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Darth Alex
07-19-2005, 03:31 AM
Dear Hasbro,



Seriously, WHAT is GOING ON?

night after night after week after week....
Takin wave still not found by tons of people.
Wookie Helicopter and 500th Vader...POOF...gone 4 weeks ago, never restocked in NorthEastern Pennsylvania.

If anyone at Hasbro is reading this, seriously, you need to put out a SPECIFIC press release with WHEN and HOW OFTEN you're gonna HOOK US UP.

That stock boost you'all got as just announced on this site-gonna go POOF...
DISAPPEAR if you don't start shipping.

Shipping-NOW. THIS WEEK.
NOT 6 weeks from now on a boat from the Pacific Rim.
I'm not holding onto my wallet forever for you anymore.

In this day and age, besides SAVING $$$ which we could all do more of, Hasbro you've got to realize that perception is reality....which is that people will just say the heck with this and move back onto...video games...dvds....internet adult entertainment...tricking out the ride.

Seriously, when I call Felicia, toy manager extraORDINAIRE at the Wilkes-Barre Walmart who was slamming with new stuff and restocks from 4/2 until about 3-4 weeks ago and she COMPLAINS that she never gets what is ordered, even with a slight downturn in stock volume for the Christmas mods...well, WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO HELP HER?

Bryan's toys has had the #51-52-53 ROTS figures for a little while now.
I'm not paying bloody $11.99 plus touching, handling, and shipping(extortion) charges.
This case, WAVE FIVE, should have been everywhere, especially at Walmart by now.
Then at Comic-Con you tell us that 3 repaints and 12 more figures are coming, on top of the WAVE SIX #54-55-56 case that's due in AUGUST.


Some help here....maybe another midnight madness annoucement I missed that would explain all the non-existant stock that isn't being held back by stores?:dis:

07-19-2005, 08:48 AM
I leave in SW Connecticut, and its the same here. Nothing anywhere for weeks. I know in other threads people have said they will start shipping in August for the Xmas season, but come on you can't make sure there is enough of what shipped out weeks ago. I still have not seen the Tarkin wave or any clone three packs. I beginning to believe they don't exist.

jedi master sal
07-20-2005, 11:41 AM
I'm going to make a educated guess as to what has happened here:

Hasbro did not allow their retailers to overorder (thereby cuasing pegwarmers from much earlier waves)
In doing so Hasbro did not produce as much stock.
They did not coorectly estimate the demand for ROTS figures and because of their cautious approach literally ran out of stock.

Some e-tailers like Brian's, probably ordered specific cases, so that's why they have the newer figs. Granted they cost more, but that's because e-tailer's like Brians can't mass order like Wal*Mart, Target and TRU can. So they charge more to make up for it and make a reasonable profit for themselves. Big retailers like the three previously mentioned would never go the route of ordering specific case assortment because it would be a logistics nightmare. They are about volume and profit, not specifically catering to the needs of the collecting community. They will say they are catering by carrying the line in the first place and in most instances selling them for the cheapest price.

I'm not trying to make excuses for wither Hasbro or the big retailers here, I'm just making a reasonable observation.

However, I do think that Hasbro should have done more and better market research this go around. IIRC, toy sales flucuated very near the same way for the OT when it first came out. So they should have seen that trend and planned for it this time as well.

The last 12 announced at SDCC were in response to the overwhelming response and sales of ROTS figs. They were the easist to make because they were repaints and many of them they probably still have set up to manufacter at their plants, ie. Wookiee warrior, Neimoidian guard, clones.

They are trying. Here's hoping they listen to us all. Not just here at SSG but all of the major SW collecting sites.

It's easy for us collector. We can pretty easily and accurate guess what's going to be hot or not. AT-TE gunner anyone? But seriously even many from the first few waves are now HTF or getting increasingly harder to find. But I'd imagine a could majority of collectors would balk at the idea of rereleaseing some of those figs again so close to the original release date. I need gunners, but others may not. Many still desire the Blue and Red Guards for instance. But many more still, just want Hasbro to keep cranking out NEW figs. They've listened and are trying to accomodate us. Be patient, we will get all the figs that have been slated for release. It just may be a little later than sooner.