View Full Version : eMpiphany: IT'S ALL PADME'S FAULT

06-08-2005, 11:48 PM
when anivader proposed to her that he'd kill the emp & they'd rule righteously 2gether, she shoulda swallowed her horror at his having killed kids & whatnot, and just Gone Along With Him. whatever might've ensued, surely it woulda been better than the 2 decades of palpire the sw galaxy got. instead of suckin it up like a cardassian lady macbeth, wielding her feminine wiles and poli-savvy to inspire, guide, temper and reign in a half-dark chancellor anivader, she spurns him and wilts of a broken idealist's heart, forcing ani's hand.
he made it clear she was all that mattered to him. so for her to turn away out of distaste and/or trepidation re living out her life at the side of such a powerful, unpredictable mixed bag is incredibly petty given the enormity of the stakes :rolleyes:
eve always plays a decisive role, even if it's not apparent-