View Full Version : "Who's Your Daddy?" poster available THIS WEEKEND ONLY!

El Chuxter
06-17-2005, 02:24 PM
From starwars.com (http://www.starwars.com/episode-iii/release/theater/news20050615.html)

See Revenge This Father's Day Weekend, Get a Free Poster!
June 15, 2005

See Revenge This Father's Day Weekend, Get a Free Poster! Remember Dad taking you to see your first Star Wars film? Well it's time to return the favor at your local theater this Father's Day weekend where fans who see Revenge of the Sith will receive a free "Who's Your Daddy?" poster featuring cinema's most notorious patriarch, Darth Vader.

Available only this weekend, this exclusive 11 x 17-inch poster depicts the Dark Lord in an image recently used to promote Episode III on the international scene. This very limited poster will only be given to ticket holders who see Revenge of the Sith in a participating U.S. theater this Friday, Saturday or Sunday, June 17-19*, and will never be offered again. It's the only time this image will be used in a U.S. poster to promote the theatrical release of the film. Also, this is a chance to once again see the epic action of the Star Wars finale before it leaves the big screen.

Share the excitement of the very last Star Wars film with Dad this weekend, and take away this very cool exclusive poster as a keepsake. What better way to celebrate Father's Day than with the saga that belongs to all generations?

*While supplies last. Void where prohibited. Only at participating theaters. One poster per ticket purchased between 6/17 - 6/19.

I was going to wait until DVD, but daaaaaaaang that looks cool! I may have to postpone Batman Begins for a week to pick this up.

06-17-2005, 02:50 PM
Darth Vader's my daddy!!! Thats a pretty sweet poster, I may have to take in viewing #10 this weekend. :D

Captain Spoon
06-17-2005, 02:58 PM
have to get poster!!!! That is wicked cool. I also was waiting for the DVD for viewing #5, however this is too good to pass up. I am torn between ROTS and Batman as well. I have seen Batsy once already but it was a Fantastic movie!

Mr. JabbaJohnL
06-17-2005, 03:38 PM
I was planning on seeing it on Saturday anyway, so this works out well! My theater is going to have them; I called and asked. You guys should too so you won't be disappointed.

06-18-2005, 12:33 AM
I wanted to go again anyway this weekend but this will be a better justification for going.

Too bad I have to go to a wedding on Saturday, so I'll have to try to scoot over on Sunday after doing some Father's Day stuff.

06-18-2005, 12:58 AM
yeah, there is the EXACT same poster running in the weekend edtion of the USA Today. Granted, it's not poster quality, and it has the promo on the top right, but it'll do just the same. :crazed:

06-18-2005, 02:04 AM
I love your sig JMG ;) I don't think they'll have them here in Italy :(

Bel-Cam Jos
06-18-2005, 09:15 AM
I got mine! Yesterday, I went to see E3 (after having seen E1 and E2 earlier in the morning on DVD, and before watching E4 through E6 later on DVD that day) and I had to ask "do you have the Star Wars poster?" And the employee said "well, all I have is this," and she took out a small glossy paper that was rolled up. (i.e. a poster). So make sure you don't assume that they will know what they're supposed to do, nor that they will actually pass them out to the customers. :confused: :rolleyes:

06-19-2005, 11:42 PM
Scooped up a pile of them tonight, haven't counted yet but there are several dozen in my stack.

06-19-2005, 11:46 PM
I have 5 dozen exactly! :eek:

06-20-2005, 01:10 PM
I have so many (82) that I might use some of the extras as wrapping paper. :crazed:

Don't worry fellas, there were STILL hundreds of them left so it's not like we hoarded. Plus it's on 3 screens and each screening had a pile of them there, so nobody is going to get shut out on account of our Greed.

06-20-2005, 02:46 PM
My stupid theater (more on this later) didn't give me one! I made it a point to go this weekend just to get one & they didnt even mention they had a promotion going on!

Did you have to ask for it directly, or did they just give them to you?

Now about the theater. Its located in the food court of the mall. They have a new rule that you can only get in to buy popcorn, drink, candy, etc. with a valid ticket for that day. Now that's not that bad, but they say if you leave & try to come back in, even if you have a ticket for that day, for the movie you are about to see, the ticket is void & you have to buy another one!!! I'm like what!!!! That is insane!!! It used to be that you could mosey on in, go to the concession stand, use the potty, then go back out & get tickets, wander around, & once its time to go into the movie, give the person the ticket, they'd stamp it & you would be good for the alotted time of the movie. Not anymore.

Add to this the price of one small popcorn & one large coke was $8.50, ($5 per ticket, which isnt that bad)... its a wonder places like this stay in business!

06-20-2005, 10:42 PM
For me those posters were right outside the theater sitting ontop the garbage can. There wasn't anybody there keeping an eye on things so I helped myself to a few extra. :p

06-20-2005, 11:48 PM
It was pretty funny. I already grabbed a few, I figured it would be enough for the both of us but when the Fantastic Four preview came on again, Jim Jam got up, went out to that garbage can, and came back with his OWN stack. Then after the movie he grabbed our combined pile and on our way out there were tons more so I thought to myself, "meh!" and grabbed a new stack of my own.

And really, with them being piled up on a garbage can, I figure that's where they're going after this weekend. At least they don't have to move them very far when the promotion ends. :rolleyes:

BanthaPoodoo, I wouldn't patronize a theater like that. That's tomfoolery.
If you still want one, send me a PM and I'll send you one . . . if you are willing to cover the shipping cost, that is.