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07-24-2005, 02:20 PM
These are shots from what I'm proposing for Utopau.

The Clones used will not be the actual clones in the scene. I had my gunship and crew from my AOTC Arena Rescue out and with no room for a permanent display container, so I reutilized it here for spacing purposes.

I have a lot of white E3 Clones that I may divert to this scene as I don't want the preposed 3 packs for Utopau and I don't feel like waiting forever for Hasbro to single-card every Clone version.

There is an AT-TE Gunner in the scene who will likely stay there - I've removed his AT-TE gear and made him look like a great SA infantryman.

The Clone Commander may stay. Cody is slightly different on the visor which is a visor on Cody and binoculars on #33. How much will I care? Not sure.

I wished I had a spare electropole thing for Obi-Wan and Grievous to be fighting with. The Wheelbike and Boga look so cool!

I love having the Crab droid. Initially I was going to use at least 2 of these, but I'd rather keep my scene smaller. I wasn't going to use a gunship before, but I have an extra one from AOTC (didn't buy ANY CW or ROTS), so I figured why not use it here? It looks good. Since it's my AOTC arena rescue one, that is why you might spot Shaak-Ti and SaeSee Tiin aboard. I like the way they are posed as well as my AOTC clones, so I didn't want to mess with this until I move and can reset them exactly as you see here in my large Geonosian Arena display I want to make.

I set this up on top of my Beggar's Canyon fixture from SOTE (eu) so I could see how everything fits. I know I want 1-2 more Battle Droids (and have at least 1 waiting on my carded wall) so that'll happen. Other than that, I will just swap E3 Clones in for the E2 ones and I'm all set. Cody? Maybe. For this scene it doesn't really make that much of a difference.

07-24-2005, 02:26 PM
These are shots from The Birth of the Twins / Padme's Death.

If I get the kids, I may put Leia in Bail's arms and the medical droid holding Luke.

The kids are being made, Hasbro said so at Comic Con - with Obi-Wan and Bail Organa re-releases as Wal-Mart exclusives.

The Medical Droid and Birthing Droid would be nice additions. Nothings been said as to whether they'll ever get made.

I like Obi-Wan touching Padme in this scene. I effectively showed his concern as best as it could be done in plastic.

07-24-2005, 02:35 PM
Here's some Jedi vs. Sith action for ya.

The End of Count Dooku works perfectly. One stump is not a "stump" but the figure was of great quality that I'm not going to wine too hard about a resculpt. At this point, I'm not likely to buy one. If they made alternate "arm ends" with the glowing orange "just severed and still on fire" look, I might be inclined to buy Dooku again - everything else remaining the same. This is a great figure of the Count.

I know Anakin's blades were catching Dooku's neck in the "x" between them, but I repositioned them for my display so you could better see Dooku's great likeness in his head sculpt without Anakin's blades blocking the view.

At a dealer store I used to go to I bought a lot of junk that looked like I could use it in props for scenes somewhere down the line. For Yoda vs. Sidious, it came in handy. This is the wrong outfit for Palpatine. They don't actually make this outfit except in the 12". The Deluxe figure can only be maintained with his arms up and his "evil" face showing if you jam something in his back so the lever won't release back. In this case I stuck a knife in his back (hehe). It's a little plastic one from some soldier figures I bought as scene filler for some war or another. Fortunately it hides well.

I really do like the way this Palpatine figure looks in the scene though. I'm tempted to just buy another Deluxe for my Senate scene (where he wears this outfit). But I don't have another plastic knife to stick in that one's back - so my best bet is to wait for Hasbro to make Palpatine in his correct outfit from the duel with master Yoda.

07-24-2005, 02:44 PM
Here is my own version of the Anakin Evolutions set - borrowed from several scenes I'll be doing.

The Obi-Wan and Padawan Anakin from the E1 era go with Tarkin and possibly some blue "Corps" figures or something to represent a scene from Rogue Planet.

The Hanger Duel Anakin (AOTC) looks great with Dark Side Anakin # 28's cloak on him. Too bad I didn't buy more of the Hanger Duel figures, I could have made some of my 6 Anakins (neutral pose, neutral cape, neutral expression - sort of) that I wanted for E2 scenes (mostly with Padme figures they don't yet make, and at the Jedi Council as well). This is why while I frown on resculpts next to new figures like Padme's medical droid, I wouldn't mind a great resculpt for AOTC Anakin.

The best thing shown I think is the "Darth Vader" Anakin. This is Figure #28 with figure #50 (mustafar's) cloak on him, giving him that "I REALLY intend to do evil" look. The #50 regular Anakin head is too nice looking that I often do a double-take and think it's Luke. Using 28 with the cloak is the best Darth Vader you can get right now. It's not perfect - the cloak is not designed for figure 28. But I don't think I'd run out to replace this figure with a perfect one for very minor changes you wouldn't really notice on casually observing a scene with this figure and an army of 501 Clone Troopers.

07-24-2005, 02:58 PM
Here are my E3 fightercraft. The lens wasn't wide enough to show 2 more Tri Fighters one behind the one shown, the other behind Obi-Wan's fighter.

That was enough for me. I'd originally gotten 5 Tri Fighters and 3 ARCs, but scaled it down to this. It cannot look more important than my Battle of Endor fleets - as it wasnt'.

Kashyyyk you may have seen before. I'm fond of shooting pictures of it so that I can reposition my Wookiees ripping droids' arms out of their sockets exactly as I've set them up here.

I have 2 AT-RT Drivers now and am not sure what to do with them. Bikerscouts made up the infantry on Kashyyyk. I also have too many AOTC 3-packs and don't mind using them up. No ROTS 3-packs shown yet have Bikerscout heads and camaou. The supposed Kashyyyk set they did has the wrong kinds of clones. I'm not sure I care. Their gear was different, but they were the same Clones as made in AOTC. At this scale, when appreciating a large display, I'm not sure it makes much difference. The question is how will it look when I add Cmdr. Gree? I like him and want his figure in the scene somehow. That's why I test these things.

This one is far from done. While my Wookiee Helicopter made it, I want:

1 Turbotank
1 Droid Gunship
1 Wookiee Catamaran
2 Corporate Alliance Tank Droids
1 Clone Swamp Speeder

to finish this massive war off.

I'm most worried about the Droid Gunship and the TurboTank. The others I could see them more readily making (the Tank Droid anyway). If the Clone's swamp speeder is ignored by Hasbro, I could live with it. The catamaran I'd like more because it's so exotic. Hopefully Hasbro will see Wookiee stuff sells.

07-24-2005, 03:13 PM
There's a lot of scenes I haven't test set or shown here as I haven't had the time or inclination to open stuff for them yet:

a comic-book frame story with Palpatine's rescue from Invisible Hand. Basically, scene-by-scene story-telling of the major events means plenty of Obi-Wan, Anakin, Palpatine, Dooku, Grievous, and Droid figures. You get the idea.

Palpatine's arrival - an excuse to use the Senator figures and the Padme with hair in buns if they make her.

The Jedi Council with holograms. When I get Plo Koon's holo, I might start this. We need a Ki-Adi Mundi Holo too though. I'll probably wait to test set this one. I've never test set any Jedi Council scene, but the prospect of using Holograms is exciting.

A few Anakin / Padme apartment scenes with just them and the droids. It's all dependent on them making Ruminations Padme, Nightgown Padme, or some figure of that sort. A variation on it from when Obi-Wan goes to see her is also planned to story board the movie and do scenes I really like.

Order 66 -

Aayla and Bly & Clones (probably regulars - I don't want 5 Evolutions sets);

Bail Organa, Zett Jukasa, etc - waiting for 501 Clones and hopefully a new sculpt of Organa;

Ki-Adi Mundi and Bacara. I'm probably going to "pan left" and just shoot the Clones (if they make SnowClones) and Ki and not do the Separatist droids. I don't think the scene needs to be that big.

Plo Koon??? I have 3 extra Plo figures from POTJ and AOTC (2). His starfighter is or is not something I'm likely to buy. Not sure. I don't want to spring for another ARC 170 just for the Order 66 scene. I'm not the biggest Plo Koon fan. He doesn't bother me and I think he's quite cool looking, but other Jedi have been much more expanded on.

Stass Allie - I have 2 BARCs and the Stass Deluxe. No need to test set this. I can imagine exaclty what it'll look like. Will I buy Neyo and his style of Clone? Possibly. I'd take the riders if they are articulate and put them into service on Kashyyyk. If they're not poseable, than I'll just use them for Stass' death scene and not care that much.

Anakin leading Clones. I have to send out my Clones I bought for this to Utopau or something. I'll be getting 12 or more 501s here!

Palpatine rescues Anakin, Mustafar duel stuff, the operating table scenes. Some of this I may photo and post now.

Anakin killing the Separatists I haven't set up yet either.

Mace and posse vs. Sidious I shot and posted before.

I can't think of other scenes at the moment, but I cover just about everything in the movie including the droids going to Captain Antilles.

08-04-2005, 12:12 PM
Cool pix, Tycho!

I picked up an extra operating table Vader for opening, and am working on a small diorama involving him.