View Full Version : Which figures do you want to see on OTC carding?

06-28-2005, 02:56 AM
Despite the great news about an entirely redone VOTC line, lets not forget about the OTC line comming back. These are the figures (or versions of them) that werent release on vintage card. So for this purpose, which figures (core and background) would you like to see on OTC carding. Look below for the one I want...

Captain Spoon
06-28-2005, 11:06 AM
If they were to do a new VOTC line I would want..

Episode IV
1. Jawas
2. Greedo
3. Tie Pilot
4. Wedge Antilles (if they made a Vintage Wedge)

Episode V
1. Han in Carbonite
2. Snowtrooper
3. Bossk
4. General Veers

Episode VI
1. ROTJ Luke's Figure- No reason this should not be out already lol
2. Emperor
3. Royal Gaurd
4. Slave Leia

If they keep withe the VOTC lines, and I have no problem with the $10 price points if they are shelled. However I believe they need to keep the releases down to 4 figures per movie, one movie at a time. If they dump too many on us and it becomes a scalping party for these things I will loose faith in the line altogether.

As far as the OTC figures I would prefer if they use this set to finally produce more background characters. X-wing pilots would be cool, a new version of Porkins, Dack and Wedge that doesn't come with a damn carring case. However I would not want to go to the store and find 30 different cantina aliens. I would say at first If they don't have a speaking (or beeping or some type of sound) line in the movie don't make them into a figure. Or also fan's choice could be cool again. Or they could use OTC style cards (maybe change the color) and release characters from the KOTOR game or from the prequels like they did with the POTC.

06-28-2005, 06:20 PM
I know we've mentioned it before but I will briefly state that I would like Hasbro to redo the entire Kenner Line of Figures in the VOTC style, and I'm talking articulation, sculpt and did I mention articulation. Not the 45 degree arms and knees either, I'm talking the VOTC hidden joint style.

As for the OTC, I'd like for them to crank out the figures that weren't in the KENNER line up, but I would like to see them attempt the same style blister cards and the same criteria used in creating the VOTC:

Han in Stormtrooper, to complete the Luke Stormie set... what else,
hmmm, let me think this out

06-29-2005, 01:14 AM
VOTC...OTC...NO TC, haha (lol) I just wanna see my figure...

06-30-2005, 11:43 PM
Well there's lots, but I really like the idea of having an "OTC look" to the packaging, yet allowing a few prequel characters to remain in the line. There are lots and lots of figures I'd like to see:

Medical robes Luke from end of ESB
Med robes Leia
Lando in Han's clothes from end of ESB
Sgt. Doallyn and the black guy with the feathered hat from Jabba's Palace
Moff Jerjerrod
Piett redone
2-1B redone
Red Leader's black and red astromech droid from ANH
Biggs Darklighter in Academy dress uni from deleted scene of ANH
Biggs Darklighter in X-Wing Pilot outfit
Tonnika sisters
Any and all remaining patrons of the Cantina
Any and all remaining denizens of Jabba's Palace
Yarna D'al Gargan
Any and all remaining vintage figures that haven't been remade

Pablo Jill with articulated knees and soft goods cloak (for Jedi Council scene)
Commander Cody
501st Clone Trooper
Walrus Man Alien from Separatist Council
Any and all remaining Podracers

There are tons, at least 3 or 4 good 50 figure years (assuming there'll be the usual repacks and redone characters thrown into the mix).