View Full Version : Droids for the Jedi Starfighters...

05-25-2005, 04:44 PM
Has anyone found a good version of the droids to use in the Jedi Starfighters?

We have Anakin's (yellow) and Obi's starfighters, and after watching the film, my son really likes to play with the droids having them come out of the ship and interact with the figures, but we dont' have a version that will actually fit the hole they made. He is using the "dummy" droids that came with them, and it is kind of sad.

Anybody have any luck with a version that fits?

05-26-2005, 03:01 AM
I'm afraid none fit correctly because the socket is designed to be deep enough only for the astromech figures' barrel body design, they didn't take into account that the legs go half an inch past the bottom of the body (the ARC-170 is the same way, except that there the socket is loose on the fig where on the Jedi Starfighter it's way tight). Also, most of the droid figures' feet barely fit in the socket anyway because it's an odd shape and too narrow, I've had one of my R2 figs get its leg bent because of this (and the fig was still sticking out way too far). The only way to get an R2 into this droid socket at the right depth is to have him signaling a touchdown, arms straight up in the air... well, you could also cut off the feet of an R2, that'd work, but kinda destroys the point of having a figure there.