View Full Version : Will trade Titanium Wave 1 Falcon or Slave 1 for Wave 1 X-Wing or TIE

08-02-2005, 07:21 PM
Title says it all. I need the TIE Fighter and X-Wing from Wave 1 of the Wal-Mart Titaniums Die-Cast Metal line. I need them in package and unopened but package condition is not important since I will be opening them.

I have a Wal-Mart Wave 1 Titaniums Millennium Falcon and a Slave 1 sealed on card to trade, preferably one-for-one for each ship I need. The cards for the Falcon and Slave 1 are bent at the tops and would not fit into MINT carded collection, BUT the ships in the bubbles are in MINT shape.

Please PM me if you're interested, and thanks!