View Full Version : was the new obi-wan figure flipping us off?

Mikey Bathroom
01-11-2002, 01:02 AM
now... remember the original line of the starwars figures?
quite simple, no? however... the whole thing made sense... one figure, one gun and/or lightsaber... and then it's on to the next figure. and packaging was excellent as well... the picture of the character took up the whole card.
remember how easy it was to get a figure back then... and that figure only... maybe one or two resculpts of the same figure? now i think i counted 7 different han solo with his vest figures. it's far too confusing...
Hasbro, listen... one figure, no silly poses... one or two weapons.

the faces on the episode 2 figures look excellent, but the poses need work.
oh yeah, and when is hasbro going to make a new decent-looking jabba the hutt figure from his classic likeness in ROTJ? i mean, head spitting action, feel real skin? computer generated jabba? c'mon then... let's get the real deal.

p.s. is natalie portman really going to be wearing that white thing? shwing!

01-11-2002, 08:16 AM
Yeah, and pardon my french but by the pics Ive seen of her wearing those threads its safe to say the girl has got an *** like an onion.

*gets teary eyed*

She sure took her vitamins.