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06-01-2005, 10:27 PM
What figures would you like to see in the new VOTC line, this is what I would like to see.

Sandtroopers with different paldons
Scout Troopers
Snow Troopers
TIE Pilot
AT-AT Driver
AT-ST Driver
Commander Veers

New TIE fighter
TIE Bomber
TIE Interceptor

and a price thats cheaper than $9.99.

06-01-2005, 11:33 PM
Old figs with new twists.

Rooted Hair Chewie
Reptillian feel skin Bossk
non cheep look metalic droids.
Better attention to scale issues.
Towel head Denger with Cloth.

Kyle Katarn
06-02-2005, 12:42 AM
Emperor Palpatine
Scout Trooper
Sand Trooper
Grand Moff Tarkin

X-Wing with a color variation

06-02-2005, 12:48 AM
Snow Trooper
Scout Trooper
Luke Endor
Luke Jedi
Luke Dagobah
Han Endor
Leia Endor
Cheif Chirpa
Imp. Officers
Rebel Troopers(fleet and Endor)

06-02-2005, 07:47 AM
I think there are a lot of great options:

A New Hope:
1. R5D4
2. Jawa (cloth goods)
3. Star Destroyer Commander/Death Squad Commander
4. C-3P0 with bendable knees
5. Tusken Raider
6. Death Star Droid (from the Sandcrawler, properly done)
7. Power Droid (like the original figure, from the Lars farm)

The Empire Strikes Back:

1. AT-AT Commander (with removable helmet and armor, imperial uniform
2. Black Bespin Guard
3. Hoth Rebel Soldier (like the vintage figure)
4. Hoth Rebel Commander (like the vintage figure)
5. Han Hoth, with cloth Hood that can go up or down

Return of the Jedi:

1. Endor Luke
2. Endor Leia
3. Endor Han
4. Bib Fortuna
5. Royal Guard
6. Gamorrean Guard (with force pike rather than axe)
7. Klaatu (from Jabba's palace)
8. Jedi Luke

I have a hard time deciding whether I want to see these figures as "vintage" figures. I'd really just rather they were made in the OTC line.

Anyone else think it would be fun if they made about 5-10 figures in the real vintage style of the Kenner 1970's/1980's figures except use prequel characters? Anyone want a blocky Jar Jar or Darth Maul?

06-02-2005, 01:07 PM
I have several actually that i would like to see including ones form the prequel trilogy as well.


Qui Gon Jinn ( Trade Federation) -Soft goods cloak, lightsaber hilt, lightsaber, comlink, tatoonie mositure farmer poncho and aqua breather.

Obi Wan Kenobi (Trade Federation - Soft Goods cloack, lightsaber hilt, lightsaber, comlink, qui gon lightsaber hilt.

Darth Maul (Tatoonie Duel) - Soft goods cloak, double bladed lightsaber with removable blades, wrist comlink, sith probe droids, binoculers, and a better cut in half feature then the previous two versions.

Queen Amidala (Senate Chambers) - this is the outfit see is in when she says to palpatine that she is returning to naboo.

Vehicle of Choice : SITH INFLITRATOR - we need this ship, can come complete with Maul cool speeder bike, maybe movable wings flaps and sounds. maybe even engines lights.


Padme Amidala ( Naboo Picnic)

Anakin Skywalker -Soft Goods cloak, lightsaber hilt, lightsaber, second lightsaber used to fight dooku, removable arm feature, can switch back and forth between flesh version and robotic version

Obi Wan Kenobi - soft goods cloak, lightsaber hilt, lightsaber, comlink, second saber used in fight with dooku, kamino saberdart, binoculers

Jango Fett - similar to the VOTC boba fett, twin blasters, flame thrower, two jetpack one with the firing missile, removable helmet and removable head and hands features.

Vehicle of Choice - Republic AT-TE with Driver, and by driver i mean articulated driver can even be a repack of the rots at-te gunner figure. should have firing missles, movable legs and cargo hold.


Padme Amidala - this figure should come in her nightgown outfit with real hair feature and anakin's japor sipnit necklace.

Anakin Skywalker (Mustafar) - soft good cloak, lightsaber hilt, lightsaber, yellow eyes feature, removable limbs. this figure should also have a ****ed off look on his face and not the semi happy content face as seen on the already seen hasbro version.

Obi Wan Kenobi (Mustafar) - soft good cloak, lightsaber, lightsaber hilt, burned tunic.

Mace Windu (Senate Chamber Battle) - soft good cloak, lightsaber hilt, lightsaber, removable arm feature and arcing lighting that can be connected to the existing palpatine figure that looks more realistic then the accessory packaged already.

Vehicle of Choice : Turbo Tank


Imperial Sandtrooper (Tatoonie Search) removable backpack, blaster rifle, blaster cannon, binoculers. chase figure can feature different shoulder pauldrons.

Grand Moff Tarkin (Death Star Conference) blaster pistol, perhaps this can be a packin with the conference room, another figure they can include could be General Tagge and Admiral Motti.

Han Solo as Stormtrooper - easy to make include blaster rifle and wrist binders for chewbacca

Luke Skywalker as Stormtrooper -easy to make include blaster rifle

Vehicle of Choice : Power FX X-Wing with either a sa Luke or Wedge


Bespin Fatigues Han Solo - include toture rack, binders, removable jacket, blaster rifle.

Bespin Fatigues Luke Skywalker - similar to the OTC luke but no gimmick, charred stump for a hand, lightsaber. lightsaber hilt, blaster that is removable from it's holster. maybe an interchangable head, one neutral one screaming.

General Veers (Hoth Assualt) - removable hoth armor, removable helmet. imperial uniform underneath, blaster pistol. imperial officer's cap. similar to I think it was Dark lord's custom.

Imperial Snowtrooper (Hoth Assualt) removable helmet with jango head underneath, blaster rifle, soft good skirt but not cloth maybe a vinyl similar to the original kenner era. perhaps the vinyl can even be on the helmet as well

Vehicle of Choice : Bespin Cloud Car with pilot- long overdue, will surly sell out.


Princess Leia Organa (Jabba's Slave Girl) this is the figure need to finally have a slave leia that can be posed next ot jabba and look accurate and not like she is laying down. include a long chain, and i do mean chain, not plastic, and force pike. sotf good skirt and real ponytail hair.

Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight (Death Star Duel) include wrist binders, lightsaber, lightsaber hilt, closed tunic.

Emperor Palpatine (Death Star Duel) soft goods cloack maybe even similar to the evolutions version, cane, force lighting, realistic looking of course, and the best of all, his throne.

Moff Jerjerrod (Death Star Arrival) blaster pistol and they can even include a similar accesory of the holo death star but maybe similar to dooku from the AOTC, only better, maybe on a datapad.

Vehicle of Choice : Jabba's Sail Barge with exclusive guard or court patron.

Also this would be a great way for hasbro to release some spirit figures as well, fully posable and similar to the OTC Ben Kenobi. Two versions of Anakin can be released, one of Sebastian and one of Hayden. somethin for the collectors to look for. :) :) :)

Of Course it goes without saying but the figures should be fully super articulated. no sense in making these figures if the ideals of the VOTC line aren't kept.

06-02-2005, 03:58 PM
I don't think they are going to do the VOTC figures of the prequels and I do not think they are going to do VOTC figures of figures that were not made in the Vintage line.

06-04-2005, 11:47 AM
All I want is whats below...about a DS II Luke Jedi...and I can die happy. I honest to God mean that. Since almost 10 years ago Ive wanted and waited for this Luke, and when the TRD one came up a mile short, Ive wanted it even worse. So c'mon Hasbro, make us collectors happy, and put out the best damn DS II Luke Jedi ever. Then we wont b***h anymore, haha...

What Needs To Be Seen:

Return of the Jedi

Death Star II Luke Skywalker

-Neutral Pose (Pre-Emperor's lightning)
-Accurate Facial Sculpt
-Good Articulation
-Accurate Clothing (Black closed tunic, NO VEST!!)
-Accessories (New Lightsaber Sculpt, Binders)

06-07-2005, 08:55 AM
Well since we are going to be getting the end of the ROTS line soon and Hasbro is going back to the OTC version cards perhaps this would be a great chance for Hasbro to give us the padme figures we are looking for while bringing back a line that had some good possibilities. The line I was refering to was the Princess Leia Collection, where you got a Leia figure with real hair and cloth clothing as well as a second figure that corresponded to the outfit she was in.
We could have:
Peasent Padme and Peasant Anakin from AOTC
Nightgown Padme and reflecting Anakin from AOTC
Nightgown Padme and disturbed dream Anakin from ROTS
Pre-Senate Amidala and Senator Palpatine or even a Handmaiden

Also we need SA versions of Obi Wan and Anakin for the Jedi Council Scenes. This can also be the start of hologram figures, I mean since we have a few now we still need, Ki Adi Mundi, Plo Koon, Yoda (one that can sit), Spirit of Hayden/Anakin Skywalker.

06-18-2005, 10:03 PM
A New Hope

X-wing and Y-wing Pilots

Red 4 Jon D (Red Helmet)
Red 10 forgot his name
Gold 2 Pops
Gold 5 Triee
Red leader WITH correct Helmet. the one with the Red leader X-wing is wrong color. They made it grey not Yellow and red wich it should be

Rogue 2 Zev Sanaska (spelling)
Rogue 4 Hobby
Rogue 3 Wedge's gunner Wes Janson

Too many pilots to type

hehe more pilots and all other Astro droids.


06-22-2005, 02:36 PM
A New Hope

X-wing and Y-wing Pilots

Red 4 Jon D (Red Helmet)
Red 10 forgot his name
Gold 2 Pops
Gold 5 Triee
Red leader WITH correct Helmet. the one with the Red leader X-wing is wrong color. They made it grey not Yellow and red wich it should be

Rogue 2 Zev Sanaska (spelling)
Rogue 4 Hobby
Rogue 3 Wedge's gunner Wes Janson

Too many pilots to type

hehe more pilots and all other Astro droids.


It sucks, but I highly doubt hasbro doing these any time soon. If anything, I think they are gonna focus on core characters in '06....