View Full Version : Unweathered Crotch Club: Obi-Wan #27 & Clone Trooper #41

05-27-2005, 01:40 AM
Something I noticed a while back about Obi-Wan (Jedi Kick) #27 when I first got him was that his outfit was well-weathered except around his crotch area of his "skirt", it wasn't the whole skirt either, just the top of the separate part to about 2/3rds down, then the weathering kicked right back in and matched the plastic torso. Although I have no use for this figure in my collection, I have kept looking at others at the store and all of them seem to have this, and it's very even on them.

Then today, Cool Han Luke helped me out by picking me up Clone Trooper #41, and to my surprise the figure's light weathering is on almost every piece except at the crotch and on the thighs. It's much less noticeable than on Obi-Wan #27 because the Clone's weathering is very light and the armor is uniform white, but it's definitely absent from this same general area. Is this a conspiricy on Hasbro's part, are they neat freaks about just a particular area of the body, or is this the goofiest cost-saving measure of all time? ;)