View Full Version : I'm glad we didn't see Obi and Owen playing grabass.

07-26-2005, 02:40 AM
Since this whole ROTS tilt-a-whirl began, I've heard/read comments that frowned on the fact that we never saw Owen get salty at Obi-Wan for any of a number of things.

I'm glad we didn't get all of that in the movie. There are 2 decades between ROTS and ANH so a bunch of stuff "will" happen in between and for me it's best that the rift between these old coots develops then, offscreen.

Think about it this way - Luke knows who Kenobi is, at least he knows who Ben Kenobi is. And he even RECOGNIZES Old Ben when he comes to Luke's aid during the Tusken attack.

It's not like Ben walked over to his Eeopie and rode into the sun(s)set never to be seen again until ANH.

Luke knew Ben, so of course Owen had contact with him over the years and we get filled in on some of that when Ben talks to Luke about his old man and his uncle.

That brings up AOTC, too, I remember thinking to myself at the time of AOTC that when Ani leaves after getting a message from Kenobi, that is the literal explanation of Old Ben's "should have stayed here" line. Sure, it might fit the bill in that regard but it's not necessarily the literal translation of that line from Ben. Once again, Owen and Ben will bump into each other down the road and more will be exchanged.


07-26-2005, 11:36 AM
Ding ding I agree with you Caesar! There is plenty of time for the saltiness to grow between Obi and Owen, just like there is plenty of time for the Rebellion to grow. I think there is the smallest start of something between Owen and Obi. When Beru is given Luke she walks over to Owen and the look out at those twin suns. Owen looks at Luke and then to the suns with a bit of "ummm yeahhhhhh" type look on his face while Beru seems to be more happy about the moment. Its just enough to let us know what will be happening in the future.

07-26-2005, 12:02 PM
What about Ben Kenobi's name? "I will take the child and watch over him. I will have an alias under an assumed name for cover... Ben. Ben Kenobi."

07-29-2005, 09:12 PM
I know the Visionaries comic was considered an "infinity" story and not part of the EU timeline, but the Maul story definately made a good conflict between Obi-Wan and Owen.