for the Prequals, one for the OT, and a waterpark.

Prequal Park
1. Trade Fed. Attack!
-Put on a virtual Reality Helmet and race your way to Nute Gunray, cutting down Virtual Battle Droids along the way!
2. Undersea Explorer
-A Gungun Sub goes underwater every hour (Its on a track) and shows you a habitat similar to that of Underwater Naboo, excpet there's real fish.
3. Queen's Museum
-See Tycho's Idea 22
4. In the Senate
-A life size Senate place. Every two hours, there's a philosphy discussion, a different topic every show! People get into Senate pods (They don't float though) to debate. A Holographic Valorum says what the topic, and a guy dressed up as Mas Amedda moderates the debate. There are guard rails so you can't fall.
5. Padme's Hair Salon
-Looks like Padme's apartment on Coruscant in TPM. A Hair Stylist styles people's hair at outragous prices.
6. Taking Theed
-Everyone gets guns and shoots Holographic Droids. The Game is over when you get to the Throne Room. There's an elevator to take you to the second floor.
7. Gungun Attack!
-Similar to Taking Theed, except with Gungun weapons.
8. Duel with Darth Maul
-A Fifteen Minute Duel with a guy dressed up as Dath Maul. There can be multiples going on at one time in different rooms. Anyways, it ends if someone is touched by the lightsaber, or the 15 minutes is up.
9. Watto's Shop
-Placed all over the park, you can buy stuff here.
10. Courscant Speeder Race Rollercoaster
11. Jedi Archives
-Explained Above
12. Dex's Diner
-Placed all over the park, next to Watto's Shops. You can eat here.
13. Padme's Apartment
-Leave the littler ones here. A girl dressed up as Padme takes care of them complete with Naptime. This one is at the Center of the park, above the Jedi Archives. Take the staris down, and you go into the Jedi Archives.
14. Peasant Kitchen
-A Nice Restaurant. In the center of the park next to the Jedi Archives. Similar to the Peasant Ship in AOTC.
15. Kamino Dinner
-A Food Court made to look like Kamino. Complete with a Costume (I mean Master Replica-like Costumes) Shop open around Halloween.
16. Asteroid Chase
-Pursue someone else in Vurtual Reality as either Jango or Obi.
17. Tatooine Trader
-Run by guys dressed up as Jawas, this place is next to the Peasant Kitchen.
18. Geonosian Arena
-Convention Center. This place can be booked for SW conventions, and there is a convention run by GL every year too.
19. The Clone Wars
-Completely Immerse yourself in the battle of Geonosis. Ride AT-TEs or just battle on foot with lasers to shoot down Holographic battle droids. When you're hit in a certain spot by droid lasers, your laser turns off, and you need to leave. AT-TE trails are marked with scenery so on one can get in the way of an AT-TE.
20. The Jedi Council
-The Person who plays Mas Amedda at the Senate Place chooses the 12 best debaters. They come at 10:00 PM every day to a mock-up of the Jedi Council to debate. The debate is shown on TV in the SW Hotels (Like Disney's Hotels). The 12 people get a pass to any park they please and 1 day whenever. They choose whether they wanna come tomorrow, or their next vacation.

I have a few more in mind, but they include E3 spoilers.

Tomorrow, I will post Original Trilogy Theme Park and Nautical Naboo Water Park.

05-18-2005, 06:53 PM
I received my latest issue of Popular Science this week, and it has a story on Best of What's Next. The next gen roller coaster will have an industrial robotic arm riding the tracks. the arm has 4 joints and can swing riders (in a car at the end of the arm) around up to 22 feet from track.

I went to the PopSci website to link, but they don't have this ish up yet (june '05). Here is the link to the main page anyway.... http://www.popsci.com/popsci

It's (part of) the cover story.