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05-26-2005, 10:25 AM

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Lucas' idea for new Star Wars Prequel?

Posted May 25, 2005, 5:27 PM ET by Peter Sciretta
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George Lucas said he was finished with the Star Wars movies. Ebert didn't believe him, Karina didn't get it, but more importantly - WE wanted more. Stupid Us. It seems George Lucas told a scooper that he has an idea for another add-on to the Star Wars movie series: a prequel to The Phantom Menace. The story would follow the Jedi regaining control of the universe from the many Dark Lords some 88 years before Anakin Skywalker ever graced the universe. Yoda, who, according to Lucas, was instrumental in the effort, would apparently have a headlining role. However, Lucas, now age 60, says he won't be captaining such a ship if it ever happens.

figrin bran
05-26-2005, 10:56 AM
if it's true, it sounds like it could have some potential. however, doesn't Ki-Adi say that the sith have been extinct for a millenium?

05-26-2005, 11:19 AM
George has the TV Series to worry about now so he won't have any time to make a new movie, he wouldn't let someone else do a movie without his involvement. This is just a rumor, and a crap one at that!



05-26-2005, 11:28 AM
Yeah, I really hope, for the integrity of SW, that there are no more films. The franchise is already becoming diluted and a new movie certainly wouldn't help.

05-26-2005, 12:07 PM
I agree Solo, this should be the end. I love all 6 movies but enough is enough, I'll watch the tv series which should be cool. I kinda like the idea of no Jedi being in it, I'm interested in this different angle.

Jim Jam

05-26-2005, 12:07 PM
The only new movie I would want to see are perhaps the rumored 7,8,9 episodes and maybe a redo of ROTS using the novel as a basis. There were key sequences that could have been better if the novel for ROTS was used instead of the somewhat PG-13 screenplay. :)

Imperial Monarche
05-26-2005, 01:48 PM
I agree Solo, this should be the end. I love all 6 movies but enough is enough, I'll watch the tv series which should be cool. I kinda like the idea of no Jedi being in it, I'm interested in this different angle.

Jim Jam

Lucas already made a trilogy with no Jedi's. The movies are called A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

06-02-2005, 06:12 AM
I dont think they should make any more movies now. If they end up doing 7,8,9 then it most likely will not go along with pretty much anything written in the EU. That would be disapointing. I say just stick with the TV shows and make them the absolute best you can so we can see it around for a few years.

Eternal Padawan
07-06-2005, 06:42 PM
Would you believe there are actually TWO WHOLE SAGAS that have been outlined that we'll never see? That's right. 12 more movies envisioned, but Lucas doesn't have the energy at his age to start them ( and I don't really blame the guy. Who can stay excited with a singular purpose about anything for over a decade like he did with the two trilogies we've seen. Everyone whines about Lucas, but I admire the guy. You certainly couldn't do what he did, so shut yer yap.) But I digress.

One saga takes place after this one, the first half showing our classic heroes aged into their fifties. And the second half ( Episodes X, XI, XII) taking place a half decade later where in the final film shows R2-D2 relating the entire saga to somebody called the Whills. I believe this notion was allowed to peter out around the time of the post Jedi lull when Bantam had Tim Zahn write his Thrawn trilogy. Lucas Liscensing found they had an unexpected hit on their hands and G. Lu decided the future of the Star Wars saga was better suited to a never ending series of novels, rather than the silver screen.

The second saga, which was a more recent brainstorm, takes place a thousand years earlier. It was conceived as an answer to the LOTR trilogy ( of all things) and fans complaints that the series was too juvenile. It was going to be epic, well written, focusing on characters and conflict,more than drag racing in outer space. If I recall, the first half focused on a young hero (named Kane Skywalker) who was caught up in a feudal warlord system ruled by Sith Lords and an approximation of what can best be described as the Holy Roman Church of the Star Wars universe. he decides there has to be a better way and begins to consolidate power towards unifying the Galaxy. However, as they say, Absolute Power Corrupts, and the second trilogy would focus on the story of a young man from one of the world's ravaged by the power struggle of Kane who opposes him, eventually leading to the creation of the Republic and Kane's banishment as one of the two remaining Sith Lords ( thus bridging to the current saga where the Sith 'at last have their revenge...' )

It sounded cool, but what we get instead is Television.....oh well.

07-06-2005, 09:19 PM
Where in the world did you hear that?
Sounds like terrible EU stuff.

07-06-2005, 11:20 PM
Ummmm yeahhhhh I think I'm fine with those 12 flicks not seeing the light of day. Personally I don't care if stuff from the PT or some new 7th SW film doesn't jive with EU. I've never considered it to be cannon only the films. What Lucas shows in the film is 'the word' in my book not some crappy book (yes I know Lucasfilm signs off on these projects I just think they tend to be so silly there is no point to them ie. Bobba getting out of the Sarlac pit only to end up falling back in? Holy wtf Batman?).

07-07-2005, 02:25 AM
Everyone whines about Lucas, but I admire the guy.

Me too. :)

07-07-2005, 07:00 AM
I admire his big tummy. It looks like he's put alot of hard work into that thing.