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05-23-2005, 04:00 PM
Well, here it is. It's the playset we get for Revenge of the Sith and I really like it. It came out a lot faster than its predecessor, the Geonosis Battle Arena playset. That was a real surprise and a pleasant one at that.

This is probably not the playset for those who like to tirelessly gripe about how the Geonosis playset wasn't a real playset. Well, there are fun play features on this that put it miles ahead of that one but it's still no Death Star Battle Station playset from days of yore.

Assembly of this set is pretty simple. There is a catwalk section that snaps in place over the doorway into what could serve as the conference room. Over that goes the top of the mountain and then the two collection vanes. Off to the one side of the mountain are two little sockets where the "smoke"/"fire" that holds the rotating and spinning discs in place. Once together, this set is actually pretty huge.

I've got it sitting next to the Death Star and it comes up to about level three on it and is a bit wider.

There are no stickers on this piece and what you see is pretty mcuh what you get. The end of the ramp on the inside of the mountain ends with a couple teeth where you can connect the Vader Operating Table set. No, that's not where the even takes place but it's cool that they thought of it. Customisers will love the fact that they can probably creat the conference room there should they choose to do so.

The collection vanes have two little "ropes" that can connect into either one so the heroes can swing into battle with each other. The ropes are a little short and don't provide much room for the figures to manoeuvre. Still... it's about as good as the old rope that came with the vintage Death Star.

The "lava balls" sit inside the cone on a little lever. The lever is sculpted to look like a piece of the terrain on the mountain. If you push it in a little, one of the balls will push up over the top and roll down the side of the mountain. If you give the lever a forceful tap, the other ball will launch itself out and wherever it chooses to go. It's really kinda fun.

The collection vanes, which are severely out-of-scale but neat anyhow have release points where they connect into the topmost catwalk. The vanes can be removed in their entirety.

The "floating" discs spin on the top piece of "fire"/"smoke" and that top piece also spins on it's own accord. There are pegs on the discs to keep the figures in place.

Speaking of figures, the pack-in figures aren't too bad. The scupts are pretty good but the over simplified paint apps kinda ruin them. The hair is all one colour and there are no washes on the figures to bring out details. Obi-Wan's got kinda like this lazy-eye thing going on and Anakin seriously drew his eyebrows on with a heavy eyebrow pencil. Again, customisers may be able to do something with these figures but, overall, they aren't too bad. Oh-- don't take the rubber bands off their hands. The lightsabers tend to want to not stay in place. Minor gripe. Easily solved. The battle arena figures actually work really well in their place.

Speaking of the battle arenas, I have three of them hooked up to the front end of the mountain. They sit a little higher than the platform at the entrance but it's all good.

The "lava pit" is on a centre hinge that allows it to flip over when an action figure falls into it. One side just have rocks and bubbles. The other side has bubbles, rocks and a charcoal coloured hand reaching out of it. No, that didn't happen in the film but it's kind fun.

So... this is it. I think this is the last playset we are going to get for a little while... unless Hasbro comes through with its promise to revisit an old classic (hint hint). I am really quite pleased with this for the most part. There isn't a lot of paint going on here but that's really kinda cool because it is a toy and it also does leave the field open for those who like to enhance their toys a little bit.

I give the set a solid B.

05-23-2005, 04:53 PM
Whoa... a burnt hand reaching out of the lava? That's pretty wild. Hasbro designers must've thought Anakin fell into the lava like most of us.

I still haven't seen this playset in my area though.

05-24-2005, 02:10 AM
Well, here it is. It's the playset we get for Revenge of the Sith and I really like it.Great job! Thanks for the review JEDIpartnr. I've seen this one at KB a few times now, and I'm probably going to grab one for the kids B-day in October. (Sucks having to wait that long to open it, but... )

Sounds like a fun set. We still get plenty of play out of the Geonosis Battle Arena, so this'll be a nice addition.

05-24-2005, 08:33 AM
I know how tough people are on playsets and the overall play value so those were things I tried to consider when reviewing it. People who are more concenred about movie accuracy forget that these are toys that are meant to not only represent the movie counterpart but also to allow kids to make up other adventures using the environment. For what it is, I think it succeeds on most of these points with a little compromise on both sides.