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05-29-2005, 07:21 PM
Now that we've all seen the movie, many people are complaining that we got too many obscure characters like the Utapau warrior and not enough more major characters like Commander Cody. So I've come up with a scenario. Imagine you are a Hasbro executive and you get to decide the 56-figure lineup for ROTS. Now, you've already seen the movie, so you know who the major characters are. Who would you pick for the line? I would pick:

bold font indicates new figures not in the real ROTS line.

Also includes some of the real figures, but the order is different.

1. Obi-Wan Kenobi (w/ removable robes, no action feature)
2. Anakin Skywalker (w/ removable robes, no action feature)
3. Yoda
4. Padme
5. Darth Vader
6. Emperor Palpatine (brown suit which he fights Yoda in)
7. C-3PO
8. R2-D2
9. General Grievous (Deluxe version instead of basic version)
10. Chancellor Palpatine (red outfit, no action feature)
11. Mace Windu (no action feature, with robe)
12. Commander Cody (w/ removable helmet)
13. Clone Trooper (Blue Coruscant Armor)
14. Chewbacca (no action feature, w/ Kashyyyk bowcaster)
15. Tarfful
16. Wookiee Warrior (same as #43 w/ vanilla and chocolate variants)
17. Kashyyyk Clone Trooper (w/ Camo armor)
18. Commander Gree (Kashyyyk Commander)
19. Ki-Adi Mundi
20. Commander Bacarra
21. Mustafar Battle Obi-Wan (basically same as Jedi Kick Obi-Wan, but w/o action feature)
22. Mustafar Battle Anakin (w/ interchangable battle damage body parts)
23. Kit Fisto (w/ robes)
24. Saesee Tiin (w/ robes)
25. Agen Kolar
26. Aayla Secura
27. Commander Bly
28. Count Dooku
29. Padme (Leia Buns)
30. Plo Koon (w/ robes)
31. Clone Pilot
32. Clone Trooper (Orange Utapau Armor)
33. Owen Lars
34. Beru Lars w/ Baby Luke
35. Bail Organa w/ Baby Leia
36. Nute Gunray
37. Battle Droid
38. Super Battle Droid
39. Grievous' Bodyguard
40. Padme (Blue Apartment Dress)
41. Polis Massa Medical Droid
42. Vader's Medical Droid
43. FX-9
44. Captain Antilles
45. Zett Jukassa
47. Mas Amedda
48. Clone Trooper (Red Shock Trooper)
49. Queen Apailana
50. Jedi Temple Assault Anakin (hood up)
51. Destroyer Droid
52. Neimoidian Warrior
53. Royal Guard (red, w/ electro-staff)
54. General Grievous (w/ removable soft goods cloak)
55. Neimoidian Bridge Captain
56. Commander Neyo (clone that kills Stass Allie)

What do you guys think??

05-29-2005, 09:30 PM
super articulate the entire line and that would be fine with me.

05-29-2005, 09:34 PM
Great list. I wish it were true :(

05-29-2005, 09:34 PM
I might also add that I think they should make one of ever character in the movie before they change the cards and start reissueing ld figures them.

05-30-2005, 09:33 AM
Great list. I wish it were true :(

No worries here. I'm counting on Hasbro to produce AT LEAST three quarters of the new figures I listed.

05-30-2005, 02:24 PM
I believe you hit the nail on the head with that list. I can't imagine bettering it. It has what everyone would want - the core characters - and good versions of the core characters which do not alienate any potential buyer with useless action features (and kids, despite what hasbro seems to think, are not turned off by figures that don't have jedi kick action). You have great army builders and an array of characters with lesser speaking/non-speaking roles in the film to beef the line out.

I notice you sacrificed senatorial types like Mon mothma, Ask Aak and the Calamari - presumably because they aren't in the theatrical cut and would be of no interest whatsoever to kids. A pity because they look to be good figures but they're an understandable omission. Figures like these would have been best to come in 2006.

05-30-2005, 06:21 PM
Excellent list, other then the fact i feel they should go for more SOFT GOODS,and invest some time to make them good!

05-30-2005, 10:55 PM
More ships. Bring back Action Fleet and Micro Machines. It will never happen, but god I miss having ships.

Space ships from a science fiction story? *gasp* Go figure!

05-31-2005, 04:42 AM
More ships. Bring back Action Fleet and Micro Machines. It will never happen, but god I miss having ships.

Space ships from a science fiction story? *gasp* Go figure!

I'm with you. I want my AT-TE for my Gunner. I would also like Obi-Wan's 2nd Jedi Starfighter w/hyperspace ring.

Mandalorian Candidat
05-31-2005, 12:35 PM
I like that figure list, especially the deletion of some of the senators and the inclusion of the clones with varied colored schemes. My suggestions would be more along the line of altering accessories.

I'd like a return to the packaging styles from EP1 and POTJ (minus that barf-green color) where we had the coffin blister instead of the card-wide one. I'd also like a return of the CTs, which were the best pack-ins, IMO. I'm still wanting a Hey Tow CT. I'd also like a card style like the vintage and OTC versions with either a picture of the character or a background that the character would be found in. A return to the older type of cardbacks with a more comprehensive list of released figures would be cool.

I'd throw in having more rigid accessories using the older type of plastic. I'd be willing to sacrifice a little bit of detail for the durability.

The last thing I'd change would be inclusion of figure stands with each figure. The last bit of Saga figures and all the OTC ones had a stand, which made it nice for those of use who think the specialty ones are too costly by mail. I'm glad that we're getting at least some of the figures (just C2?) with stands and that they're specialized (3PO and Padme with a Mustafar one, AT-TE gunner with one from Kashyyyk).

Oh yeah, bring back the mail-ins like the ones we had from POTF2.

05-31-2005, 01:41 PM
I notice you sacrificed senatorial types like Mon mothma, Ask Aak and the Calamari - presumably because they aren't in the theatrical cut and would be of no interest whatsoever to kids. A pity because they look to be good figures but they're an understandable omission. Figures like these would have been best to come in 2006.

Great exercise. Imagine you ARE a Hasbro SW executive and you are making up the E3 list. Your goal for your company is first: to make them a lot of money (justifying what they're paying you).

1) You have plenty of people who will start out trying to be "completists." You can sell them as many background Jedi and Senators as possible NOW - before some of them give up and quit because stuff's "hard to find."

2) You know that thoes hardcore enough will buy Commander Cody, Gree, Bly, Snow-Clones, etc. all even a YEAR later, because they are not buying on a whim or "just to get a complete set of the movie-release figures," but they are invested for a lifetime of collecting. You can sell them these cool figures next year.

3) You know that the guys quitting after the excitement of the movie's died down are not going to say "I've always been waiting for a figure of Ask Aak!" and rush to the stores to buy this. So you sell it to them when they are vulnerable and think "I only need to buy 56 of them...." Parents will go for that too, since kids will move on to Fantastic 4 and Batman in short order. They will not come back for Meana Tillis, but they will want Cody and Gree when they see those.

Hasbro doesn't care that you are impatiently exasperated waiting for instant gratification. You'll live if you have to wait for Gree until next year - but you'll be a sucker and buy Mas Amedda now. (Personally, since I do dioramas, I think the background characters are great - and I'm glad Hasbro has an opportunity to sell so many of them!)

But in the meanwhile, they didn't get more Padmes out there, along with Pau'ns, Beru and Owen, etc.


4) Hasbro takes a year to get stuff from concept to production and they could not alter their plans because Shaak-Ti's scenes were cut from the movie and Bariss (a 12") was not seen altogether. So EXECUTIVE, you either sell the figures you produced, or you take a LOSS and get paid less because of tough luck. Are you going to be an executive or a moron?

05-31-2005, 01:42 PM
Most of the figures on my list have been mentioned before, but I'll say them again anyway :D
The figures I most want to see are the different clones:

-Standard SA Clone-would have several different variants for the different legions: Plain white, Cody's on Utapu, the blue ones, the green ones, the brown ones, and the Target exclusive ones.

-Commander Cody-can be done really easily by using a SA clone body. Give him a removeable helmet and maybe a small hologram of the Emperor that can snap onto his wrist.

-That other clone on Utapu with the weird helmet who says "nobody could have survived that fall"

-Commander Gree (Yoda's on Kashyyyk)-repaint the SA clone green and silver

-Kashyyyk clones (released with the BARC as a BARC Trooper)-This time make him a basic figure with SA.

-Commander Bly-repaint Clone Commander yellow (I think the one with the evolutions set is just a clone, not Bly--in that scene, there are two different clones with similar armor, but with yellow in different spots and one has the binoculars on his helmet)

-Shock Troopers-this one should have been a Target exclusive or something

-Commander Neyo-with the funky-looking Helmet

-Commander Baccara's snowtroopery-looking clones

-A better clone pilot with removeable helmet.

--also I would like to see R4-P17-although he's not shown with his full body, R4-G9 wasn't either, but he got a figure. Just repaint this one. Or if Hasbro is truly bent on adding action features, give him an exploding head.

-Viceroy Gunray

-Coruscant firefighter

-Baron Papanoida :D :D :D (not really)

-Polis Massans Medical Droid 2pack (similar to the Jedi temple droids from Saga)

-Non-action-feature, movie-accurate version of Chewbacca with a better ROTS sculpt and paint job, and Kashyyyk bowcaster.

-All the current Wookiee figures to have better articulation, like bendable knees


-Beru with Luke

-Mrs. Organa :crazed: (cant think of her name) with Leia OR a new version of Bail with Leia

05-31-2005, 03:24 PM
A better clone pilot with removeable helmet.

That's a good idea. I mean a lot of yours were good ideas, but we have all been saying the same thing about them for days and days. I don't recall anybody saying they wanted a new Clone Pilot with removable helmet. That would really be cool, especially since many people were dissapointed in the current version. They could even have the Gunship Turrets come with it (redesign the things) as many of us are clamoring for.

05-31-2005, 04:39 PM
Tycho made some excellent points. Especially about doing the obscure figs now. . .

That said, there are a few things I would have done differently.

1) More vehicles.

a) Especially the SENATE POD. This is such a no-brainer to me. The toy could easily be to scale. It was featured in the two prequels, and now in REVENGE is it in what is arguably the most mindblowing set piece. The Yoda / Palpatine duel. I so would buy several of these. And think after seeing the latest flick, even kids would waat one of these to hurl around a bit.

b) I also loved that fighter Obiwan flies away in after beating Grevious. (Forgive my ignorance. . . is this the V-Wing?)

c) Or that odd little speeder that he arrives in when he visits Padme amidst all the chaos. . .

d) the new jedi starfighter COULD have been so amazing if it had a working droid slot. Or as somebody mentioned in one of the forums that I visit --- had there been a special Artoo unit that splits in half so he would fit. Then he could at least still have a spinning head, you know? I cut Hasbro some slack here, as I know Lucas sure didn't make it easy to do this with the design they chose.

2) More Padmes. The fact that at present she has but one measly figure --- and it's not even the Leia buns one is a crying shame. That Padme would totally sell --- and what a nice bridge between the two series of films she would have been.

3) I also would have released the Aqualish (Walrus Man) separatists! They get so much screentime compared to many of the figures. Heck, I noticed them everytime the separatists leaders were shown. (I know that Hasbro was sort of screwed as so many figures had there screen time axed. . . but I am still surprised that Walrus Man wasn't on the list. Come on! He's way cooler than the Mon Calamari.)

4) More droids!

a) I really wish were got those other two medical droids to go along with the Chopper Droid (a very, very underrated figure in my book, I mean, he even has ball jointed shoulders.) But a 2-1 and FX would have been icing on the cake. Actually, in Hasbro's defense, I think that Lucus dropped the ball a bit on droids.

b) An R5 would have been most welcomed somewhere, anywhere. . . on screen.

c) And why not have a CZ droid on Coruscant when Anakin is swarmed by members of the senate? Of course, I have selfish reason for wanting to see them as I am beginning to fear I may NEVER get figures of these classic characters.

05-31-2005, 05:21 PM
I like my Senate Pods idea. 2 pods and the Chancellor's Pod at a 20-dollar price-point.

I think the speeder Obi-Wan used to visit Padme was the same one Anakin used to go help Palps. It's a cool design and I'd love to get a toy of it. I wonder if it's space-faring...it does have a canopy.

06-01-2005, 07:01 AM
b) I also loved that fighter Obiwan flies away in after beating Grevious. (Forgive my ignorance. . . is this the V-Wing?)

Nope, that's General Greivous' star fighter. A cool looking ship no matter who's it is! :D

06-01-2005, 07:05 PM
ROTS 2006

Wave 1: Battle of Coruscant
1. Commander Thire's Legion Grunt (Red Clone in Clone Wars V2)
2. Coruscant Fre Fighter
3. Super Articulated Soft-Goods Grievous

Wave 2: Coruscant Opera
4. Baron Papanoida
5. SA Soft-Goods Sly Moore
6. Girl Baron is Hangin' With

Wave 3: Utapau
7. Commander Cody
8. Lieutenant Fox
9. Cody's Legion Grunt
10. Nute Gunray
11. Shu Mai
12. Poggle the Lesser

Wave 4: Order 66
13. Commander Neyo
14. Palpatine w/Red Hood
15. Commander Bly
16. Ash-Clones
17. Bly's Legion Grunt
18. Bariss Offee
19. Quinlan Vos

Wave 5: Jedi Temple Attack
20. SA Soft Goods Evil Anakin
21. Jedi Youngling 2-Pack
22. 501st Trooper
23. Blaze Trooper
24. Clone Assassin
25. Jocasta Nu

Wave 6: Mustafar
26. SA Soft Goods Obi-Wan Kenobi
27. Mustafar Anakin (#50 '05 Rerelease)
28. R2-D2 (2nd R2 '05 Rerelease)
29. Passel Argente
30. Shocktrooper

Wave 7: Tantive IV
31. Ghost Qui-Gon
32. Polis Massan w/Hood
33. Doctor Droid 2-Pack
34. Bail Organa (The Other Outfit)
35. Antillies (Other Outfit)
36. C-3P0 with Articulated Knees

Wave 8: Other
37. Swampspeeder Pilot
38. Queen of Alderaan w/Baby Leia
39. Beru w/ Baby Luke
40. Owen
41. Ben Kenobi
42. Po Nudo
43. Fang Zar

Wave 9: A New Hope
44. Grand Moff Tarkin (NEW)
45. Darth Vader ('05 Rerelease) w/ Interragator Droid
46. Arcona (Cantina Patron)
47. One of THOSE Sisters (Brain Fart... Forgot their Names) (Cantina Patrons)

Wave 10: Empire Strikes Back
48. Han Solo (Bespin Ambush) (POTJ Rerelease)
49. Luke Skywalker (OTC Rerelease) (Dagobah)
50. Yoda (VOTC Rerelease)

Wave 11: Return of the Jedi
51. Amanaman (NEW)
52. Yakface (NEW)
53. Mara Jade as Arica
54. Yarna D'Al Gargan
55. The Emperor (Evolutions Rerelease)
56. Luke Skywalker (Saga '03 Rerelease)

Dead Padme in Carriage
Naboo Stallions
Boss Nass with Jar Jar Binks (With Secret JJB Killing Action!)


Luke Skywalker (Farmboy, Pilot, Jedi Master)
Padme Amidala (Queen, Senator, Mother)
Han Solo (Scoundrel, Carbon Freeze, General)

C-3P0 (Naked, Plating, Golden Painting w/ R2D2)
Nute Gunray (Viceroy, Seperatist Council, Utapau)
Leia (Princess, Hoth, Endor w/ SA Wicket)

Battle Packs
Empire vs. Jedi (Commander Neyo, Stass Allie (NEW), Target Clone, Mustafar Anakin, and Mustafar Obi-Wan)
Jedi vs. Sith (Darth Maul, Count Dooku, Yoda, Emperor Palpatine (Red), Mace Windu)
Jedi vs. Yuuzhan Vong (Yuuzhan Vong Warrior, Luke Skywalker, Mara Jade, Corran Horn, Kyp Durron)

New Republic vs. Yuuzhan Vong (Nom Anor, Tsavah Lah, Leia Organa, Senator A'Kla, Ganner)
Galactic Federation of Free Alliances vs. Yuuzhan Vong (Different Yuuzhan Vong Warrior, Kyle Katarn, Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, Han Solo)
Jedi vs. Dark Jedi (Kyle Katarn, Jerec, Desann, Tavion, Marka Ragnos)