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06-07-2005, 04:16 PM
I am an avid Galoob/Hasbro Action Fleet collector.

I would like to maintain a complete Action Fleet collection, to the extent it is possible in this over inflated scalp-a-thon world.

I have not yet purchased a single Titanium ship. Reasons being:

* I never seriously collected X-Ray Fleet or MicroMachines scale ships, just Action Fleet.

* I am a stubborn S.O.B., and I want my Galoob (or Hasbro, I guess :rolleyes: ) ACTION FLEET back!!!!!!!!

* I don't want to start collecting another line/scale of ships **unless** there is no reasonable likelihood I will be able to get the same vehicles in Action Fleet or a scale more closely matched to AF, without having to build & detail kit models.

* I will almost certainly buy 6" Titaniums, since they'll be closer to AF in scale, but I've not heard anyone give a 100% committment that 6" Titaniums are definitely going to be sold, and whether all the same vehicles will be released as the smaller Titanium line.

* I am pretty compulsive as far as being a completist collector - if I start collecting this line, I'll probably end up getting them all - and I don't want to start if there are going to be more crap quality releases than good ones.

* By waiting this long to decide on the smaller Titaniums, I've probably already relegated myself to a difficult and scalper-infested search for some of the ships/waves.

So, am I going to miss out altogether on owning certain SW vehicles if I hold out for them to be released in a larger scale?

To those of you who have all or most of the smaller Titaniums already released, Do You Really Think They're Worth It to collect the complete product line, as far as quality of the design/sculpt and detailing?

good shot jansen
06-07-2005, 05:13 PM
good question swafster.

i did collect all the die-casts as i really like the feel of them, being made out of metal. they feel good and solid which is the main plus. as for detailing, and overall appearance, some are better than others. the tie bomber is phenominal, and is actually my favorite representation of that vehicle in any line. the slave 1 is also very nice. the x-wing on the other hand has always been a major disapointment as far as i'm concerned. the x spoils are locked in the open position, why they made the landing gear operable i'll never know.

as i already have all the galoob die-casts, i'm not about to pick up the titanium re-hashes of those i already got. i did just buy on ebay today the revenge of the sith titanium vehicles, star fighter, gunship, tri fighter and whatever that thing is which is supposed to be the forerunner of a at-st. i'm not too impressed with any of the photos i have seen of the titanium's, and having never seen them 1st hand, (non of the walmarts around me have em), i can't really give you good advice regarding them.

as for the line itself, it is definately a cool companion to action fleet. i started cetting the die-casts before i started collectin' mm's.

as for the plastic one's, i would definately advise you to pass on those. the x-rays were waaaaay cool, but the plastic painted versions are too plasticky, they really don't add anything to a collection. ahhhhhhh, with the exception of the a-wing plastic, it is the only version of the ship (that i know of) in any format that accurately has the detached engine ring detail. i would definately recommend tracking that one down, cause it really does look great.

06-08-2005, 12:01 AM
I say yes. AT least get the ones you dont have as of yet. I enjoy these thoroughly

06-08-2005, 08:20 AM
I would say YES, but then again, I'm more of a mini-ship person so these look great to my greedy eyes :D.

Your very very lucky, you can buy them in stores, only Wave 1 (the rehash wave) has appeared over here, no sign of the more interesting Wave 2. :(

06-08-2005, 03:31 PM

I have to say that I left collecting Die Casts/Titaniums 'til about last year myself - but now I am hooked - love mine.

The ROTS stuff (especially the Jedi Starfighter) are beautiful.

Make the most of being able to buy them retail (unlike us Euro boys) - you won't be dissappointed.


06-08-2005, 06:20 PM
Swaffy, I think you know Action Fleet was my primary interest in MM from the first day I visited the Galoob Buzz Board, but I also collected the other stuff as well. IMO, the Die-Cast line has always been pretty special, everything GSJ said about it felt spot-on. With Hasbro firmly dragging their feet on the AF line, it's not too likely we'll ever see any of these things, of course the Die-Cast line when it was Galoob's did the same thing with a few, we never were gonna get an AF Super Star Destroyer but the DC did it, we never got the AF Death Star or ISD but the DC did 'em both and did them proud, so I feel the DC line has its place too. As for these new Titaniums, KH had to get me all of the ones I wanted because they were that scarce in my area, so it's not wise to take them for granted.

New sets from wave 2:

The AT-RT is the biggest let-down because it's non-articulated and has a soft sculpt, plus the fig is non-removable, but I'd say it's pretty close to AF-scale so it's got that going for it. I'm not sure it's worth getting for everybody, tough and personal call, it's the weakest of the 2nd wave.
The Ep 3 Anakin's Jedi Starfighter is the only toy of this vehicle now or in the foreseeable future that has its proportions right, the sculpt is a bit simple but it's effective and the wing gimmick is nice even if the cockpit is empty and opens different from the way it does in the movie. I really like it.
The Droid Tri-Fighter is nice, hefty, pretty good sculpt too. It's on-tap with the 4"-figure-line's one.
The Republic Gunship is fairly simple but accurate, only moving part is the cockpit hatch for the pilots, I'd say it's not a must-have if you have the pseudo-Action Fleet version already, but it's good for whooshing and has a nice heft to it.
Galoob molds from waves 1 and 2 that I'd recommend:

The Millennium Falcon has a very nice sculpt and great proportions, but permanent landing legs (which aren't too bad at least). The original had nice paint, I think the Titaniums version does as well.
Imperial Star Destroyer is a must-have, one of the nicest ISD toys of all time, goes great with Hasbro's Collectors Fleet Super Star Destroyer too. I have at least 5 Galoob DC ISDs.
Slave I is a good piece with movable wings and guns, the sculpt has lots of details and covers the scale better than the Action Fleet.
The TIE Fighter is one of my favorite SW collectibles, it's the only TIE Fighter toy that accurately portrays the correct scale of this ship, getting the height of the wings and their distance from the central pod just perfect.
The Y-wing, which KH got for me as I missed out on originally, is another one that covers the scale of the vehicle better than the Action Fleet version.
So in summation, if you can keep yourself from feeling the hunger of being a completist and just stick to pieces you like, this line is worth getting into.

06-09-2005, 04:54 PM
I say collect them- and let me add that the Die Cast Death Star from the original Galoob line is worth picking up, too.

It's great that the TIE Bomber will be in Wave 3 of the Titaniums now, too, since I loved that ship as well.

Val Da Car
06-09-2005, 05:11 PM
hello all...

I finally got some DC & AF stuff...

The TRU had the Falcon, Vader's Tie and X Wing AF from AOTC.

I got Imp Shuttle & Slave 1 (Target Set) and the Jedi Star Fighter (Ep 3 WM).

I can't wait to open them.

Mad Slanted Powers
06-10-2005, 01:17 AM
I was at Wal-Mart on Tuesday looking for new figures with no luck when I spotted the Titanium series ships. Not sure if they had any before then as I hadn't really planned on getting them. They looked pretty cool though so I got the ones they had - A-Wing, Y-Wing, Snowspeeder, Yellow Jedi Starfighter, Republic Gunship, and Star Destroyer. Now I'll have to see about getting the ones I may have missed.

06-10-2005, 01:37 AM
Posty, Wave one is pretty much gone from stores. I suggest Ebay for those. It was Slave 1, TIE, X-Wing and Falcon. I might beable to secure a Slave1, LMK if you want it.

06-10-2005, 09:01 PM
I say collect them- and let me add that the Die Cast Death Star from the original Galoob line is worth picking up, too.Yeah, that one is super nice, one of my favorite pieces, VERY hard to find originally and certainly hasn't gotten any easier. I had to order mine from Galoob directly, what a great package that was though, the packaged DS and the bagged AF E-wing wave (the boxes were unavailable at that time, I didn't save the packaging at that time so it was just nice to finally get them after agonizing over 'em for so long).

good shot jansen
06-13-2005, 08:42 AM
i just received the 4 titaniums i had purchased on ebay, and i have to say i am really pleased with them, (except for maybe the gunship).

the jedi starfighter is really well put together. the wings (radiator fins) fold up into the open position which was a suprise for me. after nearly a decade of cursing out the die-cast x-wing for having the spoils locked in the open position, this die-cast delivers. the landing gear for it is clunky, much the same way the action fleet alpha naboo fighter's landing gear was. on the die cast starfighter though, it didn't need to be of such long straight legs, they only made the gear so long so that you could stand the ship on it's gear with the wings, (radiator fins) in the open position. with the fins closed, the landing gear could have been half the length, and not as clunky looking. but i'm nitpicking here.

i'm just thrilled that this is the 1st original galoob like miniature star wras toy that i have opened in three years time.

the underside of the starfighter is stamped 2005 gti! (galoob toys inc.), and the underside of the stand is stamped 2004 lgt (louis galoob toys). very strange indeed.

i particularly like that there are no fastening screws visible on the top or sides of the starfighter. ony on the bottom where they're not constantly in your face. i haven't opened up any of the other ones yet, however at fisrt glance, that's all i see on the gunship, (which is why i started off this thread that i may not particularly like that one), that big arsed screw that is directly under the cockpit on the starboard side of the gunship certainly distracts from the overall look of that die-cast, i'll know more once i open it. as for the starfighter, it is indeed a great addition to any galoob collection.

one last thing, i don't have an af figure here at the office, but.........if i'm not mistaken, the cockpit seems to be large enough that quite possibly an action fleet pilot figure, might, just might fit within the drivers seat :eek: , that alone should be enough reason for you to scoop at least this one up swafster. i will report back once i try and fit a guy in.........to be continued

06-13-2005, 01:16 PM
Thanks for all the advice. As with the very first Action Fleet waves many years ago, it looks like I'll end up regretting having waited to snag the early releases when they'd first hit the shelves. I guess I'll focus on several of the ships that were highlighted in the posts in this thread, and try to avoid temptation to go for the entire line. Although a very good argument was made for getting the complete collection... ACK!!!! :confused: Aw, heck! Collecting is such a slippery slope. ;)

06-13-2005, 01:31 PM
Welcome to the club Swaffy.

06-13-2005, 03:31 PM
I've skipped all of them except the Jedi starfighter, Tri-Droid Fighter, and AT-RT. The Jedi Starfighter and Tri-Droid were "new" inasmuch as having representations of these vehicles in a smaller scale, and the AT-RT has a proper white-armor clone mounted on it.

I thought about the Republic Gunship, but the side gun bubbles aren't there, so I had to pass.

I also thought about the A-Wing, Y-Wing and Snowspeeder, but I already have these as both Micro Machines and Action Fleet vehicles, so it didn't feel like I needed any more of them.

I just wish they would come out with a proper X-Wing with closing S-foils (Note: not "spoils," Jansen. :P).

I am really looking forward to the Ep III micro vehicles advertised on the back of the Separatist Cruiser playset, though I doubt the wings on the Jedi starfighters are going to be movable, right?

good shot jansen
06-13-2005, 03:59 PM
my trashing of the star wars venacular (as well as the english language at large) is quite legendary :crazed: , thanx for the heads up on foils vs. spoils, i couldn't remember how exactly the line went, and i guess for some reason it stuck in my mind as spoils. foils does indeed make sense, but alas, sense making does not seem to be a particular hard point with gl when it comes to star wars, hence my foible over foils :kiss: .

i opened up the gunship, and yeah, it really doesn't offer much of anything. the guns are all out of scale, and look reeeeeeeeeeel cheapo. the rear doors do not open and close, they are not only welded in the open position, but another screw makes it's fastening point right through the door on the back starboard side. there is a nice bit of detailing of the top loading munitions for the two main guns. (i always wondered how the ship could even fly, as what appears to be the main engines on top back portion of the wings, have their intake completely blocked by the main guns), (and if those aren't the engines, but just part of the cannon assembly, where the hell are the engines on the gunship then?), anyway i degress............

the opening cockpit is evem more useless on this diecast then it was on the action fleet. you open it up, and there's only one very badly detaile........actually completely non-discript, void of any detailing (the anti-detailing) seat, (the front one), the rear seat is nothing but.......well nothing.

the front lasers do not swivel, and the rear laser is larger than the diameter of the two top main guns.

as Scackmgack indicated, there are no swing out gun pods, and the two on the wings are just metal blobs that have been painted along with the rest of the wing (the ship for that matter), in the dull gray matte finish.

i would definately pass on this one swaf if your not looking to pick up the entire line to be a completest.

good shot jansen
06-14-2005, 08:23 AM
the tri-fighter die-cast is another really nice minature to add to your collection swaf. the only operable feature is that the center control pod rotates a full 360 degree. this of itself is no big thang, but what it does provide is angled display possibilities. the post hole is in the bottom of the center pod, so when you mount it on the stand, you can then position the tri-fighter in different angles for display. that is a really nice display feature.

the paint scheme is the best that has ever been done for a die-cast (with the possible exception of the original snowspeeder, i really like the shade of white with the orange splashes used on that one), the different shades of blue between the metal and plastic parts really belnd nicely, and the touches of black stand out strikingly as do the added white and blue decals and stripes.

the two missles attached to the underside was a nice added touch. i didn't even know from the photgraphs that they were there. they add to the overall menacing appearance of this craft.

the fastening screws are in two very visible locations, but they do not distract at all from the overall appearance.

the at-rt is ok. nothing moves on it, not the legs, not the clone trooper, nothing. i wish they had made it a tad smaller so that the clone trooper was the smae size as an action fleet figure. he's to big, he would look like a giant amongst the af's in a bedroom battle scene. this vehicle would work so well as an action fleet battle pack, if it was sized accordingly. it's as big as the af at-st. in fact i think the legs are cast from the af mold with some modifications to the feet. it's kind of a strange vehicle, why on earth would the republic commision a fully exposed ground assault vehicle with slow moving legs when they have an arsenal of repulser-lift speeder bikes to use. in fact if you imagine this thing without the legs, it would indeed make a nice heavy assault speeder.

anyway, regardless of the silliness of this type of craft, it too is a nice addition to a star wars miniature collection.

06-14-2005, 07:09 PM
Glad you got the Ep 3 JSF die cast and like it. :) I couldn't agree more about the S-foils closing on the X-wing, this one betters that immensely.

As for screw holes, they do indeed hamper the look of the Republic Gunship. The Droid Tri-Fighter has less of 'em and they're spaced different, but you can't really get away from seeing them the way they built this thing, I still think it looks pretty good though.... Looks like you already commented on that in the next post, "d'oh!" on me. :nerv:

I've often wondered where the engines on the Rep Gunship were, I think I started a thread about it a few years ago in the Ep 2 forum, those things on top ARE the rocket/missile launchers and most of the rest of the craft is space for the people inside.... A quick search just netted me that very thread: http://forums.sirstevesguide.com/showthread.php?t=19041

the two missles attached to the underside was a nice added touch. i didn't even know from the photgraphs that they were there. they add to the overall menacing appearance of this craft. They're buzz-droid filled missiles, they're on the Hasbro 4"-scale vehicle, but I couldn't see the missiles in the film or the trailer and the larger vehicle toy's missiles look kinda crummy IMO, though the DCs look better since they're more like they're holding something inside.

it's kind of a strange vehicle, why on earth would the republic commision a fully exposed ground assault vehicle with slow moving legs when they have an arsenal of repulser-lift speeder bikes to use. in fact if you imagine this thing without the legs, it would indeed make a nice heavy assault speeder. I've seen others making a similar argument about the AT-RT, I could only chalk it up to the Republic doing that "morality-bustin'" thing like with the AT-AT and AT-ST. However, your idea of how it'd look legless is REALLY cool, though that nose gun would have to be smaller I think.

Lazer Brain
06-16-2005, 04:48 PM
i think these are great! i did not even see a hit of the first wave around here, but wave II are cool, i can't wait to get wave III.
i will be willing to trade some for a xwing and slave I.

06-16-2005, 05:34 PM
Wave 1 is long long gone lazer brain. Wish I could help ya out. I have wave 2 here if ya need any.

06-21-2005, 08:15 PM
The AT-ST's, AT-AT's and AT-RT's are all explainable and relevant to the Star Wars universe beyond Morale Bustin' (best way I have heard it put so far ;))

We had this discussion long ago about shielding technology in the SW universe. Episode 1 provided the best evidence of any shield hypothesis', as the Battle Droid army couldn't blast through the Gungan's shields but they could walk through.

This said, it stands to reason that the shielding in the Star Wars universe in most places is just the same- you can't speed through them (speeders would be useless) and you can't blast quickly through them (lasers and missiles would be nigh useless) but you can walk through them.

So, on Hoth when the Imperials first approached the base, Veers said the shield was strong enough to deflect any bombardment. So, naturally, they launched troops in AT-AT's and they had AT-ST's scout the routes so that the Imperials could walk their AT-AT's right through the shields safely (with the Scout Walkers looking for pit-traps or perhaps scanning for ground stability).

AT-RT's in the Clone Wars days could have been meant to penetrate shields and shielding on planets with a hot environment where an enclosed vehicle would have been most uncomfortable. They also could have scouted for ground stability for the big'ol rolly tanks :)

Of course, looking at almost all of the Clone Wars era vehicles in general, a lot of them seemed to be open and exposed (the drop ships, AT-RT's, the speeders, etc.) Might have been more costly to create enclosed ships...or something to that effect :-)

06-22-2005, 01:48 AM
Man, that was the most non-specific EU answer I've seen in a long time. :D

06-22-2005, 02:40 PM
Why thank you, sir :)